Daily Mystic for Friday 17 to Sunday 19 May

Well the Mercury-Pluto square has been even edgier than I thought!  I’ve been locked in tech-land resolving in issue with the birth data profiles on the Daily Horoscopes + Reports – granular details below for those interested and I am sorry for the inconvenience!

Everyone has been expressing themselves more existentially and/or dredging up some fairly potent emotions. I was going to write ‘exhumed’ some emotions but it’s probably a bit over the top. At one point, I found myself empathizing with the volcano rumbling away in Italy lol.

Nuts I know but while the edginess lingers into Friday, it’s subsumed by a thrilling Venus-Uranus alignment – exhilarating for extreme daters, creatives wanting to regenerate their inspo and lovers looking for a breakout development.

Mars spends the weekend near the Moon’s Node – one of the best intention-setting/goal-stalking vibes ever AND the Sun is conjunct Jupiter. So don’t over invest into your seething as the energy is about to turn.


Image: Henryk Plociennik – Honey Moon

Granular Explanation: We did a security update and added more cities/towns to the database for birth charts etc. The security update prevents industrial-level A.I. generated spam and bots but it may have caused some of you difficulties logging in, for which I am profoundly sorry.  If it happens to you, please contact us as it is easy to fix and would only have to be done once.

The other thing was that the developer updating the cities somehow set it so the pre-1970 birthdates were unable to be entered. It sounds very Logan’s Run or something but the logical explanation is that daylight saving data went nuts in 1970 and so a different code protocol was used for the pre-1970 dates which meant they did not work. But both these issues are fixed now and I appreciate your patience!

2 thoughts on “Daily Mystic for Friday 17 to Sunday 19 May”

  1. Also what struck me about this Pluto in Aquarius vibe was how easy it is to make a simple mistake like the developer did or the daylight saving snafu in the 70s or any of us misplacing our keys. This kind of thing happens all the time right? But with Pluto it’s always offensive and deeply personal. We have such a huge reaction and feel aggrieved by the events.

    I like how Pluto takes such mundane moments and uses them to expose our deepest wounds – the gnarliest aspects of ourselves shoot through the ego defence we’ve constructed

  2. There’s a real Pluto in Aquarius vibe to all this. It’s definitely not just this site. Liberty’s of London and apple to name only two have reset their security protocols recently and for good reason.
    I got a whole slew of emails and texts from 2018 that were locked in some private msg server posing as iCloud.
    I knew it was happening at the time but couldn’t get unhooked from it without losing access to all my other accumulated online data. I’m really not great at these kinds of details. The coding stuff is pretty uninteresting and flat to me. I much prefer to decode the nuances of human behaviour – the machine stuff requires so much patience and detachment.
    It’s taken me years to understand a fraction of what I want to know.
    I recently got all my data from Apple ID and associated devices and am slowly examining it in bite size chunks. It’s a lot sparser than I expected but still quite illuminating.
    Whatever investment you’re making in the security of the site will pay off in time. You were spot on with your prediction recently about events seeded in 2018 bouncing back- that’s literally what happened with my data security

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