Daily Mystic for Friday 12 to Sunday 14 April

Everything is so zippy at the moment, it’s hard to remember that Mercury is Retrograde. Or maybe you haven’t noticed because your problem-solving missions are so accelerated at the moment.

Most people will start to also start to really pick up on the Jupiter-Uranus alignment from Friday onward – infusing the remainder of April with rare and maximal ingenuity, this is an opportunity to invent/reinvent. And even aside from the direction you’re bending your genius in these days, it’s potentially just lucky. 

Ensure you check your junk/spam filters or anything resembling those. This astro means that strange little windfalls can blow in from unexpected places. Eg: One of my clients finally responded to a drab series of vintage-loking bureaucratic letters demanding she pay the ‘final fees’ on a post office box abandoned last decade.

Upon paying this minor but irksome amount, she then received a notification in the same cramped ye olde font that there was mail there that could be forwarded if she desired. While her initial response was to decline, instinct kicked in and a few days later she received a neatly wrapped package full of ephemeral papyrus clutter except for one: A hefty royalty cheque – yes, a cheque – for a book she’d done long ago and had assumed out of print.*

So your Jupiter-Uranus vibe need not be inventing a mini-particle-accelerator for home use – it could well be making brilliant/better use of existing resources, awakening some dormant profits or suddenly realizing a clever solution for some long-standing tedium.


*Someone, somewhere had apparently sold the translation rights but the original publishing house had closed down so the tracking went to merde. The brilliant thing about this aside from the cash influx is that it served as a massive inspiration.

Image: Richard Powers – Star of Life

6 thoughts on “Daily Mystic for Friday 12 to Sunday 14 April”

  1. So this eclipse certainly flipped things at work…15 March I contact my manager and the office about wanting to discuss issues. No response. It escalated on 5 April, resulting in me getting suspended leave with pay and a request for a meeting to discuss my “unethical behaviour” (I escalated and swore at my manager and customers heard). So 9 April I started workers compensation claim and filed complaint with union. The company is now in a bind because they failed to respond to me in a timely manner, which seems to be the ace up my sleeve. The meeting has been postponed until the outcome of the compensation claim is approved or not.

    Now I have this alert…
    When Mercury Retrogrades back into your 10th house, prepare for flip-arounds and weirdness from vital career influencers. It’s an
    to be extra-protective of your reputation and/or intellectual property.

    Thoughts, pretty please and thank you! ☺

  2. Yes I have a lot going on around 23-24 degrees, including Eris squaring up my natal T-square, a very long slow one … 🙂

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