Leonard Cohen – Neptunian

“In a letter to his publisher, he said that he was out to reach “inner-directed adolescents, lovers in all degrees of anguish, disappointed Platonists, pornography-peepers, hair-handed monks and Popists.”   New Yorker I actually don’t like using “r.i.p.” – i [ Read more…]

The Ultimate Take On Virgo Characteristics

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Browse these anecdotes that illuminate Virgo characteristics through cool real-life examples. They were initially collected in the comments for a perfume competition. Now they’re just a testament to the traits of this Mutable Earth sign. Virgos are like those people [ Read more…]

Zap Zone Accessorizing


 Dear Mystic My multiple Sagittarius (Sun and Moon; Virgo ascendant) friend pointed out the Zap Zone appropriateness of a tote I have been carting around for the last week containing all manner of urgent/essential must distribute/re-home/reconfigure items, along with a [ Read more…]