Daily Mystic For Tuesday 23 August

It’s a Dark Moon week, ahead of Saturday’s New Moon in Virgo. I will cover that little number shortly but for now, think fresh-start with extra oomph from Mars.

Right now, however, Mercury is moving into the shadow of its Retrograde – yes, again – and making the first of three trines to Pluto. Mercury-Pluto alignments are notorious muckrakers: just when you thought you knew it all, wham – a secret drops.

Or you experience a delayed realization that stops you mid-stride. Sharp angles between Mercury and Pluto are gnarly but a trine? Whatever you discover, it’s advantageous.

It’s empowering or at least it fills a gap in your knowledge. It can occur within your personal realm, in the world around you (Wikileaks founder Julian Assange legal action against the C.I.A. is very Merc-Pluto) or both.

It may also coincide with depth dialogue or a plutonic (power-tripped, psychologically charged) negotiation that plays out over this phase. In that case, progress may seem sluggish or even over during the second Mercury-Pluto exact aspect but you cannot count anything as complete until after the third alignment.

Here are the dates the Mercury-Pluto trine will be exact.

August 22-24: (Mercury at the point it will later Retrograde back to AKA in the ‘shadow’ of Mercury Retrograde. September 26-29 (Mercury Retrograde)
October 6 – 8 (Mercury will be Direct by this time.)


Image: Zbigniew Makowski – Aquarius Sun + Venus + Moon and Capricorn Mercury + Mars + Lilith conjunction.  “Four streams have their sources under Mount Parnassus; Reason, Emotion, Perception and Intuition. Around the sacred mountain runs the circular road, on the sides of which lie immense rocks with the inscriptions: Ecstasy, Inspiration, Peace, Heavenly Tranquillity. These inscriptions announce the entrance to the labyrinth…”

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