Daily Mystic for Friday 23 to Sunday 25 June

The Virgo Moon glides in to balance any triple-Leo excess (Mars, Venus + Lilith grace the divine Lion) and inspire productivity, nutrition or editing/curating genius.

It’s deluxe-length and friendly with abundant Jupiter – sudden focus surges or extra diligence will not go unrewarded.

The intensified Fire element energy – Mars conjunct Lilith with both in synergy with Chiron – continues but Mars is also about to be at odds with Uranus for a few days, counterbalancing but not dampening the enthusiasm.

The Mars-Uranus vibe is most potent from the 24th to 28th – yes with Lilith along for the ride – and the worse case scenario is that ego or recklessness could undermine brilliant ideas/progress.

Therefore, use the nimble, ingenious Virgo Moon to set up a few failsafes and think ahead so that known irritants or drags on your momentum don’t catch you by surprise.

It may also manifest as a microcosm of your major 2021/2022 realizations, with specific factors, trends or people proving you to be correct.

If in doubt, go deep Virgo – run some analytics and “review” rather than get involved in any tawdry theatrics.


Image: Esther Pearl Watson

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