Daily Mystic For Friday 17 -Sunday 19 June

An important reminder: Mars is in Aries.*

If you think that this is stating the obvious, sure. But if you’re wondering why you’re more driven, primal and/or aware of others potentially dissing you – think Mars!

Yes, there is obviously a superstorm of geo-political and global financial fuqery swirling around but Mars is more intimate in effect.

Extra-potent in Aries because it’s the current Jupiter sign and the sign that Mars rules, the action-planet supercharges the atmosphere with do-it-now intensity. Have your go-to tactics become streamlined to the point that you’re simply a stop/go acceleration machine?

Or your new method is some version of get-up-speed, hurl yourself at the obstacle and clear it or go again? It’s Mars in Aries! Ditto if you’ve just considered an event or dialogue you’ve been apprehensive about and decided to charge in full tilt and take command of the situation.

And whether you like this influence or not, it’s the most likely strategy to be successful at the moment. Obviously there are other factors in play and your nature will determine your assertion style but there is something to be said for directness and momentum.

Add in some extra chuzpah and uplift for others for a potentially winning tactic!

You’ll know you’re overdoing it if you’re pacing berating yourself for ‘misdemeanors’ or momentary lapses in velocity/focus.


*Mars entered Aries on May 24/25 and moves into Taurus on July 5/6

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