Daily Mystic for Fri 3 to Sunday 5 November

Saturn turning Direct can be a real piece of work but this phenom is (a) transient and (b) able to be vanquished by a practical move. Yes, really. It has a way of pulling your mind to the most leaden-feeling, mundane dimensions of your life – the fix is to do something robust and distinct about it.

Not that you can resolve a Saturn problem in five minutes – rather, make a phone call to (eg: to the bank, a creditor or to book a medical consult) or clear the obfuscating, befuddling detritus and get to the nub of a matter.

Or, if it is super-overwhelming, clean/clear something. Doomscrolling through news feeds to no end or indulging in ‘negative fantasizing’ about your prospects makes things more dreary.

Saturn energy is particularly pressing as the planet turns retrograde or direct and it’s turning direct right now – the exact time is not vital as this influence permeates Friday and the whole weekend but it’s on the Moon Calendar if you’re interested.

Also, Mercury opposing Uranus over the next three days is erratic and potentially innovative – it’s a counter-point to the Saturn narrative: people will feel beleagured by Saturn woes and seeking stimulus/a breakout move OR doubling down on conserving energy, conventional options and ‘othering the weird ones.’

You’ll find your way through it via a combo of ingenuity, anticipating out-there Uranian manifestations/synchronicity and confronting the crux of whatever your main grind/mundane nemesis is at the moment…


Image: Henryk Ptociennik

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  1. You are an absolute genius dear MM. I dont know how you nail it so consistently, yet you do. I wish I possessed your eloquent way with words too. Thank you.

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