Daily Mystic For Friday 2 to Sunday 4 September


The Monthly Horoscopes for September are up and the Horoscopes archives for each sign are completed as well!

Also, a quick admin mention – I am behind on replying to emails and messages as I have hay fever, apologies. However I will catch up tomorrow and I appreciate your patience.

The next 24 hours are interesting – a Scorpio Moon, which naturally favors espionage and a psychotherapeutic mindset plus Mercury (the messenger, magic, thought, information flow, gossip, the media) accentuated by Mars AND Jupiter.

The Mercury-Mars-Jupiter scenario continues over the weekend but it will be a better fit with the Saggo Moon. Currently, there is a disconnect between the Scorp Moon desire for privacy or to stay still + gather information and the Mercury-Jupiter hankering for a gambit, one wild clever play that would change everything.


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