Daily Mystic For Friday 15 – Sunday 17 July

While next week features some tricky Plutonic dynamics,* Friday to Sunday is fabulous .

The Sun-Mercury synergy is always a celestial cue to blend your best wisdom with incoming intel and a fresh verve for knowledge/dialogue. You can accomplish a lot with good communication, especially as this is a Cancerian alignment – people will be extra-receptive to empathetic nuance.

And, as they’re also harmonizing with Neptune, there is also potential for psychic phenonmena, dream guidance and realignment with your more magical aspects. It’s a brilliant chance to clear your mind pre-next week’s gnarlier astro and/or to connect/converse.


*Think speedy evolution, boundary-pushing people or an oppressive atmosphere.

PS: Astro-Decor has been updated so if you got one of these reports, re-download it from your member dashboard to see if it shows you any extra cool points!

Image: Anna ValdezObjects Of Affection

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