Saturn Dreaming Of Being A Mercury

When you have Mercury in aspect to Saturn, you are forever mediating between the two types of awareness. It’s not necessarily comfortable but it can be the making of people. 

This quote from one of my favorite books beautifully illustrates the difference between Saturn and Mercury’s consciousness. Each needs the other. If you are all about the Saturnine stoicism, you miss out on the Mercurial flights of genius.  If you are purely “doing” Mercury, you can fail to apply yourself to score sufficient traction.

Of course, if Saturn and Mercury are in beautiful aspect to one another in your natal birth chart energies, you are ahead. No? Wait till Saturn and Mercury are favorably aligned in the sky (see the Horoscopes for this moment) and then riff off that.

Saturn Dreams Of Being A Mercury

“In the last book Italo Calvino wrote, he meditates on Hermes and Mercury, Europe’s old quick-witted gods, (the ones with wings on their shoes), the ones whose statues still adorn the train depots), and Calvino confesses that he always looked to their speed with the jealous longing of a more methodical craftsman.

‘I am a Saturn who dreams of being a Mercury, and everything I write reflects these two impulses,’ he says.

Saturn is the slow worker, the one who can build a coin collection and label all the envelopes in a neat script, the one who will rewrite a paragraph eleven times to get the rhythm right. Saturn can finish a four hundred page book. But he tends to get depressed if that is all he does; he needs regular Mercurial insight to give him something delicious to work on’ “

Trickster Makes This World -How Disruptive Imagination Creates Culture by Lewis Hyde

Image: Rene Magritte

16 thoughts on “Saturn Dreaming Of Being A Mercury”

  1. scorpalicious robot

    scorpy lizzy, do you think the missing comma issue is a Merc retro thing?

    pegasus, good to hear of your success after ex-jock ‘Butch’.
    I’ve been de-cluttering and spring cleaning like crazy… getting rid of the old to make way for the new. Hopefully someone with Sol sebastian’s mindset.

  2. No comma on my laptop lately. So pardon my punctuation. My bestie sez its just the way I talk – without commas lol.
    Erich Fromm writes about the types of love – brotherly love; motherly love; erotic love; self-love; love of god.
    Frommie’s one of my fave’s.. brilliant.
    The book: The Art of Loving. Erich Fromm.

    Enjoying the new website and the book Mystic.. congrats ! 🙂 and thanks !

  3. Alchemist…you found him!
    All true, totally divine.
    And what a beautiful name. Remember the painting of St. Sebastian
    the almost naked body with the arrows piercing him. Sol = Sun.
    We should promote him & get him over for the betterment of Adelaidean men.
    Gosh,, your CUB is such a baby, what a silly fib to get your attention.
    Send him to Sol:)

  4. Leonine Librarian

    Might this unexpected turn of events aka helpful courteous communications staff being the opposite of the norm, be the merc retro effect in motion?

    As in if the communications norm is trouble, sweetness is retro, if the communications norm is carefree, the retro is dire?

  5. Hell Mystic, aquarian motm who I have firmly placed on the reserve bench is exactly how you say your’s is. Ex top rugby league player with track record. I’m hoping that I don’t now become one of the “stories” at the pub. He could talk under six feet of wet cement and mostly about himself. I told him I’m seeing someone who really wants to spend time with me and is prepared to drive for hours to do so and he said ” he’s a very lucky man. Can we still be friends and have a drink etc”

  6. scorpalicious robot

    So how did the date end Mystic?? You going to see him again?
    I’m no authority on rugby league players as i hate sport but it seems to me that league players are always getting themselves into trouble with binge drinking and women are usually involved. Australia being the sporting nation et al, i’m sure there’s a lot of women out there trying to get crack on to footy players. I saw some reality show on telly last year about girls boasting about how many footy players they had slept with. Can’t remember if it was in Australia or England.

    Personally I’ve always been attracted to geeks and artistic types. I think i’m living in the wrong country, all this glorification of drinking…. *rolling eyes*

  7. Taurean Love Expert

    Hmm, Mystic, in my experience with *current* rugby league players, the general tone of sex talk is self-deprecation ie, joking about how ugly they are, how lame in the cot & so forth. I have never dated any of them though, so I’m not sure whether their workplace demeanor is different to their dating mode…or at kids parties for that matter!

    However, given that some league boys do attract groupies in rockstar proportions, maybe EX players pine for the good old days when they didn’t have to make any effort?

    I must say, my Venusian soul believes that a gentlemen should go out of their way to give his would-be amour the impression that *he* is lucky to be wooing her, not vice versa!

  8. Champagne Bearing Aquarian

    ladycrab, just had similar experience cancelling a broadband plan. Yay for helpful astro!

    Now if only I could find some winged sandals to spend that spare cash on…

  9. speaking of twins and opposites:
    your beautiful pic of hermes reminded me of the Piccadilly Circus sculpture. recently I have been addicted to watching Q.I (quite interesting) a british trivia/quiz show, hosted by Stephen Fry. They discussed the sculpture which I thought was eros. from a discussion board:

    “In the last series, when Alan guessed that the statue in Piccadilly Circus was Eros, he was told by Stephen that he was wrong and that it was The Angel of Christian Charity.

    I believe that Stephen was wrong too. The statue was intended to be Anteros, twin brother of Eros, who was the god of selfless love, in contrast to Eros, the god of sexual love. The sculptor of the statue Sir Alfred Gilbert made this distinction ”reflective and mature love, as opposed to Eros or Cupid, the frivolous tyrant’.

    The Angel of Christian Charity appellation only came about when people insisted on mistaking Anteros for Eros and complained that the statue was an unfit memorial to the very respectable Earl of Shaftesbury. And I believe that Stephen also made an error over the direction of ‘Eros’s’ bow, which I believe was supposed to point to the Earl’s home in Wimborne Saint Giles, Dorset.”

      1. I am not a big jewelry wearer, but I am a great devotee of Hermes! I have a friend who runs a shop with magical jewelry etc.

        You can e-mail me at mollmac (I won’t spell out the whole address fo fear of spammers, but it’s a Gmail account.)

  10. I can relate to this being a double cap. who is a jewelry artist
    when I am on there is a force pushing forward. I am always suprised at how long or how short it takes to finish projects, yet I am addicted to the Process. I love it and live for it.Hermes has been a guiding force for me. A picture of him sits in my studio.

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