Daily Mystic for Friday 10 to Sunday 12 May

So, as mentioned in the last few Daily Mystics, the next three days are super-uranian and geomagnetically stormy but astral weather-wise, that’s it.

If it were theatre, imagine a crowded, buzzy stage and then, as practically all the characters clear off, the spotlight illuminates just two or three of them. That’s the Sun-Uranus conjunction – a non-stop, three-day rolling hybrid of fantastic breakthrough intimacy, realization, invention juxtaposed with tech weirding and inter-personal what-the-fuqery.

It’s also the climax of the era/chapter you surged into in 2018  – even if nothing in particular happens, as such – your psyche can sense the shift. Stay calm and out of hyper-tense scenarios where possible while also knowing that the more agitated you/things are this weekend, the more potent + fortunate the Sun-Jupiter alignment from May 16-20.


Image: Glitter Chess – Unknown Artist

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