Uranus in Aries

Astrology and The Black Supermodels – Part 2

After the ultra-Neptunian Donyale Luna (Astrology and The Black Supermodels Part 1) broke the barrier, Naomi Sims hurtled straight after her and into the American public eye. She was born in the post-World War 1 baby boom, an Aries with Mars, Saturn + Pluto conjunct in Leo and Jupiter in Sagittarius. A trio of linked Fire sign features like this is called a Grand Fire Trine. People who are born …

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Astro-Retrospective – Understand Your Past Eight Year Era Of Uranian Hi-Jinx

The time between now and March 6/7 is an unprecedented opportunity to understand and learn from the Uranus in Aries era. Get that straight in your mind for radical realizations and extra self-assurance as you move forward. With this in mind, I have just re-engineered the Flashback Consult. Before, it offered a retrospective look at any one year in your past. Now it’s EIGHT years of past astrology. So if …

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The 7 Year Cycle Astrology Runs On

Sorcery, Pheromones & Uranus in Aries ending The seven-year cycle astrology is legit. Uranus in Aries stopping brings to mind the Seven Year Itch.  It was said to be initially about a particularly virulent sexually transmitted disease or skin mites. Then it dressed up as a fancy 1950s psychological infidelity theory turned Marilyn Monroe movie.  But we know better. It’s a Uranus cycle.  Uranus transmits sorcery via pheromones and invention. …

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It’s Been Seven Years

It’s been seven years of Uranus in Aries.  Astrology, Numerology, Feng Shui – all have multiple cycles co-operating at any given time. But the seven year cycle – that ‘seven year ‘itch’ of contemporary folklore – does have extra strong resonance. And this is because both Saturn and Uranus run in seven year cycles. So as Uranus approaches the end of its stay in pioneer Aries, what trails have you …

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Can Uranus “Make” You Single?

Uranus can’t “make you single,” but it’s more prominent in the birth charts of people who are single and loving it. It’s an outer planetary liberator. In Ten Astrological Varieties Of Infidelity, someone quipped in the comments that the purest form of a Uranus relationship was masturbation. It was in the context of Pluto relationships being soul arousing existential pair bonding and Neptune relationships being, well, often imaginary. Or, highly …

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Venus trine North Node

Venus Trine North Node Is A Cosmic Storm

Uranus and Venus trine North Node is a cosmic storm. The Node is metaphysically significant, Uranus is from the Future and Venus wants in. As you can see from the Horoscopes, Venus, Uranus, and the Moon’s Nodes are in rare alignment. Uranus rules the fateful South Node in Aquarius and Venus has been hanging out at the end/beginning of the astrological galaxy for most of the year. See your Horoscopes …

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