Daily Mystic for Wednesday 7 June

The Aquarius Moon is short – less than 50 hours – but even so, the glacial cool and maximum objectivity aid good judgment, genius even.

Vital: It begins at 8:42 AM Universal Time Weds. Please see the Moon Calendar for the time in your zone – why? Because the Moon will be conjunct Pluto for two hours either side -say 7am to 11am Universal Time.

Yes, the Moon meets up with Pluto every month but as next week Pluto retrogrades back into Capricorn till January, this will be a good opportunity to tune into not only your ingenuity but the zeitgeist – aka emerging new trends, thought-styles, investments, enterprise etc.

What if you consult the Moon-Cal and the Moon will move into Aquarius/meet Pluto while you’re asleep? No matter – I would anticipate useful dreams OR for you to check your in-box and realize that something of huge interest landed there while you were slumbering. Whether it’s intuited or communicated via more direct means, the future is calling.

Note that the entire just-under-50-hours of this Moon has this tone but the hours around the start of it are concentrated.


Image: Kristina Makeeva

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