Daily Mystic For Friday 29 to Sunday 31 July

Happy New Moon People!

In Leo, it represents resurgent faith, vitality and creative oomph. If also find yourself stepping into a slightly more flamboyant style of self-expression, great!

Leos penchant for gold-lame-big-aura-vibing entrances and commanding attention is well documented. Jupiter trining the Sun likes to take up space and truly believes in the power of the turnaround moment…or idea.

The other theme du jour is the building Mars + Uranus + Node paradigm. We expected ‘weird’ with Mars upping the maverick Uranus and yes, this does have the classic Uranian ‘hyperbolic alien soap opera’ feel.

I posted on Nancy Pelosi’s Uranus Return weirding, if you didn’t see it, there is another uncontrolled re-entry of Chinese rocket debris imminent, the Loch Ness monster is apparently real after all and Facebook are apparently demoting people’s position in the feed algorithm if they say there is a recession.

Is it Pluto in Aquarius yet? No but it’s sure crazy enough. Let’s out-weird the weirding, believe/say whatever we want about Loch Ness monsters and recessions etc and do it with Leo season flair plus posture.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think the creature in Loch Ness is a monster; it’s more akin to a taniwha. And changing the definitions of things to avoid controversy or responsibility is not really sustainable governance.

Stay serene and remember, the core strength of this astro-vibe is well within your reach: maximal creativity and fabulous synchronicity.


Image: Eusong Lee – My Moon

Reminder: The Daily Horoscopes will not appear next week as I am moving house but the Daily Mystic emails, Weekly, Monthly and Daily Personal continue as usual. Thank you for your understanding!

3 thoughts on “Daily Mystic For Friday 29 to Sunday 31 July”

  1. Ha yes, thanks for mentioning the current US administration’s dodginess of the “recession” term. They’re changing the definition of a lot of things *cough cough –the maxine*. They remind me of a lying dodgy ex partner I had.

  2. Very best of luck with the move, Mystic! May it be easier than you expect and go smoothly in every way, and move you into a beautiful space that works perfectly for you.

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