Daily Mystic For Friday 20 to Sunday 22 May

Well we’re now at the point of the Mercury Retrograde where you wonder if you’ve got brain fog (I prefer mind mist) or neuroplasticity fatigue from learning so much, so fast.

If you don’t think you’ve acquired any new skills recently, revamped your cognition and/or absorbed a gigantic amount of fresh info, think again: In an accelerated culture like the current era, it’s easy to overlook your accomplishments and gains because (a) you’re too busy or preoccupied to tote them up and (2) it feels like complacency.

So, the Moon is about to be in Aquarius for a cool 53 hours, which will amplify Mercury Retro – wait, hear me out! – pulling in more wyrd wisdom and new-paradigm-genius. Mercury and the Sun connect, with both in sync to jolly Jupiter: the world may be crazy at the moment but you’re not.

The next three days are fantastic for a pause point – to assess and being receptive to information or conversations that waft in on a mercurial breeze. Keep thinking & talking, calculating and quipping – it’s the best way to activate the fortunate, super-fab Jupiter in Aries vibe at the mo.


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Well, I’ve learnt a ridiculous amount about buying a second hand car since having an accident at the start of this retrograde, so definitely feeling this energy, lol.

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