Is Uranus Conjunct Eris Awakening Generation X?

Could Uranus conjunct Eris be the awakening of a new Generation X sensibility? Mystic responds to a Pluto in Virgo person who certainly hopes that it is.

Hi Mystic,

I have been eyeing the upcoming (really, already in orb) conjunction of Eris and Uranus and prognosticating on all that will likely entail and decided to have a look at my chart because I’m really feeling this one.

 I found something that I think everyone within several years of my age (born in the late Sixties – the early Seventies) will also have: a “grand” fire trine (I put in quotes because it doesn’t involve core, “traditional” planets) between Eris in Aries, Isis-Transpluto/Makemake asteroid in Leo, and the Great Attractor in Sagg.

So yeah, this is really getting picked up by my radar and I’m pretty sure that a whole shit-ton of other people is going to be getting pinged as well.

I’d love to hear your take on this.  The grand fire trine involving fixed points in space, the elusive and intense Isis-Transpluto factor, AND Uranus conjunct Eris… to me, this screams THIS IS IMPORTANT.

I’m reading it like a generational directive. Kind of the sleeper cell instructions for the otherwise wasted and stoned Generation X who got the short end of the stick when it came to generational glory. We were the uber-sensitive, redheaded, middle stepchild who got glossed over and upstaged by the fuqing Boomers (fuqers) and the Millennials are currently stealing all the thunder with all the selfies and youthful cuteness. So we got high a lot and kept a low profile.

But this to me says “It’s time to wake up the indigo space army from their pod stasis.” And what is our directive? Why, to change the world, of course.

We have had an angsty existence thus far, Gen X. We were the Kurt Cobains (bless his sweet Pisces soul) and Eddie Vedders and David Bowie was our messiah. We grew up with computers almost as much as the Millennials have, except we had the profound beauty of not getting hooked up to them until we were about ten years old or so.

Which means that we also have one childhood foot firmly locked into the analog world of treehouses, grass stains, and reading actual comic books that were made of paper instead of glass and technology. We remember a time before the matrix. We remember the world.

Eris is the female warrior, she brings balance to the force. The Feminine needs to bring balance to the way-out-of-balance patriarchal system.

In league with Uranus, and pinging our natal generational fire triad with Eris, the Great Attractor and Isis-Transpluto (self-actualization, which we have spent the last 40-50 years working on) and Makemake (spiritual rebirth in place of patriarchal, oppressive and rigid religious order) in the mix, there is an awakening taking place. Will we heed the call?

For me, it’s not negotiable. It’s a process that’s been deeply underway since the Uranus-Pluto squares began in 2012. My training since then has been excruciating, but I’m seeing now there was a greater purpose for it.

Do you agree? Do you think our Gen X sensitivity now has a greater purpose that is going through an awakening? Do you think we’ll heed the call?

Hope to hear from you (I know you have a lot going on!) 🙂

Thanks for everything you do,


WOW.  This is rad reading. And okay, I don’t usually give much thought to Makemake but okay, FINE: Gen X DO have this broad signature, along with the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo, of course.

Millennials have the Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn and boomers are typified by Pluto-Uranus in Leo, in many cases.

Eris is Persephone, Queen of the Night and part-time companion to Pluto, the Change God incarnate. Eris first meets Uranus and then squares Pluto.

It is occurring as Generation X has their natal Pluto in Virgo aroused by Pluto in Capricorn. It’s a rousing energy for every generation but yes, X in particular.

As for Eris-Uranus, yes it is zinging the 22 Aries point big-time in March, Sept/Oct and again in March 2017. It’s rare – the last thus conjunction was in 1927/1928 and the hook-up of two big-time revolutionary rabble-rousing shit-stirrers.

And yes, i think the Zap Zone of Uranus square Pluto from 2012 to 2015 altered the consciousness of Generation X more than most BUT what does everyone else think?  I also think Gen Y is going to activate like crazy with Uranus in Taurus opposite their Pluto in Scorpio.  Uranus in Taurus will square the Pluto in Leo of the baby boomers – this is all broadly in general, obviously whilst supporting the Neptune-Uranus in Capricorn of many Ys and the Uranus-Pluto in Virgo signature aspect of many Xs.

More interesting times await us and even though I am loving Uranus hanging out near my Mercury in Aries; I am excited about what Uranus in Taurus could do for the earth!

What does everyone else think?  And please, if we are doing inter-generational discussions, no snark. It’s a broad chat, obviously, not about individuals.

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  1. I have nothing meaningful to add, but I just want to say how thoroughly I enjoyed this fascinating post and the resulting discussion. I’m late Gen-X (’69), so I find all of this very resonant.

    This New Moon just occurred on my Sun, and Eris is on the MC with Uranus on Venus.

    I do feel that something is ready to activate.

  2. “How are we to grow as a species, without challenges?”

    “And what is our directive? Why to change the change the world”

    I put yr two comments here as I think they demonstrate two basic ideas around which this discussion pivots. The first is your own and I think it is the real point of life in the matrix.

    The second is the impossible dream. I really think we need to focus on our personal inner world which will manifest change in the outer world.

    I don’t think you are a party pooper I think your SN in Aries is asking you to bring the lesson you learned of Unity Consciousness with you into this life. It’s like, do you! No one person, tribe or gen can do the transpersonal learning of the global population.

  3. I’ve been feeling a bit uneasy about this letter for a couple of days – this happens every time there is a generational post. There is something about this that i find disturbing. I suppose i don’t like tribalism of any type. Trying to find an astrological signature for specialness seems a bit elitist. Reminds me of the blonde, blue-eyed specialness of the master race. Blaming others for your frustration, i.e., “fuqers” when referring to Boomers is sad.

    Gen X may not have reaped much in the economic sense, but gained a hell of a lot in other ways, considering the Boomers opened up the stuffy and stale Western world ideology to Eastern cultures and philosophy that are now so much part of our culture in terms of complimentary medicine and spiritual practice; and let’s not forget their battle for women’s rights. Frankly, I’ll take all of this over monetary gain/stability anytime. How are we to grow as a species, without challenges?

    I am actually a gen Xer, of the Lost Generation type – apparently even more dire – too late for the party & glory, but too early to like anything about the 80s. For what it’s worth, I have Makemake on my Moon-MC; and a natal fire trine of Uranus, Eris & Great Attractor. I don’t think i’ve got special powers nor belong to any tribe other than the Earth tribe – maybe that’s my natal party-pooper Eris-SN in Aries talking.

    1. My “fuquers” remark was not quantified and yes, was generalized. My own personal experience with Boomers has been with parents, teachers, and government – who I have personally felt profoundly let down by. My own resentment seeping out there which, yes, I am working on releasing and moving on from (and posted with some snark, admittedly, that was meant to be humorous but doesn’t always translate well in writing – sigh.) Hence the call – and maybe it’s not a generational call, maybe it’s just me. That’s why I posed it as a question to Mystic and not a statement. I did not know she would post it publicly. It’s my own observation that may resonate with others and then again it may not. My feeling though is that it will resonate with others, because I already see it playing out around me in others in our age group. There are many people who helped bring Eastern cultures into our consciousness (the Beatles, for a major if not primary influence) who were not actually Boomers but War Babies (born during war time early 40s) and were in their 20s during the 60s. Chiron was discovered in 1977 when we were children and that infused the culture and us in huge degrees. I’m not bringing any of this up to gain any kind of generational “glory” – just activation of positive, constructive purpose instead of wallowing in a sense of being “the Lost Generation” with no purpose and no aim. No – we have much more to offer than that if we can just wake up and Activate. It’s not about reaping anything economically, it’s about transforming the economy completely. It’s not about “me”, it’s about all of us. We all have gifts and special powers because we are all here and part of the Earth Tribe. We are all connected. Take my question (to Mystic) with a grain of salt if you wish. For me though, I’m leveling up. Peace <3

      1. Hi Laura. I guess i’m just a little tired of seeing the Leo in Pluto/Boomers being blamed for all our woes. I’t’s happened on this site a few times now. Not your fault – since you didnt know the letter was being published. And yes, i’ve lumped Boomers and Pluto in Leo people together – as it has been suggested here before that the Boomers style is pretty much Pluto in Leo.

        At the root of my frustration in all this, is that i feel real disappointment with my own gen X for having bought into the the whole huge debt and mortgage slavery route – leaving themselves very vulnerable and powerless. I don’t believe in debt – as i believe that you give away your power by entering into it. Watching most of my generation giving away its power was depressing. Blaming another generation is as pointless as it is wrong. There has been a corporatist take over of governments all over – and that did not just begin with the Pluto in Leo/Boomers – that has been plotted and carried out by people much earlier than Boomers. Neither Thatcher nor Reagen were Boomers (1911 & 1925) – yet they had a lot to do with the financial crash by having introduced deregulatory changes into the management of financial markets back in the early 80s.

        Another thing is – does one count significant events and waves that happen during Boomer years – Boomer events – becoz the people during that era are more open to those events – or does one look at the specific people responsible for that event? The Eastern philosophy thing you mention is a good example of the flow of events – yes, there were meditation and yoga centres already established in the States during the 1930s & The Beatles were War Babies – also Pluto in Leo – and made it popular – yet it was the Boomers who embraced it with a vengeance all over the West – where do you begin with this? Or do you go to 1920 when Yogananda first landed in the States?

        I guess your experiences with Boomers/Pluto Leos differ from mine – in that i learnt a lot from them re my work. And i found them to be fighters for social causes and justice – more than my own generation. But regardless, we are in on this together, and lets hope that we ALL activate into a more positive society. Also, i want to thank you for bringing to my awareness the fire trines you mention and Makemake. This is why I love this site and the people who contribute. Peace & love to you too, Laura.

  4. YES!!! Let’s activate our superpowers, Gen X! C’mon, Riot Grrrrls!

    Full on Gen X’er here, born in the chaotic year of 1968…… Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo, sextile Neptune in Scorpio. Chiron at 26 Pisces….exact trine Neptune, and opposing Uranus, which is at 28 Virgo. All that shizz is getting activated by current astro, too…….yes, I suppose we are awakening, coming into our full expression and power, and isn’t it about time, at almost age 50?! We definitely have more of an EDGE, than the generations we’re sandwiched between. Even if we’re unappreciated, we are still making an impact, and we do have a more practical take on the world, because we did not have the luxury of not having to be practical.

    I have NN at 22 Aries, so this Eris/Uranus conjunction will be bang on there….It’s in the 10th house, just about right on the 11th house cusp……wonder how THAT will play out, eh?!

  5. Loving all the comments, sheesh you’re a smart bunch 🙂

    I have this fire trine natally… Makemake in Leo, the Great Attractor in Sagg conj my SN, and Eris in Aries.

    1. <3 Are you being called to awaken spiritually? To take positive (right) action to save us from ourselves? <3

  6. Navel gazing, blaming our predecessors or passing the envelope is easy, but gets us nowhere fast. We’re so caught up in our delusional game of grandeur and uniqueness that we’ve lost our way, our reason for Being – and along the way – killing our host – Mama Earth. We might have a chance to save it – and us – it is our only hope. Though, as simple physics has taught us, there does come a time when we reach that tipping point – where the only way to go is down and out of the game. Now is the time to unite in healing our planet – the only hope we have of survival and to lead a dignified existence. To choose to serve – not to choose what lifestyle we’ve been led to think we want. We don’t have any other choice. We’ve only ever had that one choice. Thinking that we had others is our greatest delusion. No amount of blaming or hoping for our salvation through the next generation will get us out of the game we’ve chosen to play. It’s time to unite in direct action if we want to continue our existence on this plane(t). Our only choice. So fuq The Man – time to do what we know is right – duck & dive the false System we’re ALL responsible for – through our past actions or inaction – use whatever incoming astro energy is coming in, be it Eris-Uranus or Makemake – tune in and ACT NOW.

    1. Correction: we won’t kill our host – Mama Earth – just the ecosystem that she so kindly provided for us this time round. (I had a particularly strong cup of coffee this morning!)

  7. Cool idea, I love the description of Gen X being Exxy myself!
    (“Wonder twin powers: activate!! “Form of an ice bucket!!” was my bro’s fave, lol).

    Having said that, I am not sure inner realisation is generational per se. We all come here with various things we are to work on. The stars align and disrupt our lives depending on our abilities and our natal chart? While I feel very close to other Gen X’s in a cultural sense, I can’t say I feel a common call to anything in conjunction with others in my age range.

    Yogananda’s guru on Astrology says:

    “The wise man defeats his planets—which is to say, his past—by transferring his allegiance from the creation to the Creator. The more he realizes his unity with Spirit, the less he can be dominated by matter. (see Davidl’s comment!)

    The soul is ever-free; it is deathless because birthless. It cannot be regimented by stars.

    “Man is a soul, and has a body. When he properly places his sense of identity, he leaves behind all compulsive patterns. So long as he remains confused in his ordinary state of spiritual amnesia, he will know the subtle fetters of environmental law.

    “God is harmony; the devotee who attunes himself will never perform any action amiss. His activities will be correctly and naturally timed to accord with astrological law.

    After deep prayer and meditation he is in touch with his divine consciousness; there is no greater power than that inward protection.”

    1. That is exactly the kind of awakening I meant. 🙂 Many variations within all generations, but something about the peeps with that Eris opposite Uranus and trine Make-make and Isis-Transpluto… that speaks to me of spiritual awakening and right action.

      1. I think this may be a very personal thing that stood out to you. Sadly I know very few people with enough energy, freedom from karmic attachments and interest or curiosity in non material thoughts and spiritual goals for Divine connection to pierce the fog of illusion in the way you hope for an entire generation.
        But something has definitely awakened in you! Feed that flame and protect it from the winds of misfortune. May Isis, Eris and all the planetary energies conspire to help you!

  8. I get the outer planet cycles, but I have always felt weird about these huge generational spreads. Being born in 1977, I don’t even feel nailed into it and even less so since my parents were older and religious and anti-current trends so I felt out of the loop but learned not to give a fuq because most of the stuff they pin on generations is about consumerism and wars and labels and so on.

    If you work around oodles of children for an extended period of time, you start to notice the subtle and not so subtle ways that people change and the way information changes. Or even the collective energy and the frequency of the buzz. One thing I noticed with the children this year is looser boundaries than ever before. When studying interceptions, I realized that my 8 year old has a mutual reception between Uranus and Neptune, which is certainly generational and would affect boundaries. The way that these energies come to fruition is the generations before doing their thing and paving the way for this group (as an example) to be able to stretch their boundaries and break through the restrictions but also learn how to balance it in a constructive way.

    So, yeah I agree that there seems to be some kind of latent “stamp” that perhaps has not surfaced with those born around the gen x years. It will be interesting to see what happens. But just because it’s not televised doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Just like some other commenters said above, you have to read between the lines to see the generational influence.

    1. “Teachers Into Astro” needs to be a thread on the forum! I would love to see all your thoughts and opinions on the collective buzz of the kids and what is typified! Interesting about Uranus Neptune mutual reception as my Kataka 7year old and Cap 6yr old have it also. Could you elucidate any further on how you think it might manifest? Maybe the houses would be key in interpreting that for individuals though.
      (Cap has them both in 5th, Cancerian has them in 3/4th)

      1. Since this is an Astro site, I’m going to say that I’m really feeling my empty Aqua 3rd house opposite my 9th house sun at the apex of my angular t-square. Lol.

        I suppose it’s about the reframing for me. I’ve always noticed changes with groups of children, their parents, and even administration & cohorts, educational philosophies and so on. But with learning anout interceptions in the Astro hacks, I started thinking about how not having boundaries could be an asset. It seems to be huge with the group I have this year, and it is completely exhausting. I should say ‘was’ because they have toned it down a bit since the beginning. Lack of boundaries can help these guys question pointless boundaries, make connections differently, and have a real need to work with people – even if their 8 year old selves struggle with how to do that. I mean, they are kids. When you get a new class, you have to adapt to them as much as they adapt to you and since you’re going with what you know, the differences can be difficult at first.

        Sphinx, I’m not sure if that answered your question but I tried! This post brought up a jumble of thoughts for me, my first comment was rewritten three times.

    2. i guess the biggest / broadest for those between “x” and “y” would have to be pluto in libra, sextile-ish neptune in sadge.

      Libra also being the sign of justice-the judiciary-equality and sadge being legal systems / philosophy of law, among other things,
      Neptune enabling dissolution of boundaries – expansion of global systems? How about Plutonic Uranian’s mention of Neptune as finance? several months ago. global finance and law… and illusions – corruption.

      Just looked up for interest the date the WTO was created, apparently the text was finalised on April 15 1994, and this entered into force on 1/1/1995. So, there’s some global finance legal astro for you 😉 Not Gen XY though so there goes that theory.

      The ribbon-cutting ceremony on the World Trade Centre was April 4, 1973… any takers?


      the OPEC Oil Crisis: Through the mid-late 1970s and into the early 80s.

      Get this, if this is not a pluto neptune thing across the signs of international correspondence

      From Wikipedia
      “The embargo was a response to American involvement in the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Six days after Egypt and Syria launched a surprise military campaign against Israel, the US supplied Israel with arms. In response to this, OAPEC announced an oil embargo against Canada, Japan, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the US.

      The crisis had a major impact on international relations and created a rift within NATO. Some European nations and Japan sought to disassociate themselves from United States foreign policy in the Middle East to avoid being targeted by the boycott. Arab oil producers linked any future policy changes to peace between the belligerents. ”

      anyway. Uranus was heading over the via combusta into Scorp around then too (incidentally when the UN’s ‘birthday’ is too, ~Oct 25 late 1940s) so that has to count for some shock-mayhem component

      global terrorism – plane hijackings, these became a THING
      international travel and leisure started to be popularised- becoming more affordable, normalised

      wow, i love astro and international analysis!

      1. not to trivialise plane hijacking – i have distant childhood memories of TV news footage of planes parked on airport tarmac while negotiations took place… not quite IS and their media-savvy social media shares of fresh acts of abjection these days, that’s a good one for uranus in aries too you know… the sign of the fighter taking the fight to ‘the people’ … anyone can be a militia here have a gun
        nothing says hugs and mung beans like a barrel bomb landing in your street.

        1. Yes I remember those too. I also remember going on a family vacation and the kids in my class telling me my plane was going to be hijacked. Pluto was transiting my 12th then.

  9. All I know is that 2012 activated my current life path. I have readying it for it and now it in effect with tangible manifestations about to abound. You can’t tell me nada, I know it.

    Last night I dreamt I found this rollercoaster that used to transport people around the city. When I jumped on, the last leg of the ride was low above water – with gazillions of alligators snapping that COULD potentially leap up and eat your ass. I went on the ride anyway and came out of it unharmed. My old crush is turning up the last 2 nights, too (NEVER dreamed about a man so much in my life!) but brief snippets. First one me ushering him out the door and another one he was just THERE with no…presence? I don’t know.

    I welcome it all, DEF ready for a new cycle 🙂 <3

  10. I’m currently living with Eris conj Uranus conj sun in my Aries 10th house. Right now we are talking a 1 deg orb.
    This is a lengthy transit and I’m starting to get the gist of it.
    Firstly I don’t think that this transit can be contained to one splintered group. Gen x or Y or whatever. In fact quite the opposite. What I’m getting is that defining anyone by age, race, Astro, generation etc is actually the barrier to allowing Uranus to do its thing in Aries. What’s its thing ? . To actively bring forth a message of unity and oneness. Not propose it,,talk about it, actually do it !
    To introduce a new societal structure lwe must first bury the old one. The old one was the world split into tribes. We have spent thousands of years dividing and classifying ourselves in an attempt to find where we belong. This has led to a series of world wars that I believe were the apocalyptic eruptions prophesied thousands of years ago.WW2 was like the peak of tribal warfare and the horrors of it still cast a shadow over us. We are I believe the first ‘post apocalyptic’ generations.
    Its hard to imagine the world as one tribe one family, but I think that since WW2, the end days, souls have come into the world with a seed of higher knowledge. The knowledge and desire for oneness. This seed I believe, has come from far and wide, A galactic response to our near extinction and with help to construct a new Earth no less.
    Most of the issues that plague us on a global scale now can be easily resolved
    by the expression of this message.
    In a way history as we knew it has ended and I believe a new history begun.
    But we are in its very early stage. We are still in the process of formally burying the past. Now that’s really hard !
    Uranus in Aries is here to announce that the days of tribes and division are over, all of our pods have been opened, they have been for 70 years. Wherever you see division or hear it come out of someone’s mouth you are looking at a ghost, someone that has already died but doesn’t know it yet. Be respectful of the dead but at the same time call it out for what it is.
    So who are you ? A member of some dead tribe sprouting nonsense that no longer has relevance ? or a member of a the global earthling family ?
    Every day we each get the opportunity to decide where we stand, with the past ? Or with the future. Each of us every day gets the chance to join with others or deny them.
    Uranus in Aries says, time is up ! We are setting the foundations for a new world amidst this ghost world. There has been 70 years to grieve, to conduct last rites. Let’s get on with it NOW.

    1. Yes, I don’t think it would be easy for the governments or PTB to incite a full scale world war again. People don’t want it.
      Instead they create division and weakness in targeted more secretive affronts and socio economic ways to ensure dinosaur power structures remain in place.

      Pod people unite! I really like the interpretation of Uranus in Aries being about unity and oneness. I feel it deeply. Far more than being about independence at any cost, which I think is how I have seen it described elsewhere.

      1. One of my early onset Aries skills was bridge burning. I found myself able to enjoy life more when free of dependencies. I had no need to go back to what was or hold on to what I had. Never felt the lack of somethng. So yes Aries energy can seem like gross individuality when in fact it’s just unfettered.
        Unity consciousness is a very difficult and unattractive one for most to fully grasp, as it is in complete contradiction to our current way and the way we have been taught to survive. To grasp it one must first conquer the ego and most people never get that far. When I’ve put myself in a position to glimpse the other side the feeling is not unlike a drug coming on, at the peak I am in full contact with everyone, every plant, animal, rock , I’m in bliss. I am outside of time and need nothing but for this feeling to continue. Then of course the phone rings or it’s time to do shit and your back in Saturns time prison.
        In short by giving up all that the ego feels it needs we get everything we need

        1. 3rd time lucky replying here…
          That is a lovely description and I totally see the baby Aries of the Zodiac as the power for Unity Consciousness more clearly from this!

          Very much agree that most people find Unity consciousness unattractive. I also feel that it is something few souls are interested in attaining from this earthly vantage point, being more focused on survival and entertaining the senses.

          To posit that an entire generation of people are going to suffer the destruction of the Ego, find the romance of Unity Consciousness within and then having experienced bliss, be able to let it go without craving (which is another stage again I guess) I find quite unlikely. It is the stuff only master gurus attain and disciples dream of attaining… It is certainly not within reach of an entire generation? More’s the pity. And Eris opposite Uranus and trine Make-make and Isis-Transpluto isn’t going to be the celestial event that ordains such a happening in my humble opinion.

          Which reminds me I should go and meditate.
          Meditation Hygiene is more important even than Sleep Hygiene at a cellular (and every other) level!!

    2. Yeah. Imagine the lense of history on our times in the future. They way whole enturies become little notches on a timeline. The last 70 years as a ‘post apocalyptic era makes sense of a lot of things.I think we are all very concsioous of the fact that humanity would not survive another WW2. All generations since building, warily (is WW2 over yet?) and in their own ways towards a new unity. I’m thinking 6 of swords in the tarot. Hmmm

  11. No snark? I guess I am not welcome around here anymore. I was going to comment on 38083 Rhadamanthus also being at 13 Leo.

    1. Astraea,pandora,klotho,arachne, and even bacchus will all be in orb the next two months if yer feeling like uranians aren’t up to snuff. By the time the sun gets to the trine another group of firey peeps will be there. I’m paticularly interested in September when mars enters the trine with psyche in leo. But this is my Uranus opposition on a progressed ascendant sky a bit keyed up.


          1. Well my point is, with over 530k catalogued asteroids that are mostly evenly distributed around the Sun, I figure there are something like 1500 in each degree, so there are around 1500 Grand Trines you could look for. But that’s heliocentric thinking. Geocentrically, there are probably greater concentrations of asteroids at some degrees of greatest elongation of the mean orbit of the asteroid belt, when you’re looking along a line tangent to that orbit. I don’t want to even think about calculating that. Let’s just round it off to a thousand trines.

            1. I might have thought that way until a)I remembered it’s not the bodies themselves that make me stodgy points and b) viruses are what are killing me and I can’t see them.

              But yes. You’re right. It’s impossible.

              1. LiberatingVenus

                Nono, you are positively BRILLIANT – just sayin’!

                I love a good-natured astro-debate! Charles raises a point that I’m inclined to agree with purely from the angle that it is the tendency of the ego to constantly seek validation re: having some sort of signature in our nativities that make us “special”. Guess what, though? We’re ALL special little snowflakes, as none of us have the same exact astrological fingerprint! Even if we did, how we choose to use those energies and the capacity we have to either coax them into greatness or allow them to lead us to our downfall depends purely upon our Will and level of self-awareness.

                Nono’s counterpoint is an excellent one, though – I’ve found amazing things by looking at hypotheticals, TNO’s, and all the little “space gravel” asteroids mainstream astrology tends to like to discount or ignore because “you can’t see them” or “they aren’t big enough” . My point is I don’t think the 10 “planets” alone are enough to explain the whole story…this is originally what made me start delving into Fixed Stars.

                I don’t know that I’ll ever evolve into a full Hamburg-school Uranian or anything like that, but I certainly don’t pooh-pooh those who wish to use such objects in their interpretations. As long as you have a system that works for you, it’s purely a matter of personal preference and thus shouldn’t be skin off anyone else’s nose, IMO – Live and Let Live & all that jazz!

                1. yes yes. im inclined to use astrology to change, dissolution of the ego is kinda my thing. i don’t want to stay in my natal chart. i used a lot of maps to get where i’m going. now i’m pretty sure that’s due to some minor aspects in my chart…

                2. LV, I actually wrote comments on a similar theme but I didn’t post them as I think it’s impolite to write comments that are 2 or 3 times the length of the original post. And oftentimes it is just impolite for me to open my big mouth.

                3. LiberatingVenus

                  Depends on whether the comment in question adds something to or detracts from the conversation. Not-so-subtle derision, though, is guaranteed to do the latter.

    2. Omg wut fuq that means 38083 Rhadamanthus will be almost conjunct my Saturn in second house Leo and aspecting all of my outer planets… Including Pluto in Libra remember all those kids whose parents got divorced by the truckload, yeah that was us

  12. I’m a boomer, but my natal Mars at 22 Libra is in Uranus/Eris’s path. I work with a lot of GenXers and Millennials — all generations share dreams and all want to do it their way, so love to you all!

  13. Have never ever felt the generation divide except for some sourpuss peoples in their 70’s, and that’s because they are probably unwell making them crabby,and maybe some milleniums to whom i am a ghost. As a so called boomer, i boomed big time hence no home ownership-how can one buy a piece of earth? No super- travel instead with freelance work-when i wanted and the weather was sweet. Can smoke weed with 16 or 60 year olds 🙂 Wonder if the herb is the great leveller for relating?
    No marriage-i forgot. No children-looked down when 16 then looked at size of baby’s head and thought ‘impossible’. Will leave no footprints when i go to the happy hunting ground. Take nothing-leave nothing.
    Your 40’s is when you really start to make plans for your future if having floundered a bit before, but have noticed they are having a hard time of it if not established a career by then or married, just late bloomers instead of boomers.

    1. Late-blooming boomer here too! Yes, often I do wish I’d bought a home, had a kid, been officially married, had a normal linear life, but then I wouldn’t be the woman I am.

  14. Genius post!!! One can only hope, right?
    Smarting from lack of generational glory seems so Pluto/Uranus in Virgo. Both the Virgo and the reaction to the leonine Boomer hoarding of all the glory. You guys have had a hard road to walk. <3
    As a very late Xer (invisible within the larger gen), with Libra Pluto and Scorp Uranus (I mostly align with Millenials/Gen Y) , the whole idea of generational appreciation seems very foreign. I wonder if it was the switch to hyper-individualism that created this — self-esteem, not group esteem. Self actualization meant the death of a sense of community in the Reagan '80s or something… it's an unformed thought that may be meaningless. Anyway, I just want things to change and I don't care if millennials get allllll the credit for it. What matters is that it HAPPENS.
    Eris is sitting on my SN at the unending moment. Natal Grand Fire Trine Eris-Saturn/TPIsis/Makemake-Neptune/GA. 1977 represent!
    (off topic, speaking of 1977, the Panama Papers apparently go back to then. Back to Chiron's discovery. How interesting is that!).

    1. I was gonna post about how much I always liked the fire snake crew. Something special in that year, there was.

  15. I’m officially a Gen Xr and a lot of us with the Pluto/Uranus conjunction in Virgo also have Chiron and Saturn in Pisces with Neptune in Scorpio. That’s why we are so stealth and why we have simmering longing for power with Service. That Saturn placement on Pisces makes it hard for is to focus and commit…many of my peers are fiercely Spiritual…but also Spiritual in a very establishment sort of way. Many of us were classic latch key children…and children of divorce. ..Chiron in Pisces…the Orphan. Abandonment issues. Oh yes…before the PILL there were tons.of pregnancies….so many of my peers including myself were adopted….these dropped off dramatically by 1970. Neptune in Scorpio…by the time Pluto hit Scorpio in the 1980s, it was touching on our natal Neptunes…AIDS scared the hell out of us but we still found ways of escape, bliss..we were the first to come out as teenagers…and grew up owning our sexual truth. This was very unusual.for previous generations.

    I loved the line that we remembered the time before the matrix. We remember the world. That, that is the sadness…the melancholia that my peers disguise in their insipid Facebook posts. We long for the time of a real collective unity..a sense of belongoing that precious generations could define themselves with. At best we could share the story of where we were when the Challenger exploded or when Reagan or the Pope got shot…but we have no vast world war…no Vietnam, no Civil Rights Marches…no vast protests. Our revolution was done over a shared meal with our parents, or watching the last episode of MASH..Hardly a comparison and the Boomers often reminded us of our pitiful culture (which also had to be stealth, underground or Goth punk’d out in dark.clubs).

    I see my Gen at the Integrators. Assimilating the chaos of the 60’s and trying to nurse and weed the crap out and keep the good stuff. We wanted the high drama to end and replace it with something grounded. We became the Alex P Keaton on the outside, but don’t forget, we are Kurt Cobain screaming on the inside…and that’s the part know one outside of my generation really understands.

    1. Unicorn Sparkles

      There was that whole Cold War / east v west/ who’s going to set off the nukes thing hanging over our heads tho…

    2. YASSS 🙂
      But don’t forget Cold War duck and cover videos about how to survive nuclear blasts and feeling like Russia was going to blow us all sky high because Reagan kept daring Gorbachev to… that fear was deep in our consciousness, and a deep knowing that our own government (Nixon, Iran/Contra, Reagan’s obvs pretention and “acting skills”, “welfare queens”, “Just say No” war on drugs etc) and our own religious leaders (Jerry Falwell, catholic pedophile scandals, Jim Bakker and Tammy Fay) were sowing a profound feeling of betrayal in us – hence the screaming Cobain inside! We do have something to bind us all together, and it is being played out in the inequality/99% movement today. This binds us to the younger generations too, because we have witnessed these abuses for a long, long time. Sad, though, that many on the side of the 1% (Cruz, Rubio, Ryan) are Gen Xers too! It is an interesting mix in our Gen, for sure. But yes, the integrators! Using the Virgo-minded Uranus/Pluto assimilation for the higher good – love it. <3

    3. Yes! All of this resonates, very well said!

      X’er, here, 1968, so all planets positions as you describe, except Saturn is in Aries, for me.

  16. So i am with ya that Gen X gets no love, but not everyone gets to be a shining star. Some of us have to play important behind the scenes support roles. It doesn’t mean we are not important though. It is too bad because i think we have done the best we can with what we had. Sure you get tired of hearing Millenial this, Gen Y that, but now that “generations” are abbreviated, it will all be short lived before you start hearing about Gen Z and Gen Alpha taking over the news.
    you may find you like Gen Z better than Gen Y. I certainly do. Gen Z is currently those about college age-ish. They dont have that craving for luxury goods or ridiculous office expectations. They clip coupons, are humble, idealistic like Gen Y, believe in hard work, and have similarities to the Gen X’s grandparents. I am so surprised speaking to high school seniors ( who are well adapted) recently that they seem so mature, level headed, and just so together. Seriously, most Gen X i knew and many Gen Y just wanted to go to college to “find themselves” because they didnt know what they wanted to do. Gen Z goes to college because they have specific intentions, but maybe cos they know they can’t f* around. Otherwise they are going to go do something else like open their own shop. Gen Z will be the ones to really make the difference!

    also david bowie was a Boomer not Gen X even though he was an important icon for Gen Xers. I think the other 2 are Gen X though.

  17. This is timely as I was just contemplating this in a Hack. As a Gen X the temptation to go to town on boomers is certainly there, but I think it’s a waste of time and energy. And it’s a little childish now? Like, wahh why didn’t mummy and daddy rein it in and think of their kids? Well, they did. My parents bought into the whole property investment lifestyle, which meant that everywhere we lived was treated like it was the home of the people who were eventually going to buy it. They did that so they could escape the poverty of their upbringing and give me something better. I can’t hold that against them. But I do think it’s time that my generation brought some of the lessons that we’ve learnt to bear and embrace our own power. Neptune in Sagg embraces the world of difference out there. I think it’s time for the boomers to pass the mantle of leadership.

  18. Oh, this is such an interesting observation! My mother’s a gen-xr and it seems like she’s been slowly waking up from a slumber and looking for ways to connect her inner world to the outer one we live in (and she’s a Taurus sun conjunct Saturn, so she’s very down-to-earth, hehe). This awakening of sorts seems to have intensified over the last few months, though it might also be all this action on her NN in Pisces in the 6th opposing the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in the 12th. Hopefully, it will all come to (haute) fruition in a uranian flash from 2018 onwards.

    It seems to me, despite the very few years I’ve had to observe them, that gen-xers have a lot of potential, but don’t really know how to put it to use in way that is satisfying for them, especially when it comes to what they’re going to do with their lives (and by ‘what they’re going to to with their lives’, I mean not just career-wise, but also how they actually live, find their places in the world, etc). Really cool people, but not as nearly as obssessive/intense/focused/near-sighted as my people, which I think can be a good thing (pluto in Scorpio can often feel like way too much to deal with).

    P. S.: Pi, if you’re reading this, thank you for the insight regarding vesta, Lilith and shadows in that early February post! It was really helpful!

    1. I’m an x-er. I didn’t “find” my path until 3 years ago. Something in my gut just told me to live my life, and I did. And no matter how many “mistakes” I made, I thought I was following my truth and in hindsight all those “mistakes” were my master teachers.

      Many of my peers were responsible. Got the degrees they didn’t want to get the practical job. But my Sagg friends have been going through what I went through the past few years with Saturn – mega shake-ups. Losing jobs. Choosing to go into business as that is their experience but now in creative areas that interest them.

      I like my gen. I kinda feel like we were last “great one” artistically and none of the ones born after 1983 exempt a handful really have that level of excellence musically, artistically etc It’s all very personal isn’t it ;P

    2. hey saturnine, I was just skim-scrolling down the page and thought i saw ‘my’ name.. you’re welcome! I wish I could remember what I wrote though… don’t suppose there is a chrono-search option is there Mystic? x

    3. and oh god, early feb.. i was dying from capricorn-absence… feeling it bad. glad i could offer some usefulness amidst the doom..

  19. The pod opening works for me. I spend most of my time in analog world and feel all this happening the less time I’m online. Mystics’ bitch goddess report, which was amazing, pointed out this conjunction. “This is your time” was capitalized for emphasis. I never got to write a coherent message about how this is actually conjunct my natal persephone but I am acutely aware that this has, and still does have “THIS IS IMPORTANT” written all over it.

    I desperately wish I could read more of what’s online but see that if I was online as often as I was in the mid 90s I’d get nothing done.

    The clock I’m building is helping and the aspect patterns make me ecstatic. I hope the rise is beautiful.

    1. I have sophia minerva chaos and my part of courage at 23 aries too though, so if divine intervention is a thing I’m thinking I might be a spectacular pod person.

  20. Zerohedge once ran an interesting article on why history tends to repeat itself and in it gave the following link about generational archetypes and how they tend to operate e.g.:

    Boomers (Prophets) – vision, value & religion
    Gen X (Nomads) – liberty, survival, and honor.
    Millennials (Heroes) – community, affluence, and technology.
    Homelanders or Gen Z (Artists) – pluralism, expertise and due process

    And how this pattern of generations has been repeated throughout the history of the Anglo world. I am only a newby at astrology so i haven’t been able to correlate this info to astrological cycles – or maybe it doesn’t? Anyway it’s an interesting site:

  21. As a Gen-X with 2 grand fire trines in my chart I too find the generational stuff so interesting… The Gen-Xers have been watching and waiting for their moment…Stealth mode… I think all that inner journeying we did in the 90’s was good for us.. Arise my fellow Gen-Xers! Let’s rock this world.

      1. (You may have to log in to your WordPress account and change it there.) 🙂

        Yes! Let’s rock this world!! I read an article the other day about how no other generation got as screwed over by the financial crisis of 2008/09 than Gen X, because we were mid-30s – mid-40s at that time and were just getting established in grown up lives with mortgages, retirement savings, etc (I have no idea the level of truth to this – I know everyone who suffered losses during this time suffered greatly and don’t wish to have a “who suffered more” contest – completely unproductive and unfair because All Suffering Sucks), but I do know that it happened to me and it has fueled my own desire to rise up and generate positive change in the world, with an eye on sustainable living in every sense of the word.

      2. Go to and check if you have an account that’s connected to the email address you are using. At sometime you have linked that image to the email address. Wordpress acct ?
        If there isn’t a gravatar acct, create one with this address and you should be able to change the photo…… or create a new account with a different email, add an image and sign in here with your new email 🙂

        1. Thanks so much everyone… I’d even forgotten that I had a Gravatar account… Good to clean these things up! 🙂

    1. Right up there in the front with zero fucks given. I heard the call a few years back.

      FYI I “get” you want your privacy but you are hella fly, lady ;P <3

    2. Kataka on Fire

      So resonates… I have one fire grand Trind and it closely overlays the one this post was about (Asc-Saturn-Jupiter)

  22. You’ve peered behind the curtain Laura.
    I think us Gen X have had the slowest, subtlest but most profound change go on around us and in us. We were never here to make a big Ta dah !!! But rather absorb the changes and create the new. We are most certainly the last of a kind. A system that’s in the throes of death. And we straddle that timescape. The Y’s and the millennials are part of this too but you can almost viscerally accept their differences. It’s mutation happening around us.

    1. I think we have a lot of stored, untapped potential to do an amazing amount of profoundly transformative (Pluto/Uranus stuff) good in the world. We have not yet fully learned to stop projecting our power onto others and stepping into it ourselves and owning it – but we are learning, and the learning is coming on very quickly! (Enlightenment = Uranus) Perhaps that (giving away power as a misdirected service?) is a Pluto in Virgo thing?

      Like Mystic commented, it will definitely be interesting to see how Uranus behaves in Taurus. I hope we can keep it haute and not low-bull-shit though. In the meantime, it is definitely time to wake ourselves up.

      1. yes, this resonates, thanks. Chiron on South Node, Uranus square Pluto, even Pluto trine Jupes on the NN and Neptune in Pisces…. all our Virgo Pluto/Uranian business, it’s been gettin dug up, shook up, dissolved, spun out and fluffed up ready for new steps. Uranus/Eris seems like a likely next one. I like it!

      2. also, I think in evolutionary astrology (and if someone can step in I have minimal experience) Virgo is a particularly tough placement for Pluto – guilt? – and I think Chiron over our Pluto polarity points could offer a breakthrough. It’s yet to hit mine, but I’m looking forward to the transformative potential (yeah yeah, Scorp and the generational Neptune in Scorp – which will get shook up by Uranus next)

        1. Yes! I love this idea – hadn’t considered Chiron healing our Virgo issues. You’re probably right! I have late Virgo Pluto as well – guess we’ll find out, huh? 😉
          And yes I’m all Scorpionic as well, Jup/Venus (Chart rulers) and Neptune. Uranus in Taurus is going to shake me up possibly more than these current transits, if that’s even possible.

  23. I got that title immediately! Wow, and the tone, energy…it’s all there…then got mindblown by the casual, you know what im talking references to MakeMake et al. I kid you not, it takes a lot to surprise a Piscean.

    Scrolled straight down to see how the moniker capped it off to find it was, simply…an actual person’s name. Haha! Double surprise!

    But, no, Laura i don’t think as a generation we are designed for a moment in the sun. Our Gen has been involved in major change, to generalise, but it’s much more just altering how we do, what we do. Like you said, we’ve adapted to major changes, with tech as your example, but understand the analog and sensual world.

    More personally, i adore the GenY and Millenials and really get the shits when people bitch on them. They have plenty of real tolerance, genuine interpersonal skill…and yes I actually know more of them than your average bear. I don’t expect them to get me, and i don’t try. But if you can help them experience and know something about the natural world (honestly, i’m shocked at the dearth of knowledge they have, but you know what? Who the fq has been bringing them up? Not just their parents, sonny jim! The whole world has!)…and also not bullshit or pappy-spooned out watered down psychology… they like to know. They’re interested.

    At the same age, GenX shut down and shut out the Boomers, and there was such a clear divide between what was cool and not. I recall my peers and I being super judgmental, and the tribes were smaller. Now what can be cool? The 80s! Wait, the 90s! And 60s paper porn! And crafting! And trans/pan gender, or fluidity! Or being a religiously fervent virgin! Or a unicorn brony! I mean there are still tribes, but there’s a bit less sneer than we had. I feel like we’re supposed to be generationally WITH GenY and Millenials, bringing another dimension to an urgent quest.

    Yeh, i said Quest, pardon my quadruple Sag. Maybe i agree with you, Laura. It is about waking up and there are already quite a few who just are quietly doing so. Maybe, just for GenX, the revolution will not be televised?

    1. mille, I think we have been teaching/raising up Gen Y & Mills all along! Even if not as parents, we were coming of age as they were gaining consciousness, & they have been watching & learning from us throughout their development. I feel like they are the fruits of our labors & they make us proud 🙂 Oh, they grow up so fast! *sniffle*

      1. YES, it is very true. My Merc-Chiron conjunct in 5th Aries says gimme the fast forward button, though 😀 …no sniffles here … Dr Saturn says we all need Time, tho.

    2. Of COURSE it wouldn’t exclude anyone like-minded, and yes there are sooo many awesome peeps from other gens, Boomers, Y, M all included. My kids are millennials and they are brilliant beings. And like Mystic mentioned it’s not meant to be a side-swipe at anyone or any gen in particular, just a very strong nudge I’ve felt for a while now and the signs seem to be pointing to a “Wonder Twins: Activate” moment. I think it is a quest, too, a long simmering one that may have gotten previous nudges but is now being really pushed into action. Everyone has their own thing motivating them, but for those of us who want to change the world for the better – if not now, when? <3

      1. Ah, it’s YOU. I liked an earlier comment you made, not sure which, on another thread.

        I didn’t mean to leave out the Boomers. It’s easy to look back and see their mistakes; they’ve had more time to make them! 😀 But vital Boomer peeps and groups are also doing the work.

        And certainly i didn’t see you as swiping at any generation. It’s a tremendously thoughtful letter. Quite energising.

    3. Agree completely, have been studying for 3 years mostly with Gen Y and have been telling my peers how much I love this group. You have hit the nail on the head re Gen X at same age. One of the things I really like about this group (from what I’ve experienced) is the ease with which they interact and work with all ages – free from the hang ups and judgement about cool!

      The Uranus/Pluto in Virgo generation might be about transforming health and the way we work, most likely working with Gen Y, as you suggest.

      1. Chiron was discovered during our childhoods, too. We are infused with Chiron and many of us are coming up on or have recently had our Chiron returns. Holistic health, holistic life, energy work, shamanism, honoring Gaia, harmony, cooperation and reverence for life are our touchstones and our birthright. We plant the seeds and we tend them into healthy growth. We also cull the weeds! We teach this to future generations. Where we have felt glossed over and discarded before, we now have a purpose.

      2. Yes me too! I’m surrounded by Gen Y and Mill’s and I quite like them. Maybe it’s just the group I’ve been hanging with (little bit nerdy), but I’ve found them to be quite media savvy in the sense of being critical of what they’re being sold, and very accepting of difference. But they are young, still struggling to find their way, struggling to make a buck, and largely feeling disenfranchised from the dreams of their parents.

      3. The opposite for me. Keep in mind I’m a creative, and for me in my artform the under 30’s are the most boring, vapid and least creative at my craft. It’s the x generation when they are in the class that take it to another level and inspire the awe. That can “live it.” I think each generation has different gifts to offer 🙂

    4. Unicorn Sparkles

      I’m loving your take on the gen x cool/uncool divide. I used to not get why these youngsters have two dozen friends circulating at social occasions ( like they brought along half of FB )… The Taylor swift posse. The multiple besties.
      The gen x I grew up with really were judgemental. Nasty at times. I guess it was a way of understanding the world by compartmentalising it.
      Strangely enough I cut off my longest friendship a few years ago because of that kind of nastiness. It didn’t fit any more. And I didn’t want to keep being suckered in by it.

      But while I am guilty of being disappointed in some gen y’s and a seeming expectation of “I deserve everything ” with a second of “but I won’t give”, I have also been surprised by their lack of judgement of others. They want equality and I think they genuinenely go about their day with inclusion rather than exclusion as their core.

      This lack of judgement may not always be prudent (there are still big bass out there that need exclusion) but while gen x’s are still arguing about who deserves what rights, gen y’s just do it. They don’t get the fuss over letting people be equal.

      I wish I could have been more concise!

  24. Interesting..I was surprised to find I have Eris and Magdalena both conjunct my moon..still trying to work that one out! In Aries, where my venus is too, in the 5th house…the Galacyic energy what sit is on my North Node- Pluto in Leo on my midheaven in the 10th. Currently having a difficult time with health issues but determined to do it better this time and something good must com out from it “The Magician takes a different trail and this way builds strength”. I am feeling a lot creative fire..also I have Saturn in Scorpio in my 1st house and my Sun in Taurus on my Descendant..Its going to be interesting- I always things Uranus is a lightbulb new take on the old way of seeing/dealing things..I think it will also be training my natal Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Cancer on the 9th- Radical new learning? Spiritual insights? Or I might just explode like a Volcano….

      1. just found out Makemake is conjunct my natal Uranus and Jupiter conjunction exactly..hmmm..don’t knw what it means lol

  25. Yes yes YES. For many of us too, I think, is natal Chiron in Aries? Transiting Uranus has been juicing up my Chiron for yonks.

    Just an hour ago I was sitting in my chariot, waiting on a train, when one railcar went by with huge spray-painted red & blue letters: PLUTO. It made me think of my gen & say out loud, “Yes!” I feel a Nirvana marathon coming on…

    1. Yes, popping like flowers! In Bloom:

      “Sell the kids for food
      Weather changes moods
      Spring is here again
      Reproductive glands

      Hey – he’s the one
      Who likes all our pretty songs
      And he likes to sing along
      And he likes to shoot his gun
      But he knows not what it means
      Don’t know what it means, when I say:

      He’s the one
      Who likes all our pretty songs
      And he likes to sing along
      And he likes to shoot his gun
      But he knows not what it means
      Knows not what it means when I say ah…

      We can have some more – nature is a whore
      Bruises on the fruit – tender age in bloom…”

      (And if you haven’t, you have to see the video. Time & gender bending, planets crashing, total Uranus-Eris mash-up. Spring has sprung!)

      Ps Laura: we *will* heed the call 😉

    2. Yes! And for some of this generation, Mars/Saturn is going to land on their Neptune in Sagg (i.e. me). That says to me – time to drag your dreams into reality.

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