Daily Mystic For Friday 25 – Sunday 27 August

Mars is in Libra from Sunday 27 until October 11/12, restoring elemental balance to the astro-atmosphere. We’ve had no major Air element input since June, when Mercury graced Gemini. 

Now even the most avid-astrological observer is unlikely to have had this situation weighing heavily on their mind – it’s not one of those attention-grabbers like Saturn conjunct Pluto or an eclipse.

But if you think about it, haven’t you noticed that the general ambience is a little bit more stifling over late June, July and August? Dialogues that never really get off the ground, inexplicable rapport gaps, frustration with your information sources and/or people with whom you can enjoy cut-through conversations?

These are all manifestations or no potent Air-element influences – if you are an Air sign or have a lot of Air in your birth chart, you may have felt stifled, in a repetitive loop or creatively blocked.

Mars in Libra zaps the elemental ratios into being slightly more balanced and of course Libra is the sign of equilibrium so these 6.5 weeks will favor rebalancing on every/any level and of course, diplomatic overtures or reconciliations.

Negotiations-wise, there is a particularly golden zone of it that is after Mercury is Direct but before October’s Eclipse Season: September 18 to 27.


8 thoughts on “Daily Mystic For Friday 25 – Sunday 27 August”

  1. Wish Upon a Star

    Off topic: Wow I just did my 12 card tarot and I have Pentacles in the 4th house, wear moon stone for extra protection and my daily says I have Moon conjunct Midheaven, wear moonstone for extra oomph and silver. Time to wear my moonstone pendant and silver.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Oooh, I have natal Mars in Libra, 8th House. Your comment makes me feel good, thanks. But it is opposite Saturn in Aries 2nd house….. mmmm.

      1. My astrology teacher always used to say that no natal aspect is inherently good or bad. The important thing is to learn to work with it, and for that you have a lifetime… And astrology author Liz Greene says that the planets in a natal chart learn to ‘dance’ with each other (if the native is willing and able). I have always liked that way of looking at it. And in the case of Mars in Libra, I think there is a lot of willingness and ability to dance with others, even with a partner as rigid and severe as Saturn 😉

        1. Wish Upon a Star

          You have a lovely way of explaining things and it helps me immensely. I felt a bit bad as I seem to be asking for astro help lately but I haven’t asked how life is for you?
          So how are you?

  2. def Welcome some lightness. It feels like the last month/6 weeks especially has been with so much happening everyday, rushing, so many video calls that Ive lost track of names – which is verrrry unlike me (Virgo rising with Jupiter and Saturn also in 1st house). Kinda feels like it’s been a weird blur with so much busyness, and a lot of “things” done but all those calls and meetings haven’t eventuated into anything yet – lots of seeds planted, and network expanded, but it doesn’t feel like anything has yet taken root.

    Heading away to America for a family wedding next week for a few weeks- the Mars in Libra will be a nice and supporting effect!

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