Daily Mystic For Friday 22 to Sunday 24 July

If you’ve been pushing through the gnarly astro of the last several days – blunt dialogue, sharp emotions and a deep psyche plutonic churn – congratulations!

It has not been easy but realism IS a pre-requisite to authenticity and by default, this means you will have already evolved. You’re future-ready.

Now as the Sun arrives in tropical Leo,* an extraordinary Mercury-Jupiter alignment is nigh.  Most active on Saturday-Sunday, Mercury trine Jupiter represents creative zeal, a new or regenerated enterprise, passion and bold, dazzling relationship statements.

It’s also the precursor to the Sun-Jupiter trine after the New Moon. You may be already feeling this artistic high and big idea dreaming – trust it.


*Friday July 22 @ 19:07 Universal Time – see Moon Calendar for the exact time where you are.

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