Daily Mystic for Friday 19 to Sunday 21 April

Solar Aries is about to segue into Solar Taurus, breaking the fierce focus on Aries and augmenting the regenerative Jupiter-Uranus alignment in Taurus, the sign of Gaia.

If you’re inwardly turbulent but not entirely sure how to maximize or express this clearly innovative astro-weirding, breakthroughs come via getting your hands dirty – the grittier side of gardening, cardio-grunge house-cleaning and gigantic weird walks. If in doubt, save a plant, tree or animal.

And, Mercury Retrograde is near Venus till Sunday: you may or may not be in the mood to reprise a ‘situationship’ or fall back in love but there is a higher-than-usual chance than usual that someone you ‘used to know’ will swing back around.

The chances of glitches in your favor are also sky-high over the weekend. You can’t really game this – I mean, who rings up the tax office or a phone company with a cheery “hi, any calculation errors I might appreciate?” But it’s a nice thought and makes paperwork or digital admin a more pleasant task, right?

Sun-Tues is the Sun newly in Taurus square Pluto so more on this soon but vow now to not be power-tripped into a less-than optimal reaction.


Image: Rebecca Vincent – Hilltop Stand

6 thoughts on “Daily Mystic for Friday 19 to Sunday 21 April”

  1. Holy moly! A situationship (love that word!) with someone that I ‘used to know’ has swing back around. I’m blushing pink but it’s not really a good thing, very hard to resist!

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