Daily Mystic For Friday, Saturday and Sunday

A Tale Of Two Astrological Paradigms

Obviously there are multiple celestial and terrestial factors spinning around in intricate, amazing patterns at any given time. But we can streamline the next three days into two distinct core themes.

Theme One: Peak Fixed Sign Fuqery with the Full Moon exact turning into a Sun-Saturn opposition. This is when you get your strongest character-forming moments as well as a glimpse of potential Saturn-Uranus square challenges over Sept-Oct. It’s unlikely to be a surprise, more or like a deeper understanding of your primary issue of the last year or so.

Theme Two: Mars trine Pluto – yes, it’s good! In one of the last major alignments involving Pluto in Capricorn (for this century at least), Mars helps to draw down the regenerative, transformative powers of Pluto. It’s a productivity and prosperity alignment but most of all, it’s momentum with psyche and raw will power pulling together. It can also be sensual and/or involve an element of existential realization regarding your entire Pluto in Capricorn evolution – it began in 2008.

Finally, Earth – Gaia – is passing through the Perseid meteor shower this weekend, I have no idea of how that would affect us and it will be harder to see the “shooting stars” because of the Full Moon but observe!


4 thoughts on “Daily Mystic For Friday, Saturday and Sunday”

  1. Fixed-sign full moon with nodes, oh boy! All over my chart. I found out an old love (first love), who I very much thought and hoped for a while that I might reunite with, got married a few days ago … wow, it painfully pulled the rug out from under my wishful thinking, that’s for sure. Pulled out the old letters, would burn ’em but it’s too hot and the fire danger too high! Might shred instead, though I don’t know if it has the same kind of mojo.

    1. You could shred. The first step in unravelling the connection and then burn the shredded letters when it is safe to do so. The shredding may be more powerful for you than you realise.

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