Daily Mystic for Friday 14 to Sunday 16 April

We’re now in the last-quarter Moon before a New Moon in Aries. The second-in-a-row in Aries, it’s also a Solar Eclipse, the first in Aries since 2004.

The Aries-ruler Mars is in Cancer, near Witch-Queen Hekate. What does this all mean? Intensified desire to not just pull through but win, immense start-up and thrive vibe that can only be accessed through the exploration of your more swampy emotions.

Ready or not, Mars is compelling many of us to examine our tactics or lack of them and self-sabotage tendencies. Hekate is helpful if you’re not too distracted by glitter or faux intricacy to channel deep instinct.

The lunar Cancerian vibe may seem to counter the act raw momentum of the Aries Sun, Jupiter, Chiron and – soon – New Moon Eclipse but no, it’s a prerequisite.

The Solar Eclipse (April 19/20) is potent and your self-awareness trip in the week leading up to it will allow you to actualize along with it. You can accomplish something technically impossible or defiantly beat the current odds against you – self-examination or a spot of soul-mining is the necessary prelude.

If your version of this hasn’t yet emerged, it’s likely to over the next four days!


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7 thoughts on “Daily Mystic for Friday 14 to Sunday 16 April”

  1. Mars opposite Mars and wide orb trine Saturn. Sun square Moon. Its a week.

    Venus conjunct NN will smooth edges I hope.

    Pondering 2004 as I really like considering vast patterns in things. I think it suits my nature.

    I need to get hold of the eagle and the lark for the saros series meaning. I doubt chit-chat would be able to get me that detail and am not asking. Prefer a paper reference.

    DMs are so good for planning along with personal daily scopes. I haven’t actually looked at my chart for a while.

    1. Agreed, Centaurus, DM’s are wonderful for planning! Sometimes I read them (again) a few days after they first appeared and I realize how right Mystic was. Regarding the Saros series an eclipse occurs in, I never have the nerve to look it up as I am afraid it will be a ‘bad’ one 🙂

      1. I don’t really get the “good” and “bad” delineations – some are associated with more geopolitical ructions, while others – if you look back – are clearly personal flashpoints but with some analysis you can also work out the deeper impetus. I’m so happy you find the D.M.s useful as that is their entire purpose!

        1. Thank you for your perspective on the matter of ‘“good” versus “bad” eclipses’, Mystic. You are right of course. And yes, the DM’s are my favorite feature on the site 🌞

      2. Hey Calcifer 😊👋 I aim to avoid good/bad terms though some delineations can offer more.. ahem.. challenge or growth opportunity than others. Seeing the larger cycle is almost reassuring even if it’s tough because I see it as more collectively oriented and helps with depersonalising and strategising. I think lol. Been a challenging transit for Idk how many years now. It is the times. We are sped up evolution in motion and it is destabilising for all.

        I also find a bit of rearview affirming.

        1. Thank you, Centaurus, hope you still get to read this, almost a week later.
          I really like your ‘broader view’ perspective on this. Are we sped up evolution in motion. Yes, I guess we must be…

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