The Earthstar Tarot is a collaboration between artist Lauren Over and astrologer-writer Mystic Medusa. It may evolve into some form of physical deck, Moon Diary or star-botanical guide but in the meantime, you can read more about Lauren below or visit her website here. Please contact her directly if you’d like to purchase a high-resolution version of any of the card artwork or Contact Mystic Support if you’re interested in licensing the Earthstar Tarot.

A Gemini with a 5th house Leo Moon and Taurus rising, Lauren grew up between the city and farmlands of York, Pennsylvania. Her family is a tree of artists, mechanics, designers, gardeners and builders. Her earliest loves were books from her local library and parents’ shelves, and studying the tiny plants and creatures in the great outdoors.

Lauren sees art as a tool to access the subconscious mind, and also to research and educate. Metaphysics, nature and holistic health are the recent subjects of her imagery. She likes to think of her work as a dialogue between the land and the stars, examining the place of the human mind and spirit somewhere in between.