Daily Mystic for Fri 13 – Sun 15 October

As this this is now the deep Moonwane before a particularly ‘revitalizing’ Eclipse, anticipate an uneasy yet productive combo – high tension and emotional churn.

By ‘churn’ I’m referring to the emergence of long-buried feelings that tend to roil around people’s psyches because they are difficult to express or slot neatly into whatever your current paradigm is.

The tensions arise from this Eclipse stressing the clearly sensitive point of the January 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction. This occurred, you may recall on the precise day that the genetic code for Covid-2019 was uploaded – ie: declared – and the whole pandemic situation began.

This Eclipse IS, like any New Moon, an amazing opportunity for a fresh start and in fact, it’s intensified just by being an Eclipse. It’s also conjunct the South Node so illuminating your back-story, formative influences and broader life patterns.

Mercury is conjunct it and already opposite Chiron – this is good! Mercury speeds up processing and integration – in this case it also represents diplomacy, balance and cool logic. Mars is also trine Saturn till Monday, suggesting that whatever new structure or mindset you’re launching out of all this, it will be successful and enduring.

If you’re awake for this New Moon – see times below – it’s fantastic for awareness + equilbrium via easy recognition of factors you’d usually ascribe less weight to.


New Moon Solar Eclipse @21° Libra 

Los Angeles – Saturday 10.55 AM
New York – Saturday 13.55 (1.55 PM)
Universal Time – Saturday 17.55 (5.55 PM)
London – Saturday 18.55 (6.55 PM)
Dubai – Saturday 21.55 (9.55 PM)
Singapore: Sunday 1.55 AM
Sydney: Sunday- 4.55 AM
Auckland: Sunday – 6.55 AM

Image: Remedios Varo – Armonia

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