Weekly Horoscopes From July 16 2022


Uranus and the Moon’s Node are aligned in your social sector until August 10: it’s like a bat signal for provocateurs, intricate community or group obligations and surreal invitations. If you’re interested in expanding your romantic repertoire or regaining lost ground via extreme networking, this is your astro. Want to maintain haute-hermit privacy? Monitor your boundaries but be open to an unusual incomer.


Focus is a rare commodity in this mercurial week but acquire it and hold: the more you converge your attention toward a specific goal or scenario, the better you perform. You’re Leo, Fixed Fire, you can’t omni-task. Or rather you can but it dilutes your awesome presence. July 16 to 20 is particularly mind-intensive, with the added bonus of insights so sharp people think you’re supernaturally connected.


The intellectual grit of Mars in your solar 9th house augments your scholarly side and sets the scene for ingenious moves in six weeks time. You can also look forward to an explanation for mystifying conduct from a friend, partner or love interest and – related? – clarity re the future of a particular relationship. Reminder: Being cast as police-person to someone else’s hapless hottie role is a distinct Virgo liability.


Anticipate wonderous yet weird career developments that somehow evoke phantoms from your past. Is it Cinderella Complex? Upper limit syndrome? Instability that conceals opportunities you’re about to realize? Whatever you call it, distinguish contemporary you from the not-so-equipped former you. If you’re at cold war with a family member or over a home scenario, it’s set to thaw or flashpoint by Weds.


The siren song of Neptune in flow with Mercury is naturally exquisite and after the sort of year you’ve had, why wouldn’t you stop to listen? Something or someone uniquely enticing to your Saturn-wearied sensibility starts up and you’re all ears. But Mars in opposition means it would be better to re-engage core Scorp attributes: sleuthing skills and the wily desert acumen of your zodiac symbol, the Scorpion.


Just being a Sagg can be health regime enough or so it was in classical astrology. Your Jupiter-ruled innate life force was said to generate an enviable constitution. For extra fitness, nutrition and remedial genius, Uranus and the Moon’s Node are in a vitality boosting alignment from now until August 10. It’s rare, incredible astro for re-igniting your zeal for wellness: synchronicity shows the ideal route.


Do you know what many people do when they’ve lost their way or, as Capricorns prefer to phrase it, are uncertain of their precise location? They consult the map or seek directions. Do you know what Caps do? They make a damn map. Then they publish the map and ensure it becomes the definitive map du jour or even iconic. It’s not the easiest approach but what can you do? It’s innate! You’re doing it now.


Oceanic Neptune in your solar $$$ sector is in friendly alignment with an array of other Water elements – you may soon be liquid again. Or, more financially fluid than you have felt in a while. The next three weeks are also favourable for finding or feathering a new nest and pondering things that occur in nine year increments. Beneficial but deep-feely dialogue takes you out of your preferred cerebral mode.


Mars in Taurus lends additional linear awareness to your messaging, helping to translate “you-speak” to potential people of interest. If circumstances demand a more formal or classic communications style, do it for the (currently) concealed benefits. Facades can be protective, after all. This week’s Neptunian input is a reminder that you’re not for everyone and that whenever you try to be, it’s a farcical flop.


Get well ahead of the upcoming Mercury Retro and stay ahead. While it’s not in effect until late August, this one is particularly pesky for Ramzilla logistics or negotiations. Aim to complete vital discussions or buy integral tech items pre-August. This week’s Neptunian influence is like a surreal mist of sentiment over family ties and your personal historic narrative. Enjoy the mysticism – stay clear of tricky relatives.


Neptune’s strange synergy with the Sun and Mercury inspires new styles of conversation or a refreshed take on a subject that had gotten stale. This influence, most potent from July 16 to 20, is also Muse-like: new music and imagery inspires tangents that turn out to be surprisingly significant. What Not To Do: be drawn into a political dispute or even a cause this week. Either of these could harbor concealed threats.


With Mars just over a month away from an epic-length stay in Gemini, it’s time to assess your martial vibe. Currently in tactical Taurus, Mars is in sync with rogue player Lilith in your $$$ sector all week. Power-tripped dialogue regarding cashflow, debt or status symbols show you the underlying grudge lines in relationships or biz structures. It also psychs up your Mars – aka assertive, ambitious – energy.