Daily Mystic For Friday 26 to Sunday 28 August

Happy Friday! I won’t repeat yesterday’s High Snark warning but if you did not see the Daily Mystic for Thursday, it is in there and it’s valid till Monday.

In groovier news, Saturday’s New Moon will evoke a zippier, fresh style, the agitating astro over the next few days is the variety that can stir up fantastic solutions or realizations and Neptune parallel Mercury means that dreaming is back!

I am getting my Virgo on with the selection of a new dream journal – a practice I’ve neglected recently – and FYI the purchase of stationery or journals is super-auspicious to do with a Virgo New Moon. And writing things out is extra effective now that Mars is in Gemini.

If you’re tired of the aggravating everything square everything energy, August 31st till September 3 is a far more pleasant and harmonious astro-vibe: Mars sextile Jupiter.


4 thoughts on “Daily Mystic For Friday 26 to Sunday 28 August”

  1. This astro feels a lot like me most days. Virgo Mars square everything & Gemini Saturn square everything back. I’m acclimated to the perpetual intellectual tension.

  2. Even with my Mars in Virgo, journalling has been hit and miss. I woke up this morning to the words, “Only Google the good stuff.” That is definitely a message I want to write down and remember.

  3. Once again, thanks a lot Mystic for the heads up. As I lay heartbroken during this Snark Bubble, I can’t wait for next week’s wonderful aspect and hope for better days. Have a wonderful weekend and a magical new moon. xoxo

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