You Know You Have Mars in Virgo When…

There are times when everyone is doing Mars in Virgo by dint of an ultra-long transit of Mars. But some of us are Mars in Virgo by birthright. Perhaps even you?Β 

How many of these traits apply to you? Or have you just picked up some of these habits during a Mars in Virgo transit?

* You are relatively calm – stoic even – re major events but bad service sends you into a towering rage, complete with shit lists and revenge fantasies.

* You always have a scheme going and you usually give it an actual name, such as Operation Fuq The Haters or Phoenix 11. It’s spreadsheeted, naturally.

* You – along with Dr Google – are your own best health practitioner and a fresh nutrition/vitamin regime is actually a major thrill. You like to do your own research on things and there is a high chance your practitioners grit their teeth when you say you have “a few questions.”

* Without intervention (hypno, binaurals, tablets, wine, whatever) Mars in Virgo will keep you awake at night churning over multiple To-Do lists and the Scheme Du Jour.

* You unclutter for leisure and secretly judge people you know by the clarity of their domiciles.

* You prefer men (Mars = men) to be clean-cut, clean-looking and smelling neutral or like citrus. Their competence – if it exists – is a major turn-on.

* You go nuts over minutiae – the telling detail, that nuance – and sometimes nurture resentment that others don’t get it.

* You prefer to read non-fiction because the necessary contrivances of fiction keep you on edge. Information acquisition is nearly as satisfying as decluttering or pressure-hosing.

* Your sexual fantasies often involve ‘service scenarios’ but even in your imagination you can sometimes over-think the details.

*You can feel guilty for “clocking off.”


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  1. I grew up with one of the messy Virgo types – I say it is those born in August always seem to be messier – and when this person decided it was time to clean – it was TORTURE, you even had to sit on the couch the right way after the cleaning was done!!!
    Having said that id any Mars Virgo types want to unclutter my place for leisure, I’m waiting……….

    Mystic would you mind doing (when time allows) a no holds barred “You know you have Mars in Scorpio when….”
    – I blame it for some of my more interesting “quirks”

  2. Lets place the regulations where they do the most damage to others Virgo Peeps. We need to stop sweating the small stuff with small stuff…& Start holding the things that effect the smaller stuff higher regulation.

    I know Im using the rest of my asstro to do so…

  3. Throne of Osiris

    yeeeeeaup, me to a T.
    – I never freak out over Tower-type situations, pride myself on keeping my cool and Getting Shit Done To Make It Stop (moon in aries, what!)… but yeah, have a bartender look me in the eye and ignore me makes me go baaaatshit.
    * does having a new business with a rockstar name count?
    * on the wiccan path… what’s my new favorite part? HERBALS! KITCHEN WITCH! HOMEOPATHY! MUGWORT! GREENWITCH! yesyesyesyesyes.
    * I have to MAKE myself stop thinking about my new business afterhours.
    * Shedded fur from a dog at someone else’s house – even my mother’s (i’m a terrible daughter, i know) – makes me kind of want to puke.
    * i don’t mind the lumberjack look… as long as it’s controlled. but there’s nothing like my freshly-shaved man smelling like shave cream & patchouli πŸ™‚
    * no wonder i’m a tarot reader – i LIVE for minutiae!
    * hahahaha “service scenarios” hahahahaahahahaha!

    ohhhh mystic… so perfectly right all the time. doesn’t it get tiring? i guess someone’s got to do it…

  4. Venus in Virgo – I share some traits common to Mars in Virgo.

    I try v hard not to dissect and pick people apart so much these days. Myself included. I love clean healthy grounded earthy uber Virgo erudite types.

    But my Mars in 12th is fascinated by spiritual men. Perhaps humbled. I really like peace and a wave length.

  5. Scorporation, Inc.

    Hey speaking of Mars:

    So this robot rover thingy is supposed to land on Mars soon, and crawl around on Mars’ surface for the next two years. Is there any astro relevance re Earth making landfall on Mars?

    Quit laughing: I’m serious!

    1. The universe has made astro relevance for everything, Someone would just have to pull up that Rovers launch chart, and you would see it in there if you knew what to look for.

  6. Natal Mars in Virgo. Unemptied bins freak me, even half full, must be empty at all times. Is that a fetish or fang shui? Not one dust speck, used tissue, old bits of paper or debris must not be seen, clothes are constantly ‘magic brushed’ are de riguer for my sense of harmony. And yet i have hair that’s always looks untidy unless just freshly combed.
    FILING? Everything has a place where it lives & it MUST live there.Clothes colour filed.
    Adore good service and still tip (old habit from the East) even if it’s just 50cents for a coffee with a smile attached.
    Had a seriously hard time whilst Mars in le Vierge, as soon as it was in LIbra ALL changed, my life has done a 360 degree pirouette. Love my new job which will see me personal assistant & manager with promotion in the mix soon after a month of ‘work experience’. Have learned how to operate new equipment & computer systems just as i thought i was past my use by date something comes along that combines all my learned skills in regards to people service to rejuvenate them.
    Maybe Mars in Virg was the preparation for this? That old Sun-Jupiter Saggs’ luck has never let me down & yet i still am amazed by it and O SO very grateful. Looks like the Moon-Neptune mid heaven, the ‘make or break’ placement has given me a new future, and it comes from the East
    of course where my greatest luck has always resided.
    Howzat! My own boutique gym, with multi culteral clientele,infa-red sauna, yoga room with a to play in. My Libran Moon takes in fresh flowers, fruit, crystals & candles to enhance harmony.
    The interesting synchronicity of this good fortune is that it came to me from being on Mystic’s client list πŸ™‚

      1. πŸ™‚ There IS light at the end of tunnel Pi. It’s a feather in the cap for ‘seniors’ being useful for their experience, instead of fading away. x

    1. OH! YES! reading your words sent waves of electricity through me. I am so SO happy for you – i was so scared when you were ill, it was like one of my favourite trees was dropping leaves and I didn’t know what to do but you’ve sprung back with a vengeance and I’m so excited if I could, I’d high five you – I’m doing it in the ether right? xxx

      Are you still going to make your videos?

      1. Glad u are feeling better Pegs hope it was just a cold.

        Mars in libra has made me indecisive a bit more on the chill out side than Id physically like to be… but Im still deciding if I care or not…. lol

      2. Late reply as last night was video-ing the Boss doing massage, yes he has the video camera & i have NEVER seen massage like it, a maestro indeed.
        The biz meet was for me to experience the state-of-the art medical grade infa-red sauna and moxibustion and hot stone massage, which is bliss,then the massage chair. Everything is computerised with mulitple programs.
        Next week is learning how all the gym machines work and how to apply the laser to painful areas of the body.
        Wolfie, i won the court case so may be eligible for a comp pay-out, thank you for asking πŸ™‚

      1. Can’t keep a good woman down, huh, well not for long, MS.
        London must be crazy at mo. Heard half seats are empty.

        1. I was reading this London blog the other day, and this guy said that most Londonites say they are the best city in the world…

          He said when you ask how they are doing they always reply, not too bad and yourself?

          He said there already starting out there morning so pessimistic. lol

          Its a little friedian slippish. and Im glad I read it because I always had a thing for imagining it was possibly better but it is just like america im afraid, were just better at denying our unhappiness here in the states..

  7. You know you have Mars in Virgo when… you check out your Astrodienst chart and there it is! Natal Mars 0 deg in the 3rd House.

    *Calm with bad service (I just check out their aura, if it is bad shape I send them love) and stoic with drama BUT Mars in 3rd means I am ‘cocky’ verbally.

    *Ok, no I don’t name my projects. But I have lots of lists taped to fridges, cupboards…

    *I am my Neurologist’s nightmare. He is all averages and stats – I am all information streaming in from everywhere.
    And my son’s doc’s were shocked when I said, “Yes I know he has ASD, just please write out the diagnosis so I can get a move on with it”. Dr. Google & I are an awesome team. We change lives wherever my big Mars in 3rd mouth takes me.

    *Dream time is important to me – it’s where I make my most important decisions. I go to sleep in seconds flat with a mental list of questions to cover.

    *I write for fun – I unclutter when I get bored with writing.
    I do judge others for their houses but mainly based on style.

    *So true re non-fiction! I only buy books that are ‘reference’ books or technical books – healing, astro, history, how to etc. I borrow fiction.

    *Men? Mars in 3rd – my man is a mutiple Gem. He is clean cut, suit wearing, muscular, Eurasian and shaves his beautifully shaped head – I loove this.
    HOWevs, with my NN & Neptune in Sagg in the 7th, I have also gone for scraggy, hippy, hot messes in the past.

    *Minutae? Everyone else would agree – but isn’t it acceptable to get enraged by sloppy movie/literature editing/mispronunciation etc?

    Viva Mars in Virgo!

    1. Astro Chic Geek

      Ha ha Yes, will not lie to you.
      I love your description of Mars in 3rd, in Virgo. And checking out the aura of the bad service and sending it good vibes is a nice thing to do — I have been thinking similar thoughts and doing similar things of late.

    2. Creatrix you said ‘shaved head’ and i immediatley think sex
      and how amazing a shaved head feels touching, gliding over a woman’s body.

      1. I am with you Peg!! My guy is a shave head and what a turn on. That is all I look for now!! He is adorable!! [sigh]!!! πŸ™‚

  8. I have Mars in Scorpio but as you can tell my Sun sign is Virgo so some of the traits apply. (1) calm during major events but psycho during minor events. (2) Dr. Google and I work very well together with health issues. I can’t stand doctor’s. But that is it.

    My question is: if Mars was in Virgo and my Virgo is in the 11th house (friends, goals, groups) what should I look at to see why my love life and work life was off kilter since November 2011, not my friends, goals and groups?.

    1. Transits to the 5 and the 7th house for luvv ( Barry White voice)

      Transits to the 6 and the 10th for work (crackling whip) In the states at least.

      Thought we had the same ASCENDANTS but guess not if your 11th is Virgo.

  9. The first especially. The others I have become more relaxed about over time ( I don’t consciously name my schemes anymore, though they usually have a file or a box……………) , vitamin regime varies, love to get lost in the details, prefer to organise rather than tidy, believe that the only reason I would ever leave my husband is because he doesn’t ‘get’ organisation …………..but that’s a bit more moon than mars πŸ™‚
    10th house wide orb conjunct MC/moon in one direction & Pluto/Jupiter in the other sextile Scorp rising……………….

    1. Whimsical till there in charge…

      One at my front desk- if I didnt return the laundry key within 10 minutes even if Im the last one, write ups all over the place. But the retrograde in Virgo took him out, he had diabieties read Vibe magazine like every day and could tell he dont like gays. Slams your mails down. I tried to get him fired but atlas a coworker of his told me he does the accounting for the LEO manager we all know for them business first. And since he was deathly loyal and paid alot of attn to her. Loyaltly over eithics can get the best of any leo..

      He just really had no business working here, and probably forgot this is not called jail. It is such a brezze around here. and GASP I was late with the key with the new guy, and no write up….

      1. Psychic Fax: To all virgos/ placements..Lets place the regulations where they do the most damage to others and children on a large scale,

        We need to stop sweating the small stuff with small stuff…& Start holding the things that effect the smaller stuff higher regulation.

  10. My sometimes ex does all these things except the naming thing. OMG, I’ve read this three times and cannot believe the truth in it. This ONE placement is what comes between us, I think.
    He told me once that I didn’t crack an egg ‘right.’
    Nobody will work with him for long because he is such a perfectionist, and picks them all to death. They put him on a crew of ONE. lol.

  11. Oh, wow! This is all so true! My mother, sister and I all have the Moon in Virgo, and it has been interesting growing up in a house like that, lol.

    * We have cleaning sprees at least once a month together, where we chat and discuss tactics, schemes, etc, while shining the silverware.

    *We are all pretty calm and stoic and bad service sends us into a tailspin. I feel so badly for the wait staff that is horrible around all 3 of us, God bless them.

    * I give my all in mostly everything I do, very intense (Pluto conjunct Ascendant), but my fitness regime and eating habits are strictly observed. Gym 4-5 days a week at 5am, no excuses.

    *I am currently a life time subscriber to melanoma pills for my insomnia.

    *For extra money I clean the houses of my friends. I don’t judge though, I don’t really care,… I get to clean!

    *I like scruffy guys though, the ‘too clean cut guy’ freaks me out, sorry, I think that they have something to hide – maybe its the Pluto Ascendant, Venus in PIsces and Moon in Cancer, I like my men manly and protective.

    *I’m currently a grad student/ researcher and I haven’t read a fiction book in almost 10 years. I use the former as an excuse when people ask.

  12. Guilty as charged, but do NOT want to be a over-critical, annoying nit-picker. Can I get a new Mars?
    No one likes hypercritical people.
    This must be my neurotic energy comes from?
    I don’t like my men to be clean cut like Don Draper but, like the long haired grunge rockers much better. Chris Cornell always smells clean and good.
    I also can’t stand rude people with no manners, loud noises, loud talking people, loud munchers, snuffing, snorting, or spitting. Any rude, crude or crass behavior unless, it’s in a bar with booze. I don’t mind then.
    ugh! help!

    1. Scorporation, Inc.

      Chris Cornell! *drool*

      “I’m looking California, but feeling Minnesota, oh yeah… ”
      Love love love!

      I don’t get it, what you need help with. ?

      1. I nee help with my overbearing Mars in Virgo – too nitpickery! πŸ˜‰
        I hate it! I need a balancing point.
        I cannot stand grammar Nazis or Nazis of any kind but I find myself uber annoyed at the pet peeves in my above comment. I need to hide in a bubble sometimes it gets so bad

          1. Scorporation, Inc.

            ahahaha– I didn’t even notice the typo! And I usually do have an eagle eye for that kind of thing. That is, I am the grammar Nazi you speak of. lol

            Does going hermit-style bring you the equilibrium you crave? Or is seclusion just a quick, temp reaction/answer?

              1. I used to not like my Virgo planet pile up. Since my mom was a virgo and that wasnt the easiest to say the least.

                But that was Until I realized where I got many of my research capablites with the medical industry, that with a healthy dose of Scorpmoon skepitcism saved me from being poisioned by HIV construct like so many of my friends. i am very thankful for it now.

    2. scorpiorising , I can so relate to your last paragraph!!

      I thought my disgust at people with no manners, loud eaters et al was due to my venus in Libra. I also have Mars in Virgo too. I find it intolerable listening to people eat loudly or when they lick their fingers or when they brink their smelly tuna salads to work and stink out the entire office!! ewww. It’s my cue to leave the office for lunch.

      I was reading about some CEO a while ago (was it on this blog?) who had strict rules at work and one of them was that eating at their desk was not allowed. I thought it was brilliant! If I ran a company I would do the same.

  13. So…. does mars in Virgo then ACTION all the items in the Phoenix plan, the Witching-hour lists, the “To-Complain-About shit-lists”….? I think of my divine Aqua – Cap rising – Virgo Moon sister who is psychically attuned to functioning systems, and fricken flips out if she can’t change a faulty scenario into a smooth-running operation.

    Don’t get me wrong, the competency thing fills me with peace and joy that people like this exist. While I may not necessarily manifest such traits, I certainly appreciate them very much (it’s the Earth fetish in my sign).

    But getting on the rage-o-hol at ‘unacceptable’ scenarios does bother me. I am a peace-loving pisces with NN and Pluto in my 4th house Libra (Yes, even with Aries stellium!). Plus a childhood filled with conflict and ragey types. Peace and harmony is paramount to me. Surely you aren’t all the unpleasantly-aggressive types who froth at perceived incompetencies….No. I am sure that’s definitely not the case.

    1. “Surely you aren’t all the unpleasantly-aggressive types who froth at perceived incompetencies…”

      Of course not, Pi. Frothing is so uncouth! All we do is nag nag nag drip drip drip nag nag nag drip drip drip nag nag nag drip drip drip nag nag nag drip drip drip nag nag nag drip drip drip nag nag nag drip drip drip nag nag nag drip drip drip nag nag nag drip drip drip nag nag nag drip drip drip nag nag nag drip drip drip nag nag nag drip drip drip πŸ™‚

    2. Scorporation, Inc.

      Rabid frothing? Never! These things just start flying out of my eyes, that’s all.

      So I *must* have peace & harmony in my real life, and that’s one reason why I gave up dating. And many supposed “friends.” Saturn in Libra (7th house; Pluto-Moon conjuct). I have my own Border Patrol now, and peace. *thumbs up*

  14. Losingmyreligion

    Not always a neat freak but definitely obsessive about health! Like a good scheme and sad to say can be irritable with the service thing. But can also do my Pisces ascendant and be dreamy and completely unaware of minutiae.

  15. Im a sun Leo, but have my asc in Virgo, with a mars-venus-true node conj. And I do like punctuation and like my men clean cut. Bad temper??? ummm I also blame it on the moon square pluto aspect… I like organization for sure. I also have Saturn at 0” in Virgo so… that makes me unique.. hahahaha

    1. Ohhh and about health; well Im a MD so yeah I had to know everything about health!!! Although I wouldve loved to be an astrologer, thats my Sun-NeptuneR sextile?

  16. Ha ha ha, guilty as charged, although I’m not a neat freak. But yeah, Mars in Virgo is an exhausting placement to have. I have it natally in my 8th house.

    1. I’m no neat freak either, I have piles of chaos.

      You can’t have a clean studio if you want to get anything done. Mess then clean. Repeat.

      1. ‘Mess then clean. Repeat.’

        you’ve ‘created’,..
        the mess looks insurmountable,
        deep breath and click into clean-up auto-virgo…
        and viola, a cleansing clean slate ready for the next project.

        I wonder if any language has a word for that feeling of satisfaction after the generally surprisingly easy cleanup?
        Nothing in English seems to get the idea across to my kids. At the age they’re at ‘ insurmountable’ is insurmountable. πŸ™

        1. that’s a totally interesting question.
          I bet there’s a word for it in Danish, or Japanese. “The sense of satisfaction or peace gained from having restored something to order.”
          Some languages do have cool words for things, where English doesn’t. Maybe we can make one up!

          1. Yeah, I wish I spoke Japanese.
            Those fantastic words around aesthetic.

            The Inuit might have something for it too.
            Lots of stuff doesnt work up there and mess would kinda stick out.
            Attract Polar bears n’all.

            I’ve always been fascinated with zodiac associations with geography and the physical world rather than the intricacies of human personality .
            I reckon trying to read DM Thomas’s White hotel at far too young age instinctively makes me shy away from analysis and whatnot πŸ™‚

            Our Danish sideboard is a total MAGNET to my Piscean Virgo rising daughter’s art materials πŸ™
            Denmark would have to be Virgolandia.

  17. My Mars in Virgo is conjunct my MC at 1 degree. A lot of this fits, –I do a lot of editing in my work, so I am a fiend about punctuation and spelling πŸ™‚

    “* Without intervention (hypno, binaurals, tablets, wine, whatever) you lie awake at night churning over multiple To-Do lists and the Scheme Du Jour.” Not true. Thank God, I have Neptune in my 12th house. However, the one single time I had insomnia, it lasted for five nights running, and I had to be hospitalized.

    “* You unclutter for leisure and secretly judge people you know by the cleanliness of their domiciles. * You prefer men (Mars = men) to be clean cut, clean looking and smelling.” Yes, yes, yes! This situation is aggravated by Venus in Libra. I also like good table manners in men.

    1. ohh, good table manners… maybe it was my standard-bearing mother’s influence, but yes… however I do understand that “manners” is a cultural thing – like measuring IQ – and it’s not always appropriate to judge… but I assume this is all other things being equal !

      1. Courtesy & manners totally charm me, even just the standard please & thank you delight me as they are getting rarer & rarer, some peeps getting grumpier than usual.
        So many businesses closing down that only those that give that extra mile of service with a smile are surviving, those that have humility & gratitude that you are spending harder to make dollars there, those that have ethics & authenticity.
        From what i have observed spending is strong in food/restaurants more than clothing, so more about what goes INTO the body that what’s on top.

  18. Gah, this is me to a T as well, cept my Mars isn’t in VIrgo. It’s in Taurus and it trines my mercury in virgo though. Could that have something to do with it?

    1. both are of fire and earth,
      So there will be some similarities.

      But u really have to work from the definition of the sign outwards and not from a few similarities in wards- to get the clearest picture of the diffrence between the two.

  19. Virgo might be on one of your angles.
    Whats your ascendant?

    Especially if you have virgo As your ascendant /1st house, is mars natural home.

    Virgo IC to a more private degree, on the MC more to a public degree.
    On the dc how u tend to relate to others since this is venus natural home, you will be more venisian (easy going) about it, in stead of being gung ho marsian like we are.

      1. Yea if you have a sagg ASC then depending on the degree you MC should be virgo. This is a very public postion. And a big part of your personality. You could be a clean freak at work, and could be a little more laid back and unorganized at home with Gemini on the IC.

        Once u get used to reading subtle nuance in your chart you will see why this can make u have some of the traits described above.

        1. Even tho i have an empty house i have a sign and thats signs ruler vibing that space/ area of your psyche.

          So have find out what each house represents, what angles represent. Go around the chart with each sign playdough it, see what each piece mixed together comes up with and see if that describes you.

          Pretty wierd at first out whole personality could be mirrored back to us. But so amazingly awsome at the same time.

  20. Usually I keep the names of operations to myself but one that (rather dryly) comes to mind as I prepare to go out is Middle Aged Sluts from Leafy Suburbs Meet in the Dancehall. (More a musing on the passing of the Shabba days, than a reflection on anyone’s morality).

    1. I have to chuckle about that one and would love to see other respond to why you have these traits with nothing in Virgo. It’s a learning thing for me.

      Thanks for the smile!

  21. Yes.

    The “small things” irritate me for sure. Service incident esp in my field makes me uber cross, keep it professional though. Good service is like a godsend and I want to reward them because there is so little thanking for service just complaints for the misgivings. If people respected service more I think we would treat each other differently. We are all in service somehow.

    Systems that don’t work is probably my greatest annoyance. Bad design and non function is of extreme eyeroll to me and I still cannot fathom how we can live in a day and age like today and cut corners just for a few quid when we can have things that work. If I have to keep repatching the same hole I get a bit soapbox and work to destroy the whole system and create a new one. Most employers do not share my love of systems as they probably made the crap one in the first place so I am often butting heads with superiors for their lack of diligence on making things streamline. If someone is better or more gifted than I in anything I do I happily apprentice myself to them. No questions asked. Chain of command in it’s proper place. Even things having a proper place turns me on.

    Though I am not hetronormative, Mars shines here like nothing else. My all sagittarius moon, venus, dsc does not even come close to my love of virgoian traits, esp in my lovers. Geeky robots with an ability to accessorise and calender savvy like a PA, time management, organised. All of it makes me purr. Maybe this explains my german magnet? Even my femme is all 6th house. My mars is 2nd house so I am entrenched virgo ethics with NN.

    And yes I am my own Dr.

    1. You had me at “systems”. Streamline of systems would be a dream come true in my professional life but alas over complicate to simplify is the companies unofficial motto.

      My true time to shine with order is carry on luggage. There is a multi layered, multi bag in bag in bag, product situation which brings me intense joy. I have two close friends who I am acting carry on luggage consultant for, in fact I would almost go as far as just doing the 30+ hour flights just to supervise the luggage!

      1. OMG Crabbycrab, YOU are that person at the airport whom I’ve always wanted to be! I stare at you wondering where you bought the perfect carry-on luggage, how can you glide so beautifully through security while I am tossing piles of last week’s underwear on the floor in the hunt for my passport. WHY does my Mars in Virgo not extend to how I travel?? SN in Sagg – perhaps I’m doomed to live out some kind of travel karma. I dream of the optimal suitcase system. Please write a book. x

        1. Yep SN in sagi thats it… Lol.
          Dont worry my mercury in Pisces muddles a few of my mars in virgo traits too.

          Always have been able to pack a bag, if its messy inside i will feel messy.

          But this does not hold true for me when it comes to passports keys, wallets items in wallets. I tend to loose things u constantly have to keep track of. Documents, paper work of any kind gets lost in my Mercury Dreamscape.

          Not to mention my spelling is atrochus. Lol

        2. Is it the pisces in you, Chrysalis? Where is your moon again? I ask because I am the typical inattentive pisces-gem combo BUT I nail the travel organisation – however this has come about from a desire to achieve dignity in public places (ie not bolting through airport / railway station running desperately late, with giant suitcase banging against kneecaps and handbag falling off shoulder, and a fair amount of work travel at one stage.) Maybe you can reconcile airport chaos with lists…lists…LISTS! And the very last list is taped to your front door (tape across the door way so that you can’t open the door without taking down the list with :

          1. PASSPORT
          2. PHONE CHARGER
          3. ADDRESS OF HOTEL
          4. CASH

          * Scan these and email them to yourself .. handy

          the rest you can pretty much buy at the airport or after you arrive πŸ˜€

          1. I also find that I am ALWAYS up late packing the night before, but reassured by the prospect of sleeeepppp on long-haul flights (or any flight really! have trained self to get some shut-eye!)

          2. About emailing yourself sensitive files… best to use some kind of file encryption as email programs (and most email transmissions) are NOT secure. at the very basic level, paste the photos in a word document and put a password on it. otherwise, great idea.

          3. My moon’s in Cap!! See, the chaos in my suitcase makes no sense! I’ve been travelling since I was 16, now I’m 47 and it is always like this. I truly am that idiot at the airport that everyone looks at and feels smug that they’re not me. I do have lists – omg I love a list – but in practice it turns to merde. I’m good on the outward journey but coming home I’m a nightmare of overstuffed suitcases, impractical gifts (coffee mugs, framed art etc), wearing 3 layers of wrong-season clothes cos I can’t fit them in the case anymore, and hidden shells and bits of seaweed etc that I probably should declare but can’t bear to part with.
            Actually, writing this now it’s obvs my Pisces stellium’s fault, and this whole subject is a good metaphor for my life πŸ™‚

            1. aha… Yes, the gift-buying conundrum. Now, as you are much wiser than I am, maybe take this with a grain of sea-salt πŸ™‚

              I figure that you know yourself and your travel MO. My own luggage usually gains 10kg on a trip to Europe (sadly these trips all too infrequent!). I found the best solution was to…. buy another bag. Or bring a large squashy fold-up bag with me that I could use for the home trip, even those cheap stripey woven plastic bags that I could secure with masking tape over the zip and stuff with coats / jumpers / jeans / dirty laundry, saving the tougher bag for more important things and assuming that I am not officially backpacking as such.

              Can you ship the big items back to yourself instead?

              The idea might be to choose the shopping carefully, or if you never have any buyer’s remorse with the purchases, go with the extra-bag option if you decide “Too bad, I love souvenir shopping! So this is how it is!”

              but then again maybe you’ve been through all of this and still are who you are, in which case, vive la difference (and a big raspberry to all the snooty looker-down-upon-ers πŸ˜€ xxxxx

  22. Empty bottles of good prouduct with ugly labling into nicer looking ones

    Want everything to be as close to perfect before you do anything

    Do not like heavily humanly scented sex

    Mars retro in the second house.

  23. I hate to say it but… OMG guilty as charged. Mars at 28 degrees Virgo in the 5th House.

    Ditto to all of the MIV traits, and they’ve been especially …uh hum… ‘pronounced’ of the past few months.

    I do feel guilty for ‘clocking off’, do find scruffy blokes (ala Russell Crowe-ish) a TOTAL turn off, do lie awake scheming and worrying obsessively if I don’t help sleep along from time to time with Valerian or similar….

    But the weird thing is, I never really thought about the effects of MIV before. I tend to think of the more ‘important’ effects of, say, having my Moon in Cancer.

  24. my thoughts are that there’s probably not a whole lot of difference between mars in virgo and mars in capricorn, given that I answered yes to almost all of the above…

  25. Mars in Virgo rx in 5th house here (*Miss Fussy re who meets my approval in love?). The recent Mars retro worked liked Kryptonite on me and I’m not entirely sure I’ve recovered yet, however it has rendered me much calmer as a result. (Mars in Libra is equally lacking to an Aries). My Mars has recently made a comeback albeit mildly but beset by Saturn crap currently. I am so looking forward to it moving into Scorpio.

  26. Oh WOW! I just did my Brother’s chart on Astrodienst (only 15 mins ago) and discovered he has Mars in Virgo. I was trying to explain what that meant but didn’t do too well. Anyway, I just logged on to here (because I’m addicted and needed my fix) and found this and my Brother couldn’t believe how spot on it was.

    Mystic Medusa as tuned in as ever!!!!!!!! How do you do it!


  27. Min the Merciless

    Ha ha! Yes!! Partner is stoic, calm, stiff-upper-lip but shoddy service in the chip shop and went Off!

  28. mine’s in the third so the shit lists revolve around public transport / taxi scenarios & the neighbourhood’s solitary day-sleeping bachelor who leaves his renovation shit everywhere also features prominently as do the out-patients in the next street

    the to do list sits by the bed in case inspiration should strike while I’m staring at the ceiling wondering if it would wake the house if i just used this insomnia to get some shit done

    who needs food when there’s vitamins, rice milk and vegan protein

    why doesn’t the accountant do late nights?

    my virgo mars is square neptune trine saturn sextile venus and mercury so i prefer my men to be well-disciplined visionaries / bacchanalians with an eye for punctuation and the overwhelming desire to read to me. if not I’ll just buy an audio book, get plastered alone and self-pleasure – efficiently.

    1. oh yeah and i once endured a deeply flawed relationship with a recently (un)rehabilitated artist who requested I sit around nude as a rule so he could draw me – that little tryst was named after an ongoing civil war.

        1. that’s kind of irrelevant now hon – for me the most interesting thing is that it occurred last time the series of eclipses we have just recently had in gemini happened 19-20 years ago. It’s been weird to go through a phase of eclipses in the same sign now as they were then and notice the parallels. And la nina is part of that phase so my hair’s always mental in the gemini eclipse season – on the ascendant and opposing the 7th house. Mad hair and mad men prevail.

  29. Hahahahahaha
    Guilty as charged! Natal Mars Rx in Virgo. Let’s see:

    *I go into towering rages over bad punctuation and misuse of language such as ‘youse’, ‘effect/affect’ etc – I share that stuff on facebook with evangelical zeal
    * My current fitness plan is called Operation Hotness
    * I once ran a thriving cottage industry writing complaint letters to hotels/restaurants etc about bad service. My strike rate for getting freebies for my ‘clients’ was 100 per cent
    * Re men – a whiff of honest labour is ok, I like my men old school, but the merest hint of neglect has me running a mile
    * I’ve recently accepted my insomnia as my most productive thinking time and have started getting up in the dead of night to add to my ‘to do’ list
    I prefer good fiction, but love non-fiction if it’s meticulously researched and well written. Hilary Spurling’s 2-vol biog of Matisse comes to mind as a good example. Can’t bear lazy writing (I make exceptions for my own, lol)

    1. Cannot believe that some people think of you as flakey and a mistake-maker. Incredible! Can’t wait for your phoenixing to shake golden feathers in their faces πŸ™‚

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