Daily Mystic For Friday 24 to Sunday 26 June

These are strange times, yes. But as we glide into an always beneficial Taurean Moon, try not to internalize chaos and uncertainty. You can thrive through turbulence more easily if you remember that while you’re supremely adaptable to varying conditions, they’re not actually you.

A core aspect of you dwells in a sunny inner sanctum – or maybe it’s moonlit – secure even as you take care of s**t or get the measure of the latest developments. You can be wisely cynical regarding people/organizations or even cultures that have done nothing in particular to earn your trust but still be a spiritually attuned, high-frequency optimist.

This Taurus Moonwane is brilliant for affirming strengths and confirming suspicions or your take on a particular trend. It’s an opportunity to consolidate and augment ahead of next week’s more gnarly – but potentially super-productive and empowering – Mars-Pluto party. AKA change and personal transformation at scale. More on this in Monday’s D.M.


Image: Billy Hassell – Fox in a Cactus Patch

PS: The Esoteric Moodboard is back on the site – I had to take it down & sort some of the pictures out. In my enthusiasm to upload them, I neglected to compress them so the page was loading super slowly. But it’s back and will be regularly updated – I hope you like it!

And you can now export any month on the Moon Calendar!

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