Daily Mystic for Friday 10 to Sunday 12 November

Reminder: the next few days are peak Zap Zone, as outlined in the Daily Mystic for Wednesday.

This is also the Moonwane ahead of a particularly productive New Moon in Scorpio!  Conjunct Mars, opposite Uranus and trine to Neptune, it represents a potent New Moon for vows that stick, the surrender of a sub-optimal habit or thought pattern and/or firm, visionary resolve.

The New Moon will be @21° Scorpio on Monday 13 November

Los Angeles: 01:27
New York: 04:27
London: 09:27
Dubai: 13:27
Mumbai: 14:57
Singapore: 17:27
Sydney: 20:27
Auckland: 22:27

Whatever comes up over your Friday, Saturday and Sunday, remember that you can channel it into an ultra-profound fresh beginning with Monday’s New Moon. The self-reinvention/genius invention potential is real – it’s just easily obscured by the erratic Uranian atmosphere.

Buffer against any known dramatic factors – difficult people, your own worst tendencies if you like to flip into catalyst mode when restless – so you can focus on the innovative possibilities.

Finally, while this sort of vibe can make it feel as if it is imperative to control or set more rigid boundaries for others, it’s also a time when people will buck against just that – so aim for nonchalance in your delivery and try to detach from outcomes that you don’t directly control.


Image: Tapio Kinnunen

8 thoughts on “Daily Mystic for Friday 10 to Sunday 12 November”

  1. I have had a wild few days of growth and good things–I made amends with my mom and had a beautiful conversation with her, a long, long time coming. My ex sent me a note of meaningful gratitude. I found out that my dad listens to a spiritual playlist I made just for me myself. He’s getting something out of those choices too. The man who cleans my office has been gently and secretly tending my plant, without letting me know. I met a good dog earlier this week, and I’m kitten shopping. I guess it just feels like connection–meaningful, complex, beautiful–is happening for me right now. I have also had lots of frustration and anger over the pace of things/times–but I’m finding it easier to be in the gratitude when all this sweetness is happening. I am a triple Aqua so maybe this Uranus/Mars energy is pushing me in ways I can use <3

    1. This was beautiful to read, especially the part about connection happening for you right now. Sounds like you are in a potent alchemical sweet spot 🙂

  2. … flip into catalyst mode when restless – who me … an Uranus conjunct Mercury native???
    Yes I’m being restrained (mostly) and nonchalant, such a lovely word, I’m avoiding an event this evening, feeling too confronted by it all, with Mars transit my Moon right in the thick of it 😉

  3. I have already had my Mars-Uranus melt-down… I have stormed in to the office of my boss and politely but very angrily reproached her for not giving me enough man hours in my team 5 years ago. She was utterly surprised to see me so inflamed as I have always been ‘well-behaved’ and cooperative. She put the responsibility back on me and said I should have come to her with a well-thought out proposal for improving the situation and that she would have been open to talking it over.
    It’s very strange. I suddenly realized that I have been so convinced all along that I would never get what I want, that it may have become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Or my boss is just playing me, that’s also possible. She is leaving at the end of the year, so our working relationship is almost history. In the meantime it looks like my team is finally getting some extra man power, so that should be good in theory, but I feel deflated. I could start and endless worry about overstepping the mark, but there has been too much worrying since forever

    1. Sometimes we need this energy to shift situations and other people don’t actually mind our intensity as much as we think they do. Hopefully, this is the case for you.

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