What Is Your Astral Signature?

You can’t forge your astral signature, and why would you even try? It is your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign, seen as a whole. Of course, there are many other factors in a natal birth chart.  But the astral signature alone gives a galaxy of insight.

See the Sun as the self you’re trying to actualize; you feel a broad affinity toward people with the same Sun Sign. You are complex, nuanced, and unique but just as the place you live in or the generation you were born into says something about you, so too does the Sun Sign. The Sun – by the house and by sign – is where you are most adept at dazzling.

The Moon is like your night-time self; your Moon has a secret history that runs parallel to the official timeline. Your Moon psyche has memories, echoes, and personally relevant reflections, and that is it. It’s your inner terrain and past-life recall. It is gut instinct, hormones, lymph, and mind-bod connections.

And the Rising Sign or Ascendant is persona and image. It’s often the version of yourself that you present in relationships, and even if you don’t, the world projects it onto you anyway. It’s the constellation rising at the time of your birth. Aligning with it in your style and manner is not so much ‘lucky’ as it is useful. Weirdly, you can be “yourself,” and people who don’t know you well will think something’s wrong. It seems like you’re skewing the narrative or going off-character.

For example, if you’re a Water Sign Sun or Moon with an Air Ascendant, others perceive you as losing it or emotional when you’re neither breezy nor aloof. Or, friends see Fire Ascendants as being ‘a downer’ if they express a more classically Earth-style opinion.

Like it or not, we’re often typecast as our Ascendant so why not play along with that?

People whose astral signature is harmonious – Sun, Moon, and Ascendant all in the same or simpatico elements – are given mad cred for being ‘together’ – even if they’re not. There is no conflict between their aspirations, image, and inner life.

While, when you’ve got – say – the Sun square Ascendant, it’s like a non-stop identity crisis. Or, to paraphrase the old saying, an identity opportunity. It’s certainly productive.

And if you’ve got the Moon in tricky angle to the Ascendant? You can feel like you’re forever trying to be understood or appreciated for your twilight psyche.

But that part of your persona that was only ever for you and you alone. Animals – especially familiars – relate to your Moon, and there is a theory that the Moon aspect becomes more potent with time.


Image: Marcantonio Raimondo – approx 1500 A.D.

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  1. Aquarius rising (Mars conjunct); I start out aloof and cordial and I have a hard core force field as well. Virgo Sun (conjunct Pluto): I am analyzing you on all levels whether I know it or not. Libra Moon (conjunct Uranus): I just want to be liked. Why can’t everyone just get along? You fools are on your own. I have better things to do…like save the planet, in my head.

    1. Cheers!
      Virgo Sun conjunct Pluto as well. I can be aloof, and put up a wall with some people.
      I agree with you inner dialogue!

  2. My best friend has her moon where my sun is and her sun where my moon is. My north node is on her south node too. Very rewarding friendship.

  3. What has me scratching my head is that my natal Saturn (is that how you say it?) is in Gemini in the 6th house. Lately I’ve figured out (it started dawning on me in 2015 but it’s getting crystal clear rn) that this is my sneakiest, most self destructive placement.
    Virgo Sun, Sag moon, Sag rising.
    Still working on rectifying this 🙂

    1. The ‘dawning’ occurred during Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune. Wasn’t that fun btw! and now you’ve got Jupiter opposite Saturn. I have to say I don’t think Saturn is sneaky. That fits Neptune or even Mercury but Saturn will keep calling you back to what you’re not looking at or addressing and sometimes the means are um… quite creative, perhaps even appearing sneaky. I’d say tactical 😉

          1. Hey Skarab!
            I saw a comment and youtube link you posted in response to a comment I made in 2015!
            Too funny.. The post was from the dress like your ascendant series- Sag rising. Punk Unicorns. Very cool thanks xx

            1. Hi Invicta! xx
              I actually saw it earlier today & left you a message there.
              That was during the Dark Age when Uncle Pluto was parked opposite my Sun. I can’t believe that was 4 years ago!!!

              1. Ha awesome, I’ll go look!
                Yes uncle P. Dear old unca P
                He’s currently grinding over my NN as Saturn slowly catches up with him on route to the CC party in Jan. Oh my what fun we’ll have!.
                Saturn in my first house is a veritable chuckle fest. Had unca P in the second since early 2017 and shudder to think what he’d be like parked on my Sun.
                Post that transit then how is trix?

                1. Well all the same, you sound in fine fettle Invicta, nice to hear you again – wonder what deep treasure Pluto on NN will dig up for you?! Sounds more exiting than the merde Saturn is causing me. Not long after Pluto left his post opposite my Sun, Saturn did its 2nd Return & then it snuck onto the same parking spot as Pluto had been in – yes, you heard – SNUCK. Bastard. It’s there parked opposite my Sun for the 2nd hit this year bringing back a tooth and back crisis which I’m trying to manage. I find Saturn a fuqing blocking nightmare only good for accountants, lawyers, dentists and osteopaths.

                2. I can see why you think sneaky and I find that oppositions can bring surprises.
                  I’ve had a roll of them ever since Saturn went into Sadge and visited all of my personals. Well, he’s on his way to see the twins (Moon/Venus) who near earth’s end.
                  Surprises – yeah, well I can’t say I’m a fan these days. I feel myself tense up as not too many of them have been pleasant and a lot of them have cost money/time/resources or affected my bod. Hmmm…. I have Saturn fatigue too. It’s a thing for sure.

                3. I was just being a bit facetious with the Saturn/sneaky thang. Fact is i took my eye off my chart for a while & then when Saturn ailments happened i was a bit taken aback at the accuracy of the position & timing in my chart which i had missed. But as much as i respect boundaries and the virtue of hard work and all those Saturn qualities that we need to function, i get annoyed when people over pimp it as some saviour – as it can sometimes be unnecessarily harsh and sadistic, even.

                4. A travesty, I know – but I believe in the curative & restorative powers of screen fasting. And a cow chewed up my ephemeris.

                5. Yeah, I get what you’re saying. It can be power and control strategies as well or y’know… pitched as for your own good, tough love and so on. I don’t like boundaries like that and still have a desire to challenge them (depends here – is it worth my energy or the outcome). But I do like ’em and I do deploy them for my own well being and sometimes for other reasons and I realise I should turn the electricity off at the front fence so that innocents don’t get zapped 😀

                  I have taken eyes of my own chart this year as well until recently and I’m loosely aligning that with Jupiter direct.

                6. Oh side-splitting! *It* went through my (& partner’s) 2nd house not that long ago and simply fuqed us over royally financially through no fault of ours. We are always scrupulously diligent with finances and taxes – but sneaky & illegal manoeuvrings by government did us in. Still awaiting results of class action suit. This is what i mean about Saturn – it is not always fair – even when you do your homework.

                7. True that.
                  I was gonna say something positive about Pluto in comparison to Saturn but i don’t wanna jinx myself.

                8. I hear that.
                  I know it’s ridiculously nihilistic and probably politically incorrect but I can’t help thinking of Tyler Durden (and yes the six pack and insanely cool wardrobe Brad rocks) not sure what that relates to but…
                  Oh unca P yes…right
                  something to do with the demolition astrology and creation of compensatory strengths
                  and well, eye candy helps with Pluto and Saturn transits. And imagination is free but crucial.

                9. Totally.
                  And weirdly, i do get the connection between Tyler Durden and Pluto.
                  And oh hon, eye candy ALWAYS helps… (flips through collection of Brad & Viggo flicks).

        1. Saturn in Gemini in the sixth with it’s squares to my tenth house sun and mars in virgo and twelfth house moon and neptune in saggo has given me anything but a tactical daily routine / schedule / attitude towards responsibility. I appreciate the support but I’m sticking with sneakily self destructive for the purposes of my self assessment. Going forwards I’ll aim towards tactical!
          xxx thanks you angels xxx

        2. Love you Pi
          I’m sneaky AF when it comes to Saturn because secretly I doubt my ability to cope. Not so secret anymore tho 🙂

      1. Hahaha – as opposed to the fortress with limited access to outsiders passes trine? I am Pluto 4th not conj IC. What do you think? Good to see you xx

        1. Hey, intrepid archer! Pluto 4H, eh? Soul filtration, like being the kidneys of the family. Pluto 4H people have to accept their wandering mission, undo the ties that bind to heritage, be it family, country, culture. In Hellenistic astrology, the 4H was known as the house of Nemesis, meaning it was the place where the soul would receive divine retribution – it being the subterraneous place, Hades, it was the house of endings: the womb and the tomb. Pluto in the 4H is our Memento Mori. xx

          1. Erudite, engaging and eloquent ICP – just as I’d expect from you. The bar’s been set and ooo-eee yes the memento mori isn’t it. I agree, part of this tour is to break cycles and patterns beyond those here and I said as much to my mum at a young age so go figure eh. Tapping the vibe but completely unawares of the journey it’d put me on. <3 xx

            1. You’re probably getting a crash course on this with the Pluto conjunct Moon in Cap – it’s totally related! Boom! 🙂 xx

              1. Ah-huh! You said it. And the hits keep coming 😀
                It’s Pluto trine Pluto and so much personal Earth as well as the earth vibe. Digging my way out 😉 xx

  4. Really interesting post.
    I’ve never given any thought to the angles in my birth chart before and this has me thinking about that now…

  5. If I had a nickel for every time someone looked me in the eye after getting to know me and said, “I thought you were quiet…” HaHa! Scorpio Rising with Uranus squaring my 9th house Leo sun giving me a serious identity crisis. My Sag moon saves me every time. Oh and the quiet bit? Nah, I have three Gemini 8th house planets. I can’t hand out all that to just anyone.

    1. Do you suffer others projecting their shadow selves onto you?
      I was told Scorpio Rising ususally suffer from other projections. I also have Jupiter/Neptune/Venus in the first house amplifying it!

  6. Mine is a combination of fire earth and air. Have often thought emotion was lacking or have ultimate control over them, so yes there IS a water element missing in the trio.
    My 30’s and 40’s emotions were quite volcanic, reactionary but not hot tempered, more ‘why aren’t people up to speed’ annoyed. That changed with Island Time in the Pacific as it would in paradise when time is slowed down to ‘tomorrow’, can do it tomorrow, no rush, just applaud the sunset and moon rise.
    Previously tried to hide my Sagginess with Capricorn dress code for the 80’s as the Sun & 2 other planets in the sign of centaur was feathers leathers and a multitude of bracelets, a dwelling full of exotic rugs cushions and fetishes from interesting (and not yet trampled) parts of the planet. The Cappy dressing disguise was mandatory for breezing thro” customs and dealing with bank managers:-).
    Libran Moon DOES rule the night with candles lit, essential oils diffused, body and face creams lined up and yearning for Claus from The Originals to bite me and make me immortal.

  7. Crab rising, Aqua Sun, Pisces Moon. I guess I’m seen as a mother, nurturer, care giver, but I’m really kind of checked out, sensitive, and in another realm with the Aqua Sun/Pisces moon combo. I’m a healthcare provider by profession, a care-giver, but trying to leave the field…. I don’t have any kids, either, but I’m a child-magnet. Kids feel very comfortable and safe around me, even ones I don’t know. It’s weird. Friends notice it too when it happens.
    Lately I’ve been looking at astro-cartography again. If I had been born where I live now, which is where I’ve lived most of my life (roughly this latitude and longitude), I’d have been Taurus rising. Interesting… Also, I’m remarking on how where I’ve lived most of my life I have virtually NO lines running through, so it’s like I’ve just been floating or something…..makes me feel like I’ve wasted my life. Need to move to where my Sun sign crosses or something….

    1. Oh I checked out of health care providing last year and it’s a relief I can tell you. I feel as though I can finally be me. Just not sure yet what shade my chameleon is going to settle in for a while

  8. Cap-rising, Pisces sun in 2nd, Scorpio moon in 10th (with Pluto and Saturn conjunct). A lot of career/achievement emphasis for me with an emotional overtone, and I’m always getting approached or asked for help or directions even though I prefer to be aloof, before I understood my natal chart that used to confuse me. People tell me I’m nicer/more laid back than I look. I am quite soft/compassionate but also very strong, strong-willed and can handle a lot, but I like to whinge about it. I used to reject how intense and serious I generally am and try to come off as carefree, I think I am more carefree as I get older which is a Cap thing too but it’s more like I’m free because of what I’ve accomplished. And yes loving the Scorpio moon now that I can manage my emotions as an adult, I love how intimate my relationships are and how intensely I can feel, it used to be more of a pain but I’ve done the phoenix rise from the ashes thing several times now and know I can survive anything.

  9. Sun in Cancer/1st, Moon in Leo/2nd, Asc in Cancer… with sun and asc in the same sign, people can definitely read my cancer qualities…sometimes it’s nice, like they love being in my home but also respect my space highly because they know my home is my castle and sacred…they just FEEL it and respect it, even muggles (for the most part anyway, some muggles can “act out” but then they never get an invite again)…but on the negative side it gets to the point where I complain to my therapist that people at work come over to my desk and “want to suck on my tits”, aka being needy, wanting attention and to be “nurtured” while not really asking for anything specific or solid…I’m like I’m not your mommy bitches lol.

  10. Virgo Rising, Sun in Gemini, Moon in Taurus. I feel very virgoan and I project a very clean – rational – dignified image. Way too Mercurial for my taste, cannot disconnect when I sleep.

  11. taurus sun, aquarius moon, aries rising here – i’ve always felt more aquarian than anything, perhaps amplified by NN in aqua conjunct moon, and uranus conjunct MC. that aries though – woof! get me in my own sanctuary though, and i turn full taurus – cozy, cooking up a storm, very low-key, and LOTS of sleep. 🙂

  12. Ones rising star is the actual one that denotes how we project ourselves to others. It is the one that is most prevalent. It does its work without us realizing it. After realizing that, it has saved me a lot of heartaches and headaches. My rising star is Capricorn and people think that I am very conceited since I keep a cool demeanor and do not engage myself over trivial matters since I am not that emotional. I also do not make my personal matters public. My Moon is in Cancer so I also care about not to be mean to people in my circle. My Sun is in Scorpio, if all attempts in keeping peace does not prevail, then the stinger destroys the bond. It all holds true but is a little complicated to understand and apply when necessary.

    1. My life became so much better when I stopped telling anyone anything. Fellow Cap asc! My heart goes out to you with that Cancer Moon wanting the exact opposite experience.

      My feeling is that us Cap ascs get so cold and closed off because as children we did Cancer 7th house cusp and OPENED OUR SOULS and were butchered by early friends/romantic partners and developed steely reserve to prevent further heartbreak.

      Last night during a game of Scrabble I was called “Machiavelli” and accused of cheating several times, but lovingly! People like it when I just flow with the Heir of Slytherin vibe. When I used to actualize Uranus in Aqua Rising I was repulsive and threatening and not one person believed I actually gave a shit about other people or social change.

      1. Cap-rising here too! That’s an interesting theory Saturn in Pisces! I definitely feel I’ve been through the wringer with relationships and so in my 30’s can be seen as cold but it’s pragmatism based on experience. I’m Pisces Sun, Scorpio moon, thankful for the Cap-rising as it’s the only earth in my chart.

    2. I respect those that are quiet, reserved and cautious about discussing personal information.
      I do not trust people who are snoopy and pry into my personal life or repeat very TMI/personal info about their friends.

      1. Scorpio Rising, this has been a painful lesson for me to learn. I am leaving this small town as I did not adhere to being the person like your first sentence.

        I have just woken up and the anger is fierce

        I will be writing your first sentence in my journal today.

        Thanks S R.

        1. I am sorry you are going through a difficult time.
          But, if you were open and friendly and they betrayed you that’s on their conscience, not yours.
          I’ve trusted the wrong people only to be hurt. It sucks to be guarded and mistrusting too. Somewhere in between is the balance.

          1. Thanks Scorpio Rising for your kind words. You have no idea how they have cheered me up.

            Yes it sucks to be guarded and mistrusting. this is what I have been crying over. So your words are very timely and heartwarming.

            I just found out through a nice neighbor who is moving to New Zealand after 16 years in this small town that the narcissist is actually manic depressive. I found out this revelation during Aquarius void moon.

            So it all makes sense now: why he just would not listen, his behavior. He just could not help himself.

            Once I move out and process all this crap and reach some sort of equilibrium hopefully the spark of joy will reignite and I will be back to my vivacious self.

            You live and you learn ! LOVE sustains all.


  13. My (Fixed) Earth Sun and Cardinal (Fire) Moon mean that I’ve never bought that my Cardinal Earth Ascendant is a “mask” – it’s actually me. On the inside, I do feel like a (much more charismatic) cookbook description of a Capricorn (that’s 7th house Mars in Leo and dominant Fire planets for you).

    What I struggle with is Uranus (I’ve also always thought that solar aspects are much more personal and interesting than Sun sign alone as the “soul” in the chart). My soul is not so much Taurus as Taurus chafing against being eclipsed by an exact South Node conjunction and a square to Uranus Rising in Aqua (which is constantly trying to overthrow Cap ascendant).

    Mystic, what’s your take on the notion of an astro signature that is your dominant quality and element added up to a sign? For me it’s Fixed Fire and I 100% see myself having an overall Leo flavor despite some more somber major placements.

  14. Another very late-degree Virgo Ascendant here! Pisces Sun (conjunct Mercury) – in 6th house for even more Virgo energy – and then Sagittarius Moon (conjunct Neptune) in 3rd house.

    My signature placements ALL oppose or square each other. Who am I even? 🙂

    I feel more Virgo than Pisces tbh… although the insane intuition where I wish I was wrong but often proven right is probably Pisces / Neptune in action. I was also a serious love zombie in my twenties and used to attract Gemini (the only mutable NOT in my signature) like crazy. (Listen listen: Pisces Sun and Gemini Sun as romantic partners are NOT A GOOD IDEA. Learn from my mistakes people. Pisces Sun is as deep as an ocean; Gemini’ gifts lie elsewhere and it does not do depth.)

    Saggo moon makes me very outspoken and sharp-tongued – this can be a gift as much as a curse, depending on situation and the people involved. I love the explore / freedom side of Saggo. Virgo always brings me down to earth, quite literally, with details and analysis.

    Finaly learning how to juggle these three and enjoy each.

    I feel real joy whenever the Moon is in Sagittarius, as if I am “coming home” – Saggo needs “a cause” and I have had many over the years… finally starting to mellow a bit and realise that: nothing is real / nothing really matters, in the best possible way. xx

  15. My Sun doesn’t work like that (sighs) being conjunct SN. It’s not in alignment with the premise of what I’m trying to actualize unless it’s something from the past…and it’s the 7th. As you might expect they keep coming back. The significant ones are definitely known, often on sight. One of the challenges of my chart that I perpetually draw a blank on.

    My Moon trines my Asc and is conjunct chart ruler in earth so that was how I kind of arrived at the scorched earth handle. Changing up was an intentional vibe change and a fiery arrow shot forward with nothing but faith only to find myself looking back through time again and wondering how and why. The jury is still out on whether a superficial change flowed like water into the cracks of the parched earth.

    The Sun isn’t so much what burns but married to the mirror of the past it most certainly sets the ground alight at times. Idk…

    1. SOMEONE ELSE!!! My Sun is 0 degrees conjunct the South Node and I usually find that if I try to actualize Scorpio (North Node and Midheaven) my life goes well.

      Also SCORCHED EARTH! Took the words out of my own mouth (Cap asc Toro sun dominant Fire).

      I’ve started to affirm that I share the perspective of the ancients regarding the central importance of the Asc/Moon over the Sun – maybe because because I’ve got my Sun 0 degrees conjunct the South Node at the bottom of my chart, maybe because I just don’t see people around me resonating very much with their Sun sign (but their Moon and especially Asc, YES). My perspective is that the Sun does not move fast enough to be all that personal, it’s just the broader season (as undemocratic as that is – yes, you need birth details to do serious astrology! Luckily a good astrologer can do a recitification if time is unknown), but solar aspects (which do move fast) are centrally important. From experience most people manifest 1-2 qualities of their Sun REALLY strong and otherwise have little in common with it. But they tend to be eerily close to their Moon and Asc, plus any rising planets or conjunctions/strong aspects to any of the Big Three.

      Have you looked into Ketu (Vedic astrology’s name for the South Node)? Ketu has its own qualities and is regarded as a planet. I cried reading about my Sun-Ketu conjunction (which is at the Vedic exaltation point of the Sun/in Ketu’s own sign) – I was born with a severe skull deformity and Ketu is depicted as a headless body. The conflict between a strong, exalted life force and an eclipsing force of death – my struggles with severe mental illness/suicidal behavior/chronic illness, and my will to overcome that and the daily work I put in to keep the light on – I saw it all reflected in the sky.

      I stand in solidarity with all the shy Leos and normal Aquarians, as an impatient, high-energy, struggle-to-be-stable Taurus Sun, haha. 100% of the reason I got so into astrology was that Taurus seemed like the sign that described me the least? Other than some of the Mutables.

      1. Thank you both for this – so much in this conversation that inspires me to keep searching the stars. The thing with astrology, i find, is that you can look at one aspect of it and you can get totally lost within its resonance (i was blown away by my Draconic chart even though it’s the complete reverse of my birth chart!) & look into another and find yet another world of resonances – in the end i figure that each aspect of it is like a fractal of the whole each showing you truths of your selfs, it’s never ending.

        1. Mutual thanks I reckon scarab. I think you reminded me where to focus though I’m not entirely sure what I mean as I’ve done the Saggo speed read and reply without digesting haha! Anyway, the simple vibe I took was that it’s about where focus is pointed… regardless and I was only just speaking out loud below saying that it’s a soul choice not a star choice. Dosing up some of my own words into a shot glass as we speak….

          I think there’s either some illusion or truth (both?) to the key themes of a chart and the focus they can command but the simple move of expanding the focus can change the view x

        2. Beautiful words, skarab – I sometimes feel I have mastered the technical aspect of astrology to such a degree that I drive myself crazy with mental cosmic calculations rather than remembering the ultimate point of all this, to illuminate and guide us rather than making us feel as if we are constricted in boxes in which we clearly do not belong.

          I recall looking into Draconic really early in my astro journey and not resonating with it but I should check it out again! I am trying to move out of “I am an ____” as I am interested in viewing myself as an entirely malleable work in progress that can radically change for the better, always. I tend to take every system of astrology seriously as a means to understand my own soul’s intentions and karma and the planetary atmosphere and energy I either wish to amplify or to try to manifest the highest aspect of. I’ve had great luck with heliocentric (in which I have Scorpio Earth and Moon) and I’m a fan of using the Earth as a planet in general.

          My perspective, always, is that we choose our destiny. Always. But our environment (including astral influences) is obviously centrally important, though it can always be manipulated, even if by baby steps. Astrology is a tool to help you get what you already want – though with Neptune Rising I am prone to “tell me who i am! I can be anyone!” syndrome despite the staunch individualism of my chart (and character in any context) otherwise. Astrology can be such a beautiful tool for self-understanding, appreciation, and actualization.

      2. Is it getting hot in here? 😀

        Saggo Sun (SN exact sans minutes), Cap Moon, Toro Asc – dominant earth but also dominant mutable.

        Y’know I am considering the sky with this aspect now as one is moving in one direction and one the other. They are passing each other – like they’ve met on a street and haven’t seen each other in ages and are having a chat before moving on again. Hmmm… yeah, got to say that might be useful to me. Not enough to get it tattooed but will be writing this down somewhere obvious. All I want is the content of that conversation!

        Zero degree is as interesting as the anaretic degree to me – all possibilities exist, the beginning of an adventure or new life but you’re still tapped into the previous vibe.

        I haven’t considered the Sun’s signature as you outlined but I totally see what you’re saying and think just picking someone’s Sun sign is no easy feat and some guesswork or distilling. Those that seem obvious can have a cluster of planets in their Sun sign or yes, as you said a strong aspect going on.

        And I haven’t explored Vedic Astro. I like evolutionary and psychological and I like to blend or blur edges with lots of things yes – mutable.

        Every planet has its nodes and Pluto is parked on it’s own South Node. That’s our current epochal shifts in the collective right!

        The IC is not only the 4th and lunar home base but ancestors and deep roots in our lineage and I see it as the place in our chart where we can access all that, perhaps clear it or work on accepting it but it’s the darkest part of the chart and the map only really goes as far as the yard around our house, the rest of the time you’re drawing it up as you go and disappearing through a wardrobe to an entirely different place but it doesn’t always look like that from the outside.

        Anyway, I’m very 8th so can get a bit far ahead on a dark path whilst grinning broadly and reassuringly saying it’ll all be ok and I’ve come to learn that’s not everyone’s speed and even kind of macabre to some. Normal to me BUT that doesn’t alter the truth that some paths are really hard work and they will try to take everything from us. You’re a strong soul and a resilient human and I do love a bit of irony.

  16. My reserved Cap moon and “out there” Leo Rising persona are most certainly at odds with each other!! I’ve seen an astrologer term the rising sign as the “role you play” in society, and that made a lot of sense to me, and seeing it in that way has helped me feel more at peace with my conflicting elements. It is hard though as I do get misunderstood by others. Some people just can’t see through the Leo side and think I’m all flaky fun. Then there are those that see right through it to my Cap moon side, and think that my Leo riding glee and upbeatness is fake, and not the real me. Ugh. But that Leo role that I play is still very much an important part of me.
    As for the Scorpio Sun part, my take us that as it’s all about self actualising through dynamic transformation, my feeling is that it doesn’t actually show that obviously in your day to day personality…It shows up more in an individual’s life story at large. But if others disagree, I’d love to hear. I do get called intense which is must be the scorp side coming out!

    1. You and I have similar influences… I have Pisces sun-Saturn-Merc conj, Leo rising and Cap moon-Lilith. So I am mutable water, fixed fire and cardinal earth! When people first meet me, it’s the Leo performer that they see/hear. They are often surprised at my more reserved side. However, my Cap moon is in my Leo house and my flaky Pisces sun is bolted onto Saturn in an exact conjunction so there is more harmony in my three elements than one might think. As I’ve got older I’ve grown into my Cap-ness and it’s probably that steely, reserved quality that people now see more often. I tend to keep the Pisces me for the special ones who get past the Cap gatekeeper.
      I should also add that prompted by Centaurs’ comment about dark moons, I checked and I was born on a dark moon – three days before the new moon…would love to learn more about this!

      1. There does seem to be a beautiful harmony there, Chrysalis! Pisces-Saturn-Mercury conjunction the house of Leo sounds really interesting and great for writing, perhaps especially for children?
        I’m a 6th house Cap moon but then I have Saturn in Virgo in my 1st house, and then I’ve got Lilith in my Leo rising, so funnily enough, in different ways we both have Saturn and Leo tied into the ‘holy trinity’ of our astral signatures! 🙂
        And then I’ve got a triple conjunction with my sun too, but with Venus and Uranus… yet to fully understand the significance of that in my life.
        I adore Pisces, just for the record!

        1. Oh I just realised my comment wasn’t very clear – apologies! My Cap moon is in my 5th but my Sun-Saturn-Merc is in the 7th. But I love the idea of writing for children. It’s weird you should mention it because I’ve actually been experimenting with some stuff that is not my usual style.
          Your earth placements sound very harmonious. Cap moon in 6th with Saturn in Virgo is a ‘quiet achiever’ superpower for sure!

          1. Thanks for your kind words, Chrysalis! 🙂 I always enjoy your writing. That’s cool
            You are experimenting and I hope it’ll be successful.

  17. Gemini rising exact square to Pisces sun mercury, I always thought I was Betty but apparently I can come across as more Veronica? Others perceive only my inner squareness of cap moon
    I have secret dreams of enacting the B in Apartment 23’s smackwich omg but cap moon straight refuses to agree to deal with the fallout so

    1. I’m a Libra moon with Cancer rising! But I have a Pisces sun. I find people often think I am very closed off and emotionally distant; but actually I love deep and intense relationships.

  18. Are Virgo ascendants overrepresented here?? Maybe we all feel seen by the line about people thinking we’re more pulled together than we really are. I’m a very late Virgo ascendant at 27 degrees, Pisces sun in the 6th and Aquarius moon in the 5th. I feel affinity with all three of those signs. Something about me broadcasts “I am here to help you” to seemingly everyone, sometimes to my chagrin if I don’t particularly want to hear your sob story while waiting for the bus. I love being helpful and useful but Aqua moon needs SPACE.

    1. ooh I’m on a similar boat @sphinxradio. My Sagg moon (also needs lots of freedom, hates emotional complications, and loves the ‘big picture’) gets super annoyed with my Virgo ascendant that gives the impression that I live for detail-oriented work and helping people I barely know with every single one of their problems.

      I *feel* a lot less Virgo than I seem, and I actually find people who have a very strong Virgo vibe exhausting in large doses!

      Even if the world wants to perceive us as Virgos regardless of what we do, I’ll keep doing my best to tone that down. 🙂

    2. I remember laughing when I read some old school text that was like “virgo rising will end up studying the occult, they have no choice.”

      As if the constant irritation with mundane things would just compel us all to find ways to cope?

      Astrology was the gateway drug to objectivity.

  19. Libra rising, Aries moon, and Sag sun.

    And boy do some folks not like it when I can’t play the libra diplomat/can’t turn on the charm.

  20. “While, when you’ve got – say – the Sun square Ascendant, it’s like a non-stop identity crisis. Or, to paraphrase the old saying, an identity opportunity. It’s certainly productive”

    Leo Sun/Moon Scorpio/Rising Scorpio. Non-Stop Identity Crisis rings very true. Leo is supposed to be “sunny”, and people have told me most of my life they were afraid to talk to me because they thought I was probably a bitch.

    Leo is supposed to be the “center of attention”. With Neptune also in my 1st house, sometimes I feel like I am not even in the same room with others. Like a ghost.

    I think I am most “Leo” with those I feel at home with, and “Scorpio” with those I don’t trust.

  21. Sun and Moon conjunct in Via Combusta Libra + Aqua asc. Almost everyone thinks I am a really chill Scorpio (all that 8H action probably) but noooobody has ever thought I was a multiple Air creature, lol.

    1. Hey I’ve got a balsamic moon : Taurus 3rd house. You seem to know what that means more than me. Any thoughts you can share ?

      1. The things I’ve read about it suggest the moon in Aries has the info from its last tour,mine would have been a new moon in pisces,yours a new moon in Aries? So the suggestion has been that the moon is coming home and is aligned with the sun, they’re on the same page. It’s more to do with completing things this go round.

        The issue I see is that our nights are not illluminated, which I’m still wrapping my head around. The light comes from within?

        1. Thanks SK, that paints a picture that I can understand. Yes I can see Aries on the horizon but I know I need to let go to get there.

          It’s funny what you say about night
          I love walking in the night, that is when the veil lifts. And Star Light.

        2. Dark moons are for letting go, yes clearing and ending things but often when we do a dark moon clear it’s very intentional and that fits with the Aries vibe about initiating and cutting a path. Interesting that they’re both in the natural first house which is the spark of life/creation/beginning.

          Another couple of things I’d ponder if it were me –

          How close they are and which is the later degree eg which light is leading? Is the depth, emotion and window to the past or is the new light of expression? And then how do you work that/balance that. Or maybe it’s just an indicator you see well in the dark – cats eyes.

          Your nights are still illuminated by the lunation cycle. What this could represent for you is that a cycle was / has ended and being in Aries you’ve got the power to create something new. Or, you can see well in the dark?

          I have an out of bounds moon – the renegade with unimpeded vision allegedly. Well, that was until Pluto moved in. House guests who overstay…. pfft.

          1. Hello other Aries Dark Moon folks! I feel like we need a support group. It can be a rough placement, especially since it accompanies a Taurus Sun automatically. Aries initiating vs. releasing. I feel it lends a Scorpio vibe. Springtime Scorpio. Dark Mars.

            1. My suns in the first degree of the 8th house in placidus. 12.56 Aries is fancy town for the sun, with Eris at 12 and Venus at 11, moon at 4 in the seventh house. The low aeies “why doesn’t everyone shower me with love” is a thing, for sure, and I do joke that I share these bizarre traits with Madonna dolly parton lady gaga Hugh Hefner and woody Allen.

              So I might just be resisting my innate creepiness at all times. Again, I’ll know when I’m 80 what this wackiness was.

              1. Perhaps we’ll all know at that age or when we’re looking back. That’s the ride and that’s the planet of polarity. That I get – a simple truth yet mysterious and frustrating.

                Sun is also powered up by Venus. Maybe it’s about getting in on that conversation. Is she whispering to Sol that she wants something deep and intimate in the 8th theme. Sometimes I think of multiple planets in a sign etc as a group of folk with dominant characters. Are they being inclusive or ignoring. Is there a bully or a wallflower etc. It’s fun actually.

                Eris can be destructive but a neglected Moon can turn on some surprising moves that imo can be potent enough to appear like something else or a bigger hitter so to speak. Hall of mirrors, shadowy reflections of former selves or others or crystal clear images. Sometimes fragments of all of them. How does she reflect the Sun’s light. Is Venus getting her way whispering in his ear…. 🙂 just ways to explore…

                Chiron can feel raw but also truthful so the discomfort feels like a reasonable sacrifice for the removal illusions and yes, he’s got the magic balm as well so it’s like having a health crisis whilst you’re already in a hospital visiting, working, whatever. My experience.

                Harmonising our days and nights and the way we light ’em up or burn ’em down – a choice of the soul not the stars x

                1. “choice of the soul” True story.
                  That’s the best part about aging out of the races,I’m finding. More room to choose what’s right for the moment and finding its the right choice for the next moments. All good. All opportunities.

          2. “it’s in the dark when we see stars” certainly applies. I’m not feeling like a path carving warrior with Neptune parked on my mercury catching the party from virgo and Jupiter being jupiter on my IC. but Chiron’s on that Aries moon for a year so I must be in the cave with a strange salve on my temples. I’ll make sense again at some point.

          1. If you start studying astro you’ll get to progressed charts when it’s time. I’d not do the topic justice anyway these days. This posts topic really is the best/most core to learn anyway. But the wormhole of knowledge is infinite… Are the astro school parts still around this website? Goldmine of info.

            1. Thanks SK. I understand what an early progressed new moon means now and it makes a lot of sense. I found something good on the internet that is specific to my Balsamic Taurus Moon. Just read briefly but will go back to it when I have more time.

    2. I do know that early spring and late summer are vastly different energies.

      Like how adults ask five year olds “why can’t you do what I ask? I’ve told you so many times…”. As if a five year old has a fully formed frontal cortex. “Oh, right, yes,parental figure,my apologies, let me make a highly reasoned set of choices! Please feel free to go about with your hobbies while I become fully self-sufficient.” With a virgo rising, add ” I’ll discipline myself with sharp barbs of criticism til I get it right, I made you the artisanal cheese you like”

  22. Virgo Asc, Cancer moon and Libra Sun 1st house. Want to be loved and beautiful, everyone thinks I’m stand-offish & sorted and inside I’m far more emotionally stormy than anyone would ever imagine.

  23. Virgo asc, Toro 9h sun ( stellium), aries moon. Even when i have had nothing together, people think i have. And people are often surprised to see that i am really not that humble. Aries moon can get irritated, but the benefits of a virgoan look are good. ( people assume youth, intelligence, humility, and hard work)

    1. We’re almost alike in our signs (including the 9th house sun) except my moon is in Scorpio (3rd house). I never thought Virgo risings as youthful but it does shocks people to learn that I am 34 and not 24. I guess you’re more vocal with your feelings? I’d rather have another sign in moon than Scorpio anyday.

      1. Huh, I also am Virgo rising and also look much younger than I am; I never thought about those things being connected but now I wonder!

      2. I like that the moon is aries, but i am not happy about the 7h placement. I feel that both my 9h sun and my Virgo asc (+nn) are happy alone. It makes me feel calm and complete. Yet my moon really wants a relationship. It is a problem

  24. Aries Sun in the 11H, Cancer Moon in the 2H, and Gemini ASC. My Sun is un-aspected except for a sextile to my ASC/trine to DSC – mostly, I feel people are confused when I don’t show up like a hot air balloon. My Cancer Moon is heavily aspected, and when I was younger I struggled with the constant tidal waves – self- reparenting was life-saving!
    “Do I contradict myself?
    Very well then I contradict myself,
    (I am large, I contain multitudes.)”

    1. Yessss! Same here but twisted: Cancer sun, Sag moon, Virgo rising. I guess that makes me a moody bitch who’s fun + organized?

      1. Yes, I love it. Because as I’ve got older, I found that the moody bitch is quite useful for preserving boundaries and setting goals. I was planning my week this morning, remembered my post, and thought, hmm, I should have a shirt made that says, “bitch with a purpose”

    1. I’m thinking Hansel “i think we should all get naked” from the Zoolander film.
      Fun, sunny & with a healthy dose of self assuredness (jealous folk might call it vanity) 🙂
      But seriously, i’m jealous.

      1. One of the best lines ever and I think they must have overheard me on a few occasions ! I think my best was with my Aqua man on our first date sat on the rug by the fire playing scrabble I finally couldn’t behave any longer I pushed the board away, leaned into him, grabbed his belt and fly and said “show me what you’ve got to offer me” and promptly exposed him. I was truly impressed too !
        Could be why over ten years later it still happens…a lot !

          1. Honestly it’s glue !! I know I know sticky etc but it’s the glue that binds us. He got out of his previous long term stint due to the fact he was on a point system. If he did his jobs and gained enough points she’d grant him sex. He says with me he’s still on the point system ! If he’s good and does his jobs…he gets a day off sex !!! Bless him

    2. Wow we have super similar aspects. Moon in Leo in the 8th, sun in the 1st, sag rising. I am a cap sun though. I def relate to Mystic’s point about coming off as a downer when my Earth sensibilities come through.

  25. Leo Sun (5th house), Gem moon (4th house) and Pisces ascendant with 50% water, dousing flames of fire energy. Love D&M’s, language and colour, particularly indigo. Not very Leo, except finding frugality a challenge and keeping the lustrous mane in shape. True to my ascendant, love my work with feet.

    1. Oh my gosh, I am a Leo sun, Gemini rising, Pisces moon! I bet we’d get each other. I’ve always felt that my three major signs, as I’ve always thought of them, have a certain sparkle when working all together. And they usually are. Am emotional water moon with a Performance Leo sun and Mercury could be overwhelmingly dramatic, but thankfully, the air rising presents as a little more detached so not everybody thinks I’m a loon. And the water leavens the air/fire combo a little.

  26. What does it mean when a person has Sun, Moon and Rising in the same sign? In this case Libra. (Venus is also in Libra, in the 12th House.)

    1. That, by reading what Mystic wrote, the image you project (rising) your inner world/secret self (moon) and the “self” you are trying to actualize (Sun) are all of the same “nature” and, in some way, in harmony.

    2. Libra and maybe the more contemplative Goddess in the temple aspect since Venus is in the 12th- strong ancestral ties- wisdom tied to textiles, Feng Shui, magic in ancient customs- aka etiquette, self care rituals..,

    3. Ooh me too! we’re constantly, exhaustively striving for balance in every aspect of our lives 😭🙂 and all the Libran traits are amplified

  27. How does this work is your sun and moon are in the same sign? Mine are both in Cancer, so I’m secretly Cancerian despite being inherently Cancerian? Libra ascendant does make me appear very sociable and detached when I am more comfortable being quite and instrospective.

  28. I’m a Gemini Sun 4th house, Taurus Moon 3rd House and Pisces Rising.
    Also Sun square Ascendant. Identity crisis, not sure. Yes people can’t work me out, hard nut to crack etc, but that’s half the fun.

    As long as I understand and accept myself that’s all that matters.

    And yes my Taurus Moon does get stronger as I get older, thank Goddess.

  29. total mixture for me
    scorp sun, aries moon, toro asc
    im all abt re/ships 7th hse sun-im quite venusian and i drive real fast lol
    like the idea of your moon sign prevailing as one gets older

          1. Thanks for that Centaurus my Natal Taurus Moon is currently progressed in Aries in the 12th house. She will pop into the 1st around March next year.

            So I am doing an ending. I have come off antidepressants and realised that I have been living in a situation (small conservative town with extremely crazy town abusive,mysoginist neighbor) that in my right mind I would not go near with a 10 foot barge pole.
            But HereI am.

            So for the last 6 months of this 12 the house I just need to be alone to recover from abuse. I am looking for a 6 month lease somewhere peaceful. Either by the beach or bush.

            1. Yes Moon can be about feeling safe – Aries less so 😉

              So Moon and Asc Taurus?

              Taurus is (amongst other things) measured moves and digging in heels rather than confronting so your natal placement is in the mix. Taurus can consider how something will appear or come across to others and the sanctuary of home will be protected from muggles even if that means some avoidance strategies to achieve that.

              I’d be casting a sideways look toward Uranus :
              May 2018 into Taurus
              Nov 2018 back to Aries
              March 2019 back to Taurus
              August retro until January but still in sign

              And what is pinging in your 4th house?

              1. I think you are talking to me Centaurus? My Rising is in Pisces.
                Yes the mix of Natal Taurus Moon and Progressed Aries Moon is interesting. The Aries wants to butt heads.

                I will find out what is pinging in my 4th House.

                1. Yep, was talking to you Wish and nope, not sure why I forgot the Pisces component but think I got a little confused with the natal and progressed. Do you have anything going on in your natal 4th? Gemini yes. As a minimum Jupiter is opposing it and Neptune is square…and all the Virgo stuff now square…

                  Jupiter is the great expander. As a Sadge I have to say I grow weary of the bounty envy that we sometimes get due to our a-typical optimistic outlook and unruffled demeanour. The trap of Sun sign assumptions…

                  Jupiter is indiscriminate – meaning everything not just the good stuff right – but I guess what he also gives me the ability to laugh as I type this and a kind of unshakable faith even when it can be shaken to the core.

  30. Water water water. Pisces asc with moon cancer 4th and sun cancer 5th. Thing is moon comes with mars attached and sun with Jupiter attached. And asc with Saturn Chiron bolted on. These all trine with Neptune in scorp in 8th attached to south node. A depth consciousness warrior woman with a huge capacity to bring all that to a party mainly concerning sex. I’m projected onto constantly and then told I’m bossy. I’m considered a Dom and a witch and leader all in one. It’s hilarious watching people especially men just look confused but also terrified. Women used to dislike me but now I’m over 50 they really mostly enjoy me. In fact they find a solace. I’ve never really got an idea what tomorrow may bring and I’ve a gift for accepting that and a courage to leap.

    1. How’s it going emg? Yes you are a solace and now I understand why there is so much depth to you.

      Men just look confused and also terrified. I just got the visual and well: LOL !

      I really admire your courage to leap !

      1. My Venus in Gemini helps too. I’m doing alright if truth be told, just got to learn to enjoy my freeform era currently. All the cancer stuff does enjoy knowing where my cushion laden sofa is. Currently in storage ! With your signature I can see why we might just get on. Very simpatico

        1. Yes very simpatico and we are of the same era too.

          Truth be told you are a lot more daring than me. You make me laugh a lot, thank you. I think its your Venus in Gemini…It is very warm humour.

          I’m glad you are doing better.

  31. Ha haaaa! Sun in Cap opposite Moon in Kataka, both square my Asc in Libra! I am one continuous identity/ existential crisis. It’s constant work just to exist and to know how to express myself. I never feel rested or comfortable with who I am perceived as, or what i perceive others have perceived me as. I’m exhausted, especially with Saturn and Pluto affecting all this now!!

  32. It’s just occurred to me that people have often thought I was pretty together, even though I’ve felt like a mess for most of my life. I’m Cap Sun, and Taurus Moon and Ascendant. I think I’ve presented as Taurus throughout, and been encouraged to so so by significant others (first my mother, then my one longterm partner). Both of them weren’t comfortable with my insipient Capricorn qualities. Just wanted a caring homebody type. Only now at 45 and single do I feel as if I’m starting to let some of my Sun sign characteristics out.

    1. Which is exactly what Cap Sun tends to do. The vibe gets lighter with maturity. I’ve seen that happen. Cap Sun seems to reverse age – not get immature, just lighter and more playful or feel less encumbered with responsibility etc.

      Are you having Saturn opposite Saturn Transit?

      1. I’m not sure where I’ve got Saturn at the mo, will check it out…thankyou for the validation though. I’m keen to get my Cap on, but I think my love zombie tendencies are holding me back.

  33. I resonate with this. It’s crazy but my sun moon and rising are all in Pisces and in my 12th house. Lord help me! My rising planet is in my 9th house, And Sagittarius but here’s the funny part…Jupiter is conjuncted my sun moon and rising!! What was I thinking before I reincarnated here? 🤪

    1. Maybe you were thinking, let’s get all this stuff worked out and integrated so you don’t have to reincarnate again.

      Whenever you feel shaky don’t doubt yourself. Take emg’s advice below and have faith. You are on the right track.


  34. My astro signature is a whole set of identity, er, opportunities: Sun in Libra in the 2nd house, Moon in Capricorn at a funky angle to my Virgo Ascendant.

    People often tend to think I’m a lot more together than I actually am, and I put a huge amount of pressure on myself, constantly. I can be fun when I let myself off the hook, but (somewhat ironically) have always struggled to achieve any kind of balance in life.

    1. As a fellow Virgo Ascendant I feel you on putting the pressure on yourself and finding that balance. I’m a Taurus Sun (9th H) and Scorpio Moon (3rd H) so I’m already trying to deal with my inner working going from 0 to 60 at any given moment.

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