Daily Mystic For Monday 11 July

The Sagittarius Moon is, as always, an elating influence. It favors nonchalance, candor and story-telling.

Whatever your dilemma du jour, putting it in a larger philosophical context or figuring out where it fits in your broader narrative will help. This is not, as you know, always the case – it’s a Saggo Moon feature and this Moon is more potent than usual.

While the broader theme building is regrounding, fertility, craft, botanics, eco-consciousness, sensuality and new styles of money or cultural currency – aka Taurus/Earth energy – you can draw on this Saggo Moon for extra audacity and big-thinking.


A Geopolitical Note: The Full Moon on Weds/Thurs is all over Putin’s astro-chart. Falling in his communications sector, it squares his natal Saturn-Neptune and is opposite his Uranus, suggesting an attitude change. Naturally because he is him, we need to anticipate an escalation of hostilities but with the signature of this astro being ‘unexpected,’ it is possible he could surprise to the upside- ie: retreat or seek to negotiate a peace settlement. Because the Moon is also quincunx his Midheaven, this will be public but not as it first seems.


Image: Emily YoungThe Sun God Dreams Of Peace

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