Dark Moon Deja Vu And Psych Down

Dark Moon Deja Vu is common.  Still little understood by scientists, Deja Vu is when we slip out of our usual relationship to time and matter. It’s a limbic, hypnogogic sort of consciousness, the same one that evokes psychic insights or helps us view ghosts. It’s a reminder that we’re on the right path and a cue to release Shadow Selves and all the memories they hold.

Dark Moons are when you psych down, not up. They are the Moon of Letting Go. And, particularly with a Moon in Libra, for rebalancing your body and psyche.

My Virgo chiro talks about how many of us carry ourselves based on limbic system signals still firing from a long ago even. It makes me think of a transmitter on an abandoned planet or those stories of soliders in deep cover who don’t realize the war has ended. But these transmissions can undermine our more logical, or frontal cortex, decisions.

That is a very simple summation of what he talks about but it resonates. I call them Shadow Selves, fragments of our previous personae that still try to call the shots. Of course, the post-trauma syndrome is the most extreme and flamboyant example of it but we all have it to some extent.

Releasing Shadow Selves is not like an exorcism. You don’t have to banish them. Awareness and gentle recognition are enough. This is where the Dark Moon Deja Vu helps; psych down, rest, perhaps listen to some hypno-beats or augment your thought process with some form of profound bodywork.

Because you can talk and think as much as you want but if the body is still programmed a certain way, it will keep defaulting back to that.

Image: Oscar Dominguez – Aeolus

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  1. STuck to my new routine today, despite a 5 minute sleep in (!) got the shit done, super inspired on about three projects this morning but chose one to zero in on, ate a bunch, then got to work with a supercompetent straight talkin’ cheerful Aries in the afternoon. Visit to doc this arvo was great, or at least not as traumatic as expected. Hoola boolah! I can feel a New Moon coming on!

    Which was funny because i woke up with this super hot cranky short temper.

    And thanks for the astro warnings about tact in the daily horo: i was contemplating telling it straight to another Aries…boundary issues…and a Leo…attention whore issues. I found better things to do.

  2. 12th house virgo

    I don’t know…the Aries full moon was ROUGH but this dark moon seems standard to me. I had a bit of a clash with colleagues at work this week. I’m on a project that is high stress and has an insane timeline, but I am digging it. Then, the project manager called me in to talk about my “attitude” noting how I “roll my eyes at her.” At first I thought “is this a female thing?” but the guy on the project keeps telling me the “problem with what I am thinking.” They’re BOTH wrong – its not me – just plain old human projection going on. I just said I like them both a lot and think she should focus more on my work than my eye movements. I realized 1) people will never stop projecting thoughts/feelings 2) I have the maturity now to handle the situation without digesting myself over it. It is still disappointing to me that people that I like and respect think I have such a “bad attitude” toward them. But – fuq them – I would work harder at pleasing people if such a thing were even possible with any sort of consistency (its not). I’m loving Saturn in Scorpio and I’m nobody’s baby any longer. A backbone is precious.

    Really, ever since Saturn went into my second house I’ve been making some, perhaps, careless financial decisions – getting rid of everything, getting nice, new stuff more slowly. I want things my way. Not what I expected from a Saturn 2nd house transit. Hope it works out.

  3. No emo here in my bat cave. Am i missing something? Just busy busy till November. plotting my future talking it round and writing it down. had a date witha new Leo man (another leo- gotta love em and let them talk) Early days takingit real sloooooow. keeping legs together for as long as poss ha!

  4. Anony_Aus/Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

    Yeah, it’s emo, it’s weepy. Been soldiering on, remembering that the ex can take care of himself and I need to move on. Did some gargantuan clutter cleaning with the phone turned off and no internet use all weekend.

  5. My week was hellish, I cut my links off over the weekend to call my sanity back…

    But wow! This is one of the toughest threads I’ve read here..for all of us struggling.. hey New Moon, here kitty kitty, here kitty kitty..

  6. Hi Link,

    I agree that the timing has to be right to let go, but also I believe that we all how power on intent, to create the time for release.

    Mystic’s article of it is facilitating for this type of release, asking universe/ your body to let go can be done when you believe the time is right to slow down.


  7. Definitely a lot of people fragile this week. Someone I work with had a melt down and then one of my supervisors started crying while dealing with this situation.

    My house mate has gone completely psychotic on me and taking out all her frustrations on me in every form, but including getting in her mind that I am somehow scamming her and threatening legal action. I mean, this girl is off the deep end. I’m under constant attack now, verbally, with threatening notes, and on all subject matters. Now she thinks I’m stealing her mail…..I mean, it’s WEIRD!!! I gave her notice that she has to move, and she was psycho before, but now she’s over the top. Retaliatory, vindictive, but not in just a standard way. There is some kind of psychiatric issue with her as well…….it’s terrifying……and I have to live with it for another whole month until she moves. Utter HELL…..
    I did talk to the police, too, but as it stands there is not much they can do right now….

    Because of the above situation, I’m pretty stressed out too. I have PTSD from some things that happened in my past and I’m being triggered to my PTSD because of my housemate. My body uncontrollably shakes when I’m triggered, so I’m pretty much shaking all of the time when I’m at home, so I never get to relax because this is my home and I have no where else to go.

    Saturn transiting my 4th has ended, so I don’t know why so much more discord in my home? It was suggested to me that somehow Uranus transiting conjunct my Saturn in Aries in the 10th house could contribute to this? I don’t know….. I’m trying to figure out astrologically what is causing all of this…..any ideas..?

    1. can you go and stay with friends or family to wait it out? at least a few days here and there? hope you get her out fast!

    2. It’s a good idea of quintile’s. If things get any worse you may need to consider moving yourself – then at least she won’t know where you live.
      It also sounds like your natal Saturn’s being triggered by the zap zone too. Look at the degree & search Mystics posts on the subject.
      I’m going thro’ an episode at the moment with someone who has turned out to be a pathological liar & possibly a sociopath ( seriously). Fortunately she’s not too close to home so now we know what she is we can cope.
      Interestingly it was the last mercury retrograde that exposed her – to the day! And now so much makes sense.
      Maybe others will have something to say about this, but mercury is due to go retro. again in a while, maybe you should try & sort something out before then if you can.
      Wishing you all the best, keep posting.

  8. So does this shittiness end with the new moon? I feel wretched! Like all my confidence has been drained away through a hole somewhere in my body that i can’t find to patch up.

    I have decided that it is temporary and that I won’t do anything or make any decisions because of how I feel right now. Have turned on the heaters and taken the baby under blankets on the lounge to hibernate til it blows over.

  9. Saturn in Scorpio ruthlessly digs deep, chews up the nebulous shit and spits out the bones. You miss the dreams that fed you, and without that fat you feel skinny and vulnerable.

    But Neptune in Pisces trines Saturn. I imagine them holding hands like brothers. Without Neptune dreams and illusions to feed it Saturn has nothing to chew on. Without the restructuring of Saturn Neptune has nothing to ground it, and it needs old dreams to be eaten because it’s compelled to make new dreaming.

    12th house Scorpio at 1 degree. A moment of self angst and days of doubt and shaking. Well let it rock me to my foundation. I’m Neptune’s daughter and Saturn Taurus 6th. Let it take me to the dust of myself. As always, i’m still here, tested tried and trembling. No regret for my dreams and disillusions. It hurts because i am alive.

    Like silver, been burned, ground and acid worn to be shining, shining, shining. Like statues in a desertscape, all those aspects of self i have feared facing now stand stark. But Neptune makes the doubts of Saturn morph into a new trust in my realest self. Old patterning wants me to trip myself up with thoughts i’m a failure, and it keeps happening moment to moment yet some strong-growing part of me keeps picking myself up by the hand and making me walk forward.

    I do my part and this thing does its, and i think it’ll meet. Frightened, uncertain but propelled. I don’t get this exactly but i have faith in it. Rocket fuelled times…all my patterning thoughts come in rapid fire succession and i have to deal every five minutes just as i think i’m getting it together and happy! I want to be lazy and rest but i seem to be getting more done because i can’t help but do the work. And it is THIS that allows me rest.

    Sychronicity… i can ask any question and be it cards or words in print, or trees noddding or shaking heads or winged insects and birdsong, i get immediate answers. Something is happening. It’s so weird it feels exactly right and normal.

    1. The certainty and uncertainty of riding the wave….riding high and diving deep.

      Now is definitely the time to go with the tides not oppose their forces or batten down the hatches.

      Surfs up x

        1. Yes, Scorchy, and when you speak above of not having people to be there with you, i want to say that i’m watching people close go through enormous metamorphosis, and cannot interfere or advise. It seems all of us are holding each other energetically right now by letting go and getting on with it. We listen and encourage but cannot step into the other person’s space. It would feel a bit wrong. Like Twinfish’s experience above. She was so graceful but imagine the energy debt her brother and girlfriend have now because of their demand. I have had to learn how to ASK specifically if i have a need, not wait for help. The reward so far has been the exactly right people 🙂

          1. I hear you, and I agree. I’m challenged by the fact that my day job presupposes that I do but have to remain very aware and in tune to act appropriately.

            Asking for what we want… yes, it’s not that simple is it. It should be but if it’s layered with other stuff it becomes a miscommunicated representation of something else that triggers the exact response we didn’t want.

            Holding energy and space is powerful and should not be underestimated. More powerful than supporting a belief that is attempting to be thrown away by arising and having someone come along and rescue it and patch it back on to the person 🙂

            Re: my comment, I think that is as much my doing and my nature as it is anyone else and despite occassional moments of frustration around this I am ok with it.

            1. Love how you’ve put that, being patched back on to you.

              Expresses perfectly the struggle i’ve experienced in recent past. How hard to need assistance when the need shows clearly but the nature of what you need gets misinterpreted by others who want to step in. Those who allow you the space but are not distant from you seem to really get this. In my world this seems to be because they are on parallel journeys of self healing and forging new paths of their own making. Love to you, Lady S xx

  10. Rachel scorpio/aries

    Love your description of cranium treatment. I can relate…actually to the whole post.
    Of late I have felt like the universe is turning up the volume…’if you don’t listen shit is gunna keep going down..separation from leo/sagittarian father of my aquarian 2 year old.
    This dark moon in particollar my emotions on edge, fear of the future, too much projecting….and our little man is exhibiting violent behaviors that I am fighting within to stay on compassionate task with an not indulge the ‘its my fault’..
    To stay present tbe ok with insecurity (housing, career, finances, single mother, partner denying my right to move close to family support and dying mother)..lucky there is this spark inside that has felt the compassion of others in time gone by..and I’m gonna do it! Just might lay low for a few days and reconnect with acting out aquarian beauty

  11. Snap!
    i just booked a session with an art therapist to explore some stuff that came up with my family of origin this wkd.
    My brother is in some serious trouble, and he arrived on my doorstep with grieving partner and 3 beautiful children in tow on saturday night. i had already told them I couldn’t have them here this wkd but they just rang and said ” we’re here”. I have secluded myself pretty well, it takes a few hours and $100 return barge fare to get to me, but theymanaged to appear on the last boat for the day, so they were staying with me for the night.
    Actually i took them home and set them up, tucked them in then went over to the sane person-to-have-great-orgasms-with’s house . ( made an exception to the no-sleepover rule on account of the fact that i had no bed at home)

    My brother’s partner and himself seem to think I am some man-free witch witch living in the woods ( not that far from true) but I am not a man-hating, home-wrecking angry bitch who thinks all women are damsels in distress needing hugs from me…Anyway, my brother’s girlfriend had some major psyche shit going on and all she could do was light a fire and lay beside it and proceed to have what she called a rebirthing. Sure, just turn up and rebirth in my backyard, anytime. I never even met her before!!
    And my brother was wandering around with a tripped out flowerchild smile on while the kids were like ” I’m hungry”. So I fed them. he was like “Don’t go near her, ok” ..
    I had a new massage client coming over in a few hours and needed this crisis to hurry up. The girflried eventually came to ( I gave her some cedarwood oil to apply to her chest) and after telling me about her rebirth and how she had crawled into the bush just now and found her new name, I took her to a grove in the trees to talk, and she told me my brother had an AVO taken out on him for touching her 14 yr old daughter. Not one of the children they had with them at my house.!!!!WTF??!!! Whether it is true or alleged only, it is not the first allegation of this kind against my brother and i felt sick with anger. And I felt sore for her, as the mother who is choosing to believe in his goodness and watching her heart break for her own child.
    So, a definitely Scorpio experience. My brother has lost his way and is in deep shit, but is playing the shapeshifter/trickster to carry on , but Saturn is gonna burn is arse. I have Jupiter going through my loaded 4th house this year ( hello, i moved to a remote island to get jiggy with it )

    I said goodbye to them with a heavy heart, gave the GF my email, couldn’t really say anything to my brother. She asked me to keep it in confidence, and it could be allegation only which could be crushing him , i just have no way of really knowing… but taking such an adult approach for the sake of the 3 boys was definately my saving grace. I took them walking in the bush to find fruit, and drove to the beach to play for a while..I imagined Pluto transforming their lives through Capricorn and taking them out of the mire of emo and into earthy practicalities.and their own achievements….

    And I have booked my art therapist friend for next week. She reckons it will take 4-5 hrs.

    Scorped much!!!

      1. Thanks, lovely ones. Apart from being a little weary I have that kind of crystalization of resillience vibe. Which is like zap zone fuel. Just add inspiration.

        yes, well said Millie . Must schedule the placement of pirrhannas in the mote before next dark moon.

  12. Wow! I went to my first ever therapy session on Friday afternoon. It was very synchronous – I really clicked with the therapist. I walked out knowing that some big hurdles are going to be overcome and a new chapter has definitely started.

  13. I had a session in alcohol therapy last night at the local Octoberfest. Against Mystics horoscopes and general dark moon rules.

    Yeah, went home with one of the guys I work with. Nothing happened. Just needed a cuddle. He’s a nice guy. Maybe it could go somewhere. Dunno.

    In lower Scorp fashion I may have used him to make the ex jealous. I think it worked. Ex was hitting up some girlies in return In front of me…. Why, I don’t know. I guess he doesn’t know that I know he has a girlfriend and he felt the need to make a point.

    Yeah. Slightly fucked up but hey, sometimes that’s the way the cookie crumbles. I got a snuggle buddy for a night.

      1. Ugh! Is it pathetic that I miss the ex? Yes. Yes it is. How did I end up going home with the office hottie only to come home pining for a slimeball. Yep. Definitely dark moon issues arising.

        Oh well, keep moving forward. No looking back.

  14. Seriously, compared to the masses? I’m okay. I had a good day. I own my crap, which IS crap, and I’m ready to move along. Several people have unloaded crap onto me, and I’ve tried to turn it back to them as a Gift — you have to either fix or release this Crap and move along. I don’t know what else to do. So far, this is working for me.

  15. Up at the crack of dawn (well here, anyway)…Saturn v Neptune keeping me awake. I’ve spent the last two hours cataloguing all my big decisions over the last decade or so, looking at ideal v reality. Illuminating exercise. Where I live, who I live with, uni.. the whole thing. Realised I have totally bought into the ideal and kept persevering because of that, even when the reality was quite different.
    Was toying with the idea of emailing the hot lover, just to let him know about my band’s gig this week. Which led to a weeny bit of fb stalkery on his wife’s page. She has updated her profile pic to show the two them together surrounded by photoshopped love hearts. Yes I feel absolutely gutted all over again, seriously I feel like throwing up. There’s no way she could know about me – he would never have told her – yet I feel like she’s somehow seen me in cyberspace and whacked up this pic to tell me to back off.
    Out to the bin now to chuck out the three poetry books I still have of his, yes even the Neruda. Talk about reality check. Thanks universe 🙁

    1. Seriously, fuq Neptune. I’m sick of being a Pisces. I want to divorce my husband, my PhD, my house and my sign. I have so much space junk in Cap I’m just going to become one of them. A Cap with Cap rising, Mars in Cap, Saturn in the 6th. Venus in Aries. Born when Neptune was retro behind the black hole so it actually doesn’t show up on my chart.
      There. Fuq. *Deletes Neptune’s number from phone and all Neptune’s texts saved ‘just in case’. Exits building with Saturn*

      1. oh darling – 2 steps forward, one step back. you were so happy yesterday about the gig – i find sometimes that being happy brings on LZ tendencies because, well, one wants to GO somewhere with that happiness. but its yours, you created it, you own it. please don’t let a little ‘stalkery lapse’ undermine all that you have achieved. you ARE changing your life – and you’re not delusional. i feel your pain and frustration – can you do something nice this arvo?? x x

        1. Thanks hun x
          I’m ok really, just a bit of a shock you know? I mean, pink love hearts?? Fuq me dead!
          You’re spot on re the LZ observation… He and I were tres simpatico with music, huge chemistry and vibe between us musically, we talked about doing something together. So obvs have been thinking about that.
          This arvo is band practice, will have a long walk as well, so lots to keep me on the path to self-actualisation.

            1. Haha YES. It looks like she’s saying to the camera, ‘fuq you, blonde bunny-boiler, he’s MINE’
              I’m sure she’s lovely and I don’t have ill will to her, only to him. I hope he’s miserable 🙂
              Thanks q, you have cheered me up xx

              1. hehehe – and thanks, you have cheered me often enough – your generosity to HER shows your true haute piscean side 🙂

                1. Oh, I’m not that generous. I mean, pink love hearts. He’s a former punk. He’d be cringing. AND she reads Twilight. 🙂 I even feel bad for writing that 🙂

      2. Yikes, that sounds like a rough ride. If you’re interested in converting to the Cap side, let me offer you a bit of advice from the perspective of a multi-conjunct Cap (which includes Sun-Neptune):

        Do not ignore neptune. Do not shun him, do not delete his number, do not tell him to fuq off. He does not like that. Because just when you think you’ve got your shit sorted out, he’ll come crashing through your front door, as drunk as you’d expect him to be, DEMANDING you acknowledge him.

        It’s much better if you appease him. Work with him. You mentioned a band- anything creative is good. Reason with him: instead of going love zombie, ask his advice on music or art. He likes that. Let feel smug as he helps you search for creative inspiration in the divine secrets of the cosmos. Then, if you ever get the LZ urge, you can look to Cap for discipline, and your Neptunian urge to flake out will be easier to deal with.

        After dedicating a lot of time and energy to a Neptune-themed art piece a few months ago, I managed to resolve a lot of my Neptunian issues. Plus, I now have a pretty drawing of some fishes that I can feel proud of!

        1. Hey Kat, wise words, thankyou x

          I am a multi-conj Pisces all in 7th house w Cap moon-Lilith-Eros-Juno conj in 5th, so Neptune and Saturn are pretty much my flatmates. You offer some very smart house rules here as to how I can help them get along better 🙂
          Normally I do haute Neptune w my creative practice but this LZ merde has had me in a bind on and off since Neptune hit my Venus (ongoing).
          Very glad for you that you have channelled Neptune so beautifully in your own art xx

        2. Completely agree. Neptune is the King God of the mighty sea – Poseidon. The sea is the unconscious, the ether.

          Basic psychonalysis rule: what you drown rises up a bloated corpse to haunt you.

          Water is a mirror, until you dare to go submarine xx

  16. anybody out there got any advice please on this upcoming eclipse. It will be conjunct my neptune in the 8th house. thanks

    1. 12th house virgo

      I have SN in Gemini and have been through a series of eclipses and actions on it. It certainly does bring the past to light in new ways. Saw past life stories, past loves, all that. But all in the purpose of making me aware of my own power and what I offer. I won’t say it was easy, but that it was important, slow, and lasting. Don’t be afraid!

  17. hiddendragonqueen

    i so wish there was more written on nessus. the francis/rhinehart stuff is good, but everything else on the net is so fear-based. nessus has been absolutely gigantic for me, he deserves way more attention!

  18. hiddendragonqueen

    for the first time in what seems like years i think i’m actually ok! also a balsamic moon baby so this is my time. i’m really looking forward to the new moon as it will be directly on my NN and it feels like this summer’s saturn lessons come to fruition. found out the other day that my teensy back street was the red-light district back in the day (the day being the latter half of the 19th century- california motherlode gold rush ground zero would be the creek in my backyard 🙂 ) and i’m absolutely infatuated with the kick-ass independent female energy of my victorian cottage! i have no-one and i LOVE that. have only been slightly tempted to go out and find someone, and the temptation dissipated quickly. when a man does enter my home it will be on my terms and he will be a VISITOR… eek i get chills just owning that thought. i spent last night communing with the spirits here and drawing babalon stars over all the doors, then woke up to find that all the books on one shelf (the magick-goddessy shelf specifically) shoved back against the wall. LOVE. only complaint- i want to commune and self-medicate and it’s not helping me write the paper that’s due… oh well. 🙂

  19. And don’t forget Julia’s forensic breakdown of sexism and mysogyny at the despatch box this week … finally addressing what everyone had just been sniggering (or worse) about behind her back … as a scorp with leo rising bring it all out in the open and fix it I say … stay strong MM we need your insights more than ever nowxx

    1. Yes, that’s worthy of a post in and of itself as it’s such a game changer to our political landscape and I would like to lead with ‘overdue’ but in terms of astro and Saturn’s move I think it’s probably timely for our Libran PM.

      Not to mention timely for women and any/all potentially marginalised demographics.I like that she made it personal (it was) and she made it bigger than herself (it is).

      She’d endured it all and then right on cue… it was time to shake that sh!t up and rock ‘n roll 😉

      1. A full serve of Saturn from Libra into Scorpio. I absolutely loved the entire 15 minutes, though my Merc in Aries thought it’d be skimming for a minute or two. Flashbacks to Gough Whitlam’s campaign motto: It’s Time. Yes it’s about bloody time. And i do enjoy watching Libran Steel flash.

  20. No time for being fragile right now, I’m up to my neck in schoolwork after deciding it would be a good idea to become a dual-major in both robotics engineering and computer science. I am REALLY digging Saturn in Scorp, though. Part of the reason I have so much work to do now is because I, ahem.. procrastinate just a wee bit.

    Or a lot.

    But I’ve been working on defeating the laziness monster. Learning how to say “no” to the parts of myself that would love to slack off and have a beer. Becoming obsessed with creating good sleep hygiene; doing rounds of yoga while waiting for my 3rd pot of coffee of the day to brew; paying attention to what few dreams I do have during the 5 hours sleep I get each night. Yeah. Saturn in Scorp trine Neptune. I am feeling it.

  21. i broke down in talking with my manager that has made my vision complete as our vision and mission are in alignment ,we both cannot do what is in our hearts .It will take both of us. In conversing I realized that i have come to a plateau and can now do what I came here to do which is my ART.
    All is in order, when i had that conclusion i broke down . It has been so hard like climbing the highest mountain . I know there is more work to do .
    I am taking a moment to enjoy the landscape which is different ,yet Beautiful. Sometimes when one is doing and being for a while . One does not know the total effort and commitment that it has taken . Stopping to smell the Roses !!! They smell delicious and it feels good but foreign . Getting use to it!!!

  22. I’ve actually been fine so far, acting as a therapist/mediator for the friends who are having psych-downs. I’ve seen it affect mostly Libras and people with planets in Libra. (i have nothing in Libra.) My heart’s with you guys, I shame I can’t be everywhere to lend an ear all at once.

      1. Electric Eel Libran

        So true! At least with a Neptune hangover, you always knew Neptune was a liar who promised you a rosegarden…you knew you’d wake up and the place would be trashed with empty beer cans everywhere and hickeys on your neck. At least you had something to show for it. At least you had fun. But with Saturn you are all straight edge and work hard…then he’s gone and you’re like wtf? Like post-partem blues but no baby to show for it. grrr…
        Life continues. Next chapter please.

            1. It totally feels like post partum! I have no debt, but not much cash, a new graduate degree, but no job. I am trying to get inspired by this weird freedom. Oh the challenges of a Leo north node. 😉

  23. P.s love the line ‘batty little ghetto’. 🙂
    No you are not alone there.
    I wonder if Sat in Scorp is about ideas of success (Sat) being more ..profound (Scorp) – or if I am projecting here?
    Was thinking my old interpretation of ‘success’ was this world stage where I was this independent & powerful genderless being really in control of my self & my environment (ha!).
    Since I learned more re astro & how my LZ NN placement of 7th House (in Sagg tho) actually better suits a more loving life I feel differently about what success means to me. And different about what being a woman is for me too. I really care about my intimate environment now and what the ripple effect of being a good person has on the planetary field, a bit ‘Goddess is in the details’ so to speak. Was watching ads for yet another glee type show & felt a bit tired of all external need for approval displayed tho I admire the talent at the same time. Hoping reality-tv style fame-mongering is becoming passé as SatScorp progresses!

  24. I really miss Über Virgo. Sometimes I get nostalgic for the old blog’s style too. Man I loved those neo-classical images for the sun signs, they cracked me up. Special dark moon good vibes to Über wherever she is and whatever she’s up to.

    1. Like me she probably reads what life is happening to some of the cyber friends she communicated with, but is conzentrating on her clients and their needs, hopefully fulfilled and busy honing her skills.
      Oops am i talking about myself:-)
      Many women are now totally focused on their work-life, careers and being content in those areas so LZ’s behaviour (so embarrassing in retrospect, hindsight being 20-20 vision) is nullified, doesn’t even get a peep in the door or a hello at the door-step.

      I love my new cynicism tinted with compassion.

      1. Rachel scorpio/aries

        Cynicism tinted with compassion! Nice:) reading this makes me think ‘yeah why not? That helps’…….
        Last week changed gears prepaimg for total career redirect….inspired by more realism

  25. Week started well. Friday was long and exhausting. Come home to final notices for bills (good Toro has never had a final notice).
    Ask Cancerian housemate where the $375 she said she would give me on Friday was as there were these bills. We have a fight as I am (apparently) being unreasonable for asking for money as she has just returned from Spain and it’s a stressful time for her. I tried to point out I would have asked for the money, but she had told me that she would pay that amount out of the $750 she owes me.
    She told me she didn’t have time to discuss this anymore, as she no had to go and work on her Saturday so I could have my precious money. I am left confused and a little angry.
    I take her dog for a walk (as she didn’t get a chance to). Get bitten on the hand by a larger dig that tried to bite her dog. Get told by the owner that was unable to restrain her dog, which tried to have another go a) I shouldn’t have picked up the dog I was walking (I know it’s a bad idea, but it was instinct and the dog I was walking had recently been attacked) and b) that I shouldn’t have been walking my dog in a off lead area (a bike path near a park on the way home) and that my dog didn’t belong there.
    Now. I was walking to dog off the street as the dog got attack on the street. So I asked her exactly where I should walk it then?
    I am left completely shaken by both of these interactions. Had a ridiculously huge cry
    Somebody mentioned rescue remedy. Seems like a good idea.

    1. Yes, rescue remedy, but a better strategy is the concept of absolute responsibility, which applies legally in most states (I think) re dogs. IE whatever their dog does to you is their fault, regardless – an owner is responsible. End of. I hope you got her name and address, most likely she may be liable for any treatment you or your (housemate’s) dog requires. I’m not a lawyer but I learned the hard way years ago when a monster dog attacked my tiny jack russell. x

      1. Venus – this really grinds my gears! You have every right to expect your flatmate to pay her share of bills – you shouldn’t have to cover her or ask for the money. Don’t let her guilt or manipulate you. Just try and clearly outline what is required financially and if she can’t comply, chuck her out. (hope the lease is in your name). be strong dear!

        1. Yeah. I should be firm, but we have been friends since I was 4 years old and I am more shocked with the lying to me about when she will have the money more than the money itself.
          I don’t want to be reduced to someone who cares about money more than the friendship, which is how I think I am kinda being painted.
          There is literally nothing that upsets me more than fights about cash. And dog chomping.
          Yep. Yesterday was shitty.
          Today I have paid bills (housemate left enough to pay for the bills on the bench- didn’t talk to me) and will be going play board games in a park and have a picnic.
          Today will be better:)

      2. Sadly I got nothing from her apart from a stinging sense of shame and inadequency about my ability to achieve the simple task of walking a dog without fear and hysteria.
        I hope it never happens again, but if it dies I will get their details next time.

          1. Even old friends, good friends, family can have very different ideas about money than oneself – some people are very generous, some very responsible, some very tight – hopefully the friendship will survive but beware being financially associated with her again, perhaps?

            1. This would be quite wise. I think this weekend has been an education in boundary matinence. It might be hard to distance whilst living together. Need to work out the best way forward.
              Still. Your can’t fix what you don’t recognize:)

  26. Such a weepy void moon!! Perfect pic.
    Ancient angst in the form of people from childhood ganging together to submit reports to commission in how abuse complaints against the RCC go.

    Family are upset. Articles in the paper some by & about people I know.
    Been thinking to try and round up the choir members of my primary school class. But none can be google traced? Just to offer support if needed..I worry.

    Truly Saturn into Scorpio is a sharp blade. Already those below Bishop silenced & police at last distancing themselves.
    Bless this Plutonic time! I hope there is more self acceptance & peace ahead through the shaking off of these old chains.

    Even more ancient angst still: but to me these chains are links to ones we were collectively shackled with during the time of the Inquisition as I believe we have collective unresolved trauma from that time.
    It’s shocking how frequently i come across would-be healers who have suppressed fear of their own gifts because of past life torture from this time. If you feel like doing healing but don’t feel capable/worthy/safe do consider that it might be you are perfect for it!!

    1. Thanks for that Andromeda. Raised RC myself.
      But your last line, really needed to hear that today for some reason, was blaming my neptune & 12th for my avoidance tactics & not following things of personal interest thro’ ( and all that virgo for not thinking I was good enough!). Really interesting, thanks 🙂

      1. Then that sentence was meant for you!
        This stuff has been covered in previous posts on the witches/healers holocaust, but it’s been resonating lately as I had a run of people with past life (whatever that means) trauma related to the RCC again. Most people do! It’s so amazing the damage the RCC has done across time & space, it’s just bizarre.

        I think of Neptune as being all encompassing not weak, the superconscious aware part of you is never lost, that actually holds things together.
        And when they are in haute mode, Virgo’s are masters at their chosen and unchosen professions just by their attention to detail.
        Sounds unbeatable combo to me, lol.

        1. Thanks again 🙂
          I recently read something that crowley wrote about Neptune rising folk and their habit ( can’t remember his exact words now) of self prevention ( not obstruction so much) – that even frustrates themselves. So I’ve been looking at this and tho’ I’ve always felt what has prevented me is reality I am trying to get past that!

  27. Damn dark moon, I knew it would be a less than perfect day for a birthday celebration, but you gotta do what you gotta do..
    I am feeling extremely fragile this weekend. Thinking of contacting my ex (who I hate to hate – I just want to let go and move on, but it still hurts and I feel like we broke up only yesterday, not ..7 months ago) and telling him everything I did not have a chance to tell him. And I have been such a proud saturn girl for those 7 months (libra sun with saturn in libra). I had a dream about getting back together with my ex and revisiting all the love zombie misery I used to be in, I remember saying to myself in this dream – it will be such a waste of time.
    I am glad it is not just me, but some truly intense astro.

  28. Last night I felt the Scorpio energy more intensely and I wondered if it was Saturn settling into Scorpio, or if this is the first outer bands of rain, so to speak, of the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio in mid-November? Kind of like the days before a hurricane arrives, and the pressure drops, and there’s a strange hovering or waiting in the air.

    How much in advance does an eclipse begin to make itself felt?

    1. 12th house virgo

      I’m looking forward to eclipse season myself! My SN is in Gemini so the Sag/Gem polarity has been a lot of releasing for me. Hoping Scorp/Taurus brings in the new!

  29. I usually do ok with dark moons as I was born under one (in Scorpio, just to add to the dark facto)… This dark moon isn’t so cosy for me. Until Palace de Saturnalien is settled next month, I have nowhere to stay except with my mum and her husband, ( aka the parental units ) in shabby chic hell, with 2 spoilt brat yappy dogs. I don’t take we’ll to aural raping by dog barking, so my nervous system is fried and my zen appears to have been sucked in to a black hole…. 20 more sleeps before I’m outta here. If I could afford a motel and a cattery, I’d have run for the hills a week ago. That’s my drama lama moment. Nothing deep, just fuqing annoying.

    1. This might sound strange SA but enjoy your time with your mum – close quarters it may be, but if you can, just try to warm your heart up a little, shake off the little annoying ( infuriating) things and focus on the big stuff – love, them giving you shelter and domestic security, sharing time together. 3 weeks is nothing in the scheme of things. Reframing your situation might help u a little bit. All we have is time and our parents are not around forever… Take it from someone who just got hit by the 4th house truck, driven by Saturn.. Love Pi xox

      1. I hear ya Pi. I got hit by the 4th house truck driven by Saturn last year. He took out my dad on his way through, which sucked. I’m not all that close to my mother, or her husband (barely spent any time with either of them when I was young, & I know they dont want me here) so I’m just trying to be thankful I’m not living on the street for a month, but that’s about the best I can manage under this roof. I don’t have any issues with them as people it’s just I end up completely dysfunctional listening to high pitched barking for ours on end (Hyperacusis), another 20 days of this and I’ll be a stark raving lunatic.

        Sorry to hear Saturn has done his 4th house specialty on you too xxx

      2. Saturnalien… Yes as with you, my fabulous dad has decided that it was time to head off and visit his friends and family at the great party in the sky. Fortunately no trucks were involved. While it’s made me realise what a treasure the rest of my family is (not least my mother). At the same time dealing with father’s slippery drama queen leo-pisces (I think is moon-pluto in Leo) fuqing deranged ex partner and her constant bullshit makes me want to … Well, it’s probably as annoying and unnecessary as those barking dogs. Not what the rest of the (sane) family need right now.

        1. Oh Pi, I’m so sorry for your loss. Its not easy losing a parent. I really feel for you having to put up with a deranged individual at this time – I had a similar thing (my dads adopted drama queen / control freak adopted sister, who rocked up and caused so much trouble, it was like being in some really bad movie).

          If its any consolation, every single person I know who has been through this reckons there’s always at least one deranged individual associated with the deceased who will cause no end of drama. Fuqing amazing how people’s true colours show after someone has died.

          Hang in there, and stay strong. I hope the deranged drama queen gets some rapid karma. xxx

          1. Thanks SA. And note – that was not to hijack your own comment re your in-house probs?! And also thanks for the understanding about the, uh, interpersonal difficulties… I *think* things are not as bad as they could be but nnnghhhhh just don’t know. yet. Time will tell as it always does xox

          1. thanks Q. I feel better getting things done so today is an organising day. time for a drink now though. I think we’re all doing ok at the moment. xxx

      1. Unfortunately Rescue Remedy doesn’t cure untrained dogs… It’s more the humans at fault than the dogs, but the humans won’t acknowledge their dogs need training and discipline – not even the RSPCA refusing to let them adopt a dog because their existing dog clearly needed training was enough to convince them that it’s not normal for dogs to continuously bark… they just got pissed off with the RSPCA for stating the obvious and went elsewhere to get a second dog. Now they have two undisciplined, bratty, rat dogs who act out if they aren’t being given constant attention. 🙁

        1. electric eel libran

          ah your story makes more sense now. i was faced with a similar thing. i rented space from a lazy leo who raised shelties. while they are smart and cute, they barked all the time and for no reason whatsoever. certain breeds demand more interaction or they go cray.

  30. As a multi-Libran I can hardly wait for the impending new moon – it’ll be the first one since saturn ripped me a new one!

    1. This DM (dark moon) has been great for honest reflection. Here’s a few things I’ve observed:

      I signed up as a MM subscriber when saturn first went into Libra in 2009.

      I started commenting when saturn was on my sun-pluto.

      I think astro and this site has helped me to go deep and upturn a few rocks ie., do haute pluto.

      Since saturn has left and gone into Scorpio [this is the first time I’ve commented] I have been reading more novels and less astro.

      I think I got interested in astrology from 2009 – 2012 because a) saturn was in my sun-pluto sign, and b) i became worried about the future and I felt how time and the future were both unpredictable. Now that saturn is in scorpio i’m back to myself again,I’m lighter, tranquil, harmonious, full of possibilities, unafraid, focused, do-gooder, showstopper.

      bye xo

  31. Funny you should mention this. I’ve been cruising along, going so strong then BAM – all this old ancient crap has been playing on my mind. It has come outta nowhere, with no trigger of ‘sightings’ of those that shall not be named etc so WTF?
    Only thing I can put it down to is all the painful dental work I’ve had to endure over the last couple weeks (which I find traumatic) has brought up other stuff – it’s like post traumatic stress or something.

  32. Pisces with sagg rising

    Well, my 25 year school reunion is going on as we speak. I had decided to go earlier in the week but every time I went to RSVP, every fibre of my being said no, so I piked. Why? I didn’t feel like being judged. I’m not married, no kids, as single as can be and I’ve just been made redundant so I’m not exactly kicking any goals at the moment…then I was watching 30 Rock and this episode came up of when Liz Lemon went to her reunion and found out that while she thought she was a big nerd, everyone really disliked her and I thought “that’s probably how my reunion would have played out…” LOL

    1. I have never understood school reunions except for the revenge / ‘Operation Fuq the Haters’ factor. School reunions defy logic. All that effort to get together with people who, by definition, are no longer relevant because you haven’t seen them in decades. Good decision to stay away! Let your enigmatic absence speak for you 🙂

      1. well said, who cares. Interesting to note how we measure success as well. I would define my success not being married to a dude around the corner with 8 kids.

          1. Pisces with Sagg Rising

            Excellent – I’ll be an enigma. It’s funny with the people you went to school with – they aren’t relevant in my life and yet there’s a curiosity…I guess they are our peers in some sense. I’m sufficiently cynical to think the only purpose of a reunion is to see who has gone onto bigger, better things or smaller, worse things so it is nothing more than an excuse to gossip (and not in a good way) really.

    2. electric eel libran

      your words are exactly why i havent been to mine. if i dont have all the trappings of a good life or some semblance of it, why go back? what will it prove except that im as big of a loser that they thought i was? yeah no thanks.
      i dont have to be married with kids, but id have to have something else awesome like be a multi-millionaire to take its place. yup. i dont need to be reminded of my failures.

      1. Pisces with Sagg Rising

        I can kind of relate to that, too. There are a couple of people I’m in FB contact with and that’s enough for me. And they all stayed away, too!!

  33. Certainly very full on time. Personally, I feel like I am stepping up to the plate – last weekend stood up for myself round 2 men-related issues; had a good work week where I stood up to a colleague; started exercising again; and today – with a very dear old friend – called her gently on some slightly neglectful behaviour, followed by huge crying hugs (she has recently lost a sibling and beloved pet). Best of all – single though I am, I jumped at the chance to have my friends’ beach shack over Xmas – feel so grown up and will make my own celebration with friends and extended family! Sounds like I’ve morphed into an aggressive s**t? No, for this mars in libra, pisces moon/rising this is learning to value my authenticity despite deep seated fears that I will be rejected.

    1. Oh, beach shack over Xmas sounds idyllic… sea and sand for the Piscean types is as necessary as breathing, yes? You don’t sound aggressive at all. Saturn (and the rest of us) proud of you for setting good boundaries and deciding what’s right for you 🙂

      1. Bless you both – it’s been a total eye opener that people have actually apologized to me rather than rejected me – go figure? Good luck on Tuesday Rache!!

  34. Well I had forgotten it was the dark moon, such has been the fabness of my day. Am doing some heavy promo for my band which is playing a one-off v short set on a bill with some others, total fluke, we haven’t done this in a LONG time but the vibe is still there. So I’ve spent most of my day on that. Totes not thinking about any other thing. Haven’t had this much fun in ages and every other drama is barely on the radar. That’s the secret, clearly… get totally absorbed in something fun. The fun quota in my life has been zero for such a long time. Lessons.

    1. FANTASTIC – how excitement! Nothing like honouring your art and your genius, as MM would say – easy to lose sight of when major things are afoot, but like air and water to an artist – go girl 🙂

      1. Hey thanks… it was a last minute, complete fluke that it even happened and I cannot wait to get back to it. Not sure about genius but certainly god-sent. I so need this in the midst of ‘everything else’ 🙂

        1. So important to have those fast, fun creative opps – spesh when undertaking the big, more onerous ones like the P*d. Couple months ago I did some quick, spontaneous ‘experiments’ – one even non-digital: most fun I’d had in eons. Let us know how it goes!!

  35. Hi Mystic I just happen to be a biodynamic craniosacral therapist, not Upledger…Adaptive Integration work sounds similar although don’t know of it myself. There are so many therapies out there that are orienting to similar material energetically….many people who are suffering trauma come to me for gentle release. The patterns and memories that old trauma leaves affects the way one deals with new crises and stressful events…by practicing mindfulness and contemplation, connecting with nature, along with craniosacral work the body’s remembered responses can be adapted, building resilience. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable and willingness to process emotions is key to a transformational shift….

      1. Hey that sounded a bit narky…My thinking is that i would rather pay an awesome practitioner now than insane hospital bills decades down the track, right? And what price optimal health, sanity and productive functioning?

        1. He heh Capricorn therapist said exactly that to me on Friday: You haven’t wasted your money. You would have had to have an operation on your neck or spine when you are old.

          Money, bones and age…so Capricorn.

          Caps don’t fling away trust, nor money like a Piscean or Sag can. And this one is Scorp Moon. In the early days i came home headachey and swamped with trauma that had been unlocked after years in parts of my body. I know this one is a true healer.

        2. Apparently you can have a GP complete a form that will allow you to claim five of these amazing sessions through Medicare with only a slight gap. Believe me it is SO worth it!

            1. If you contact these guys via the link that Mystic posted they can give you all the info you need and specifically what form it is that the GP needs to fill in.

              1. Its called the Family Health Plan and you can get chiro; psychotherapy; dietitian; hypnotherapy etc. talk to your GP as well as the clinic – depending on the gap the practitioner charges, but medicare pays the basic rate X

                1. thanks quintile that’s exactly what I needed to know. I already have a great NET person so am not interested in changing practitioners – it’d be good to have some on medicare seeing as my taxes are paying for it. I have no idea what medicare pays for – I seldom get sick and when I do I go to ‘alternative’ practitioners. I pay for medicare because i have no choice. Maybe saturn in scorpio is about getting to the bottom of where your taxes go?

  36. yesterday, my whole body ached, and I actually told someone like a cry baby! I woke up this morning having to analyze why I said something like that? Was I fishing for comfort? My whole left side feels weak and shallow, like I need some core training..
    I put some rose otto and jasmine sambac and then one drop sandalwood on all my warm points in order to inspire some heart health and self love today.
    I am stronger that I realize sometimes..Is that my Libra Sun not accepting my abilities or my Capricorn Moon feeling insecure or is it my Jupiter in Scorpio feeling the magnetism of Saturn?


    1. My humble opinion is that your Cap Moon feels it must be strong and dignified all the time, even though the rest of us on the outside looking in on your comment (well, me anyway) are thinking, what in the world is wrong with sharing with someone that you don’t feel well? It is okay to lean on others, and I would bet whoever you told didn’t think you were a crybaby at all.

      1. Ahh Sagi arrows of truth, this I know and I also know a Cap moon for a bit of .. uhm, contrast? 🙂

        Yes, Aries does, by default get that label Sweets but I think so does Sagi in a different way. We are/look so good at moving on or through something that people assume it’s all sorted inside and get shocked when it’s not which somewhat invalidates having the feeling to begin with.

        Sure that’s true of any human but I have noted that pattern and also that others are generally pretty crap at being there for me and I have to do that myself. And.. well there might be that Cap thing as I also have Mars and Venus hanging there.

        Be grateful for the self revelations and for the truth and the trust required to convey the truth so the relationship is strong. We can’t go into hard places with people we care about unless we have some sense they’ll be there at the other side of the fray.


      2. Cap Moons ARE stronger than they feel sometimes. Thought partnered with my Leo Sun and Scorp rising was intense. I imagine Aries also puts the weight of the world on you. For the record: “I just want SOMEONE to make ME a cup of tea when I’m sick.” And friends really do have this “Oh, it’s OK for her…’ attitude when I’m going through a rough patch and don’t cry on their shoulder. It does not mean I’m not in pain. I just don’t gush it out. I still want to be heard.So, I cry alone or with my dog. I highly recommend crying on/with the dog as it is more cathartic than wine (sometimes aided by wine). And then no one else knows you were weak 😉 But then, is that my lesson? Letting someone other than my dog see a weakness? Hmmm, I’m still working on that.

        1. Cap moon here too: I think the trick is to interpret illness, sadness tears etc as all part of being human – not weakness. I am less hard on myself for experiencing them in the first place, these days.

          At the same time, I can’t stand splashing my emotions everywhere and am a tad repulsed(?) when others do so – so only my very closest family / confidantes and even then on v few occasions have seen me have a breakdown.

          I also find it easier to use my own resources rather than others to pull myself together. It’s also a dignity thing – who wants to see me with a runny nose, bleary red eyes, blotchy cheeks and a fistful of tissues? I don’t even want to look in the mirror when I am in that state!

  37. Domestic Triffid

    Yep. Vulcan acupuncturist had me sobbing over childbirth trauma (my children’s births, not mine). Had to go and sit on the beach for an hour afterwards and just let it flow through me. Feel clean and light now. Am also getting sensation back in my lower abdomen, which has been numb from three caesers.

    The funny thing is, I didn’t realise that I *was* traumatised, until it all bubbled up….

    1. Hello Beautiful !
      Thank you for the reminder to get onto this, although not close to the surface, i fell there is healing here needed after 2 c-sections with the boys, i defo felt an importantt part of birthing (for me) was missing when i was told due to hernia (Aries – i can lift/carry/schlep that no worries) i would not be natural birthing.no time to have repaired before we found out the little ram was on his way.
      The healing in the desert focused round my lower abdomen, but i connected it to wearing my Grandfathers old belt, and the heaviness he felt at times in his life. Me thinks however that it runs little deeper now.
      Much love and lentils baby !

  38. Feeling others. Some one I love deeply has just left their husband ( he was so not worthy) .. She’s great… I can’t keep up with her progression… Such a divine woman coming into her power will in some way be felt by us all : ).. I’m away And can’t see her eyes or her spirit fly. I’m crying .. And thanks girls perhaps now I no why… Divorce took a piece of my heart. Sending white light! pink light! love light! any light! just keep this girl safe from heartache! Please!!!!

  39. I had a friend call in hysterics because her Ex was sending her messages and then trying to call her. I pretty much banned her from making contact whatsoever. The poor pet.

    Me, I dyed my hair black. Now I regret it.

    1. This hair sitch somehow seems appropriate for someone named whimsygarden! Lol, I hope you can fix it. I had been doing really well with various shades of blonde at home…when I overdid it. Then tried to fix it (baaad). It was corn coloured. The hairdresser spent four hours and two dye jobs on it, unimpressed..!

      1. ah bad dye-jobs. everyone has a story. I’m strying to convince myself this black hair is okay. But it feels way to dark for summer, so I’m going to get one of those colour corrector thingies and hope my hair doesn’t fall out!

    2. 12th house virgo

      I dyed my hair black and regretted it, but it faded nicely. I think black takes some time to settle in, perhaps? I hope it works out in the end. You can always have coloring fixed.

  40. Yeah the Jimmy Saville thing is so weird here in the uk. I don’t go out of my way to watch or read the news, but it is everywhere and really big news & the weird thing is no-one is surprised at all. The big question is who is responsible for covering it up, because practically every ordinary person who came into contact with him thro’ his work knew.

    1. Sorry MM didn’t mean to ignore the first line of what you said – it’s hard making the decision to go to welfare about a situation. I did something similar myself about a year or so ago. It’s was a wrenching decision – but at least I felt I was doing something & not standing on the sidelines wringing my hands. I hope it all works out.
      It’s complicated, but the family involved are now in court over a different matter, so hopefully all will be resolved for the best of all involved.

  41. I am going to hypnotherapy in 10 min so I’ll let you know 🙂

    so far though, the manifestations have been quite odd. One session was amazing the rest was like, ok did not notice anything, but like mystic mentioned you kind of wait for this stuff to hit you. The only things of note is that the previous aqua had gone ballistic on control stuff and I was like teflon, infact people screaming emo fits at me (like my boss) has made little to no impact bar draining me of energy (not ok either I realise but not being caught in the net feels totally freeing) and after the big session I had which was line clearing I was getting major visions about ancestors converting to christianity (well some of them had to lol) and pictures of martyrs and mis interpretation of godliness being about sacrifice of the self. Lots of political shit with land and stuff too but all about god and a woman’s place. So much stuff shifted after that. I am doing the body today so I am expecting this to be most interesting. Btw I did a drawing about this all and it’s getting a lot of attention now. I integrated it into a piece and doing a personal totem series, getting a lot of attention.

    1. That’s brilliant that you are enjoying such good practical results emotionally! Love the art from the sub & superconscious states. Have been working with someone dear to me who is an frustrated artist & they are doing amazing images of their visions. Good luck with that, I know that is art that fascinates me! Otherworldly vibe is so apparent in it.

    2. the art is not from my subconscious state due to hypno its how I have always drawn and I have a deadline on something I have been working ages towards. I am not going for art reasons its to heal my body so I don;t get fucking cancer.

        1. well honestly I just wanted to give my experience as I intended them sans misunderstanding. There are no amazing results in terms of emotional breakthroughs, and I strictly for the record do not wish what is my hard work and set up be misconstructed or misinterpreted as anything but. I am going there for very different reasons, sensitive reasons, and nothing to do with being related to a frustrated artist you happen to know. I have to micro manage my therapist because she is so busy talking about her own things pre session and wandering off into naff past life territory -which I find incredibly commonplace amongst people who practice certain kinds of healing- and the only results I am actually getting for this is the ancestoral clearing that I went to do in the first place, i just really hate this faux hippie shit when my hard work is what is going on here despite your enthusiasm to a recent professional shift into this field.

          I come from a long line of witches, who don’t brag and bang on about their spiritual gifts and I was raised to see the work as a very different thing so I struggle with people who are constantly trying to spiritually validate themselves with these ridiculous ego benders. I can see what is in there I just need a hand getting it pulled out, I really tried to go in open minded but it’s not that amazing, when it works it is good, but I am experienced enough to work with, I would personally recommend other things previous to this as it’s just so easy to make things up should you not be in the right mindstate. I’m just trying to give a realistic account of this process. and not get cancer. thats all.

          1. Okay I do feel now like I am the egomaniac in yr story. If this is so, I would say I have come from a stato of sleep into a marathon so am just excited & have few to share it with. I don’t see that anyone else’s experiences or ideas in any way undermine your hard work. Anyway, all this PLR & other terms are just way of describing things, I understand that, but I haven’t found a way to discuss things that is more transparent. So I talk about PLR when in my heart I mean something else. Best of love on yr healing journey.

            1. no, I would not comment on your spirituality as I have not met you, just came back from a session and had to micro manage and I did not want to bang the drum on hypnotism.

              1. Banging drums, faux hippy shit or assertions of why you would do anything – I don’t really understand what any of the above has to do with me.
                My intent was friendly support and the response was less than. If you want sensitivity recognised the street goes two ways.

      1. And I do get that you were always an artist btw, my comment was more on how inspiring alt state is creatively. I was just happy for you.

  42. Hells Yes! I’m Kataka Sun, Libra Moon and Capricorn Rising – this week has been craptastic. Facing up to some old habits of thinking/reacting and dealing with the fallout as a result.

    On the plus side, my Kataka Sun, Gemini Moon and Leo Rising partner has been absolutely amazing – really shown the strength of his love for me (even if we do have to get over our stubbornness at times) and is standing by my side no matter what. He even made me dessert. I’m a lucky girl.

    The rest of my life is crumbling – bit like the Tower card in the tarot – but it’s just the phase before a new structure is built. Yes it’s crappy and painful, but it’s cathartic, clearing and necessary!

  43. Ps re the uncovering theme. Alot of my head angst chatter is around whether or not I publicly ( in a calm sane respectful way… Not on the springer show!) share my story you know?! I feel that by keeping quiet I’m perpetuating the whole thing? Thoughts if you feel inclined? North node in scorpe Leo fish rising venus in Virgo mars in taurus….

  44. Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

    gawd, one more comment: therapy starts this week. tuesday, the day after the new moon. fingers crossed, i’ve barely done any therapy at all let alone recently and this is GROUP therapy (DBT) so i am hoping it clicks with me.

    1. Group therapy saved my life. I was absolutely at my lowest ebb when I went there, totes desperate. I will never forget how it felt to hear someone else speak and tell what I thought was only my story. By far the hardest and most liberating thing I’ve ever done. Bless you for having the courage. You won’t regret it x

  45. Yeah wow! Ok I feel alot better just having read this!
    Having been out of abusive relationship for about a month and feeling really amazing now this weekend my head has been completely obsessed with re running it all!! Did that happen? Did I make all this shit up ? Am I going nuts ( finallylol)
    Its been really bloody heavy!!
    Totes high fives to me I uncovered child hood beliefs re self worth and playing small and all that stuff that happens when you grow up in an icky situation. But I have been really excited about being free and all the awesome I’m creating….. Till this weekend!! Exhausted and feeling a bit like what’s the point love and all that crap you know which is just NOT me at all.
    Ok well off to crawl into the most alchemical baths salt they are extraordinary!!! Really check them out Aussie herbalist makes them and by herbalist I been druid priestess!! 🙂 Embodyspa.com.au
    Thanks for being on my team peops. Xxx

  46. Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

    And re: amazing treatment I am a huge chiro junkie, so much amazing new things out there. I personally have benefitted a lot from neurocranial restructuring and very much want to try out atlas profilax. i’ll check this out forsure!!! sounds like the perfect dark moon release, glad you’re feeling relaxed and in tune with the vibe.

      1. Network chiro rocks my world, totally amazing, cannot speak highly enough of the technique. I’d never bother going back to regular chiro after having network heal crippling physical problems resulting from fuqed up operation – problems I’d been told could never be healed.

        Now I want what Mystic had…

  47. I know!! HOW disturbing. btw I checked his astro.. 31st oct, so he would be having a saturn sun transit. At least it is getting addressed, good on your for reporting.

    my ma said bbc had always been a rotten boys club.

  48. Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

    I’ve been realizing that I need to get okay with having nobody if it means being alone over toxic relationships (friendships included).

    Had a very, very rough week and right now I am making a plan to get on a better health/life routine and also a crisis plan — when I hyperfocus on school and work it is awesome, but when I hyperfocus on emotional things I can spiral out of control.

    I played piano my whole life and abandoned it when I started traveling. Yesterday I played again for the first time in three years (granted, not well. lol But I REMEMBER everything, of course). I just felt called to it all week, and once I started to play again I felt so much happiness. Like even if I am not the best, even if I am just playing other people’s stuff and not creating it is such a great outlet for people who can get carried away by and destructive because of emotional hyperfocus. Whenever I feel alone and terrible and want to REACT because of a conversation or lack thereof I now have something to turn to instead of trying to intellectually distract myself and fail.

    1. Love the spirit of going deep into piano practice and how it can take you away from your worries. That’s so nice for you.

      I think it would be very hard to be ok with having no-one.

    2. I’m the same way with hyperfocussing on emotional crap and spiraling out of control. I’ve got exams right now, so I’m being forced to put colossal amounts of effort into studying, but I am so in love with your idea to have a crisis plan.

      That definitely triggered a bit of an ‘a-ha’ moment. Thank you!

    3. Wonderful keep playing. And take care of your health. Get fit keep healthy and you will feel so good and positive. Play on!

    4. 12th house virgo

      The problem with focusing on emotions is that you can’t. They are feelings, so you can feel your own, but you can’t quite feel/reason with some set of other emotions outside of interacting with the person – that’s just your imagination eating itself which is why it makes you spiral. I know the drill. Stay busy, invest in you, and you’ll amaze yourself. Let the Universe sort the rest. It will.

  49. I have to say i have been feeling pretty good. Really happy and mot to bothered about anyone or thing. I feel so changed and happy. No love Zombie shite. I have been looking at a trip to Egypt in December. Cant beleive that i want to go there. Iam a Taurus with Pices rising.

    1. 12th house virgo

      I’ve been feeling pretty good too. A lot of work to do, but I like being busy. Not love zombing it, although the Aries full moon was really rough for me.

  50. Yep, been cryin’ since yesterday pretty much out of nowhere …. enormous grief over loss of relationship which seems to just go on and on. It’s debatable that I am processing anything though.

    Was wondering if this was being amped-up by saturn now on my scorpio moon in the 7th.

  51. Yesterday I found a girl in the toilets and held her as she balled in my arms. I let her release on me and went and did her makeup so she could fake the rest of the day and made her buy rescue remedy at lunch. One of my customers was nearly crying that she did not have a boyfriend. I told her London is a shit place to get one and I heard her out, made her realise its not a body issue but a difficulty integrating societally.

    On wed my boss had an emo psycho fit at me over a piece of paper that my colleague took by mistake. (she is quad pisces, cancer rising, mars rising on a neptune transit getting kataka zapped- please show me a better astro signature for you should never have a job dealing with people)

    I’m ok but Super egg shell week.

    1. Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

      That is such a touching story…when I’ve ben having a breakdown before and someone comes up to me with this look like “how can I help…” and it’s so frustrating because you are so touched but don’t know how they can help.

      I’m sure you changed her life. When someone shows that people are good when you are in a crisis like that it can change everything and make you feel not completely alone.

      1. I work with her so she saw me and said I can’t go back down like this and I hid her in a cubicle and let her go for it. She really needed to get that out. I am totally unfazed and I get this stuff so I was glad it was me and not someone who would judge/hold it against her, it\s a toxic environment and I have mentioned many times here how awful it is but it shows when people are breaking down out the back because they hate it so much and cry on my shoulder, not the first person either. I love nothing more than a good work environment so I am like a secret ninja emo bonding with all my girls so they having a good day despite the system. My customer was just having a shit day and needed to understand that despite being beautiful, this has nothing to do with complex interpersonal dealings and the difficulty of learning the social rules of a new culture. one quite prudish and stand offish by her parent cultures standards. Everyone has needed a hug this week.

        1. *nothing to do with her beauty rather and everything about the interpersonal complexities of new rules in a new country*

  52. This is an amazing therapy! I highly recommend it and these guys at Five Ways are the best – I’ve never felt better xx

    1. I agree – should be compulsory! And love the space – the light and serenity! I first went to them about four years ago and had ten sessions then went along over the next couple of years when I felt I needed a ‘tune-up’ and just recently have had an intensive round of sessions – about fifteen over seven weeks. My back felt like concrete and now I can feel how ‘soft’ it is and how it gives when they press it. Stuff that I used to dwell on periodically just doesn’t even feature anymore and people comment on how calm and happy I am. It resonated with me from the start and I get off the table feeling a natural high although I did have a few weepy times and sometimes a headache after treatment. I really look forward to going and feel it is the best money I have ever spent on any therapy/treatment – hands down! And I’ve just seen Arbitrage and totally agree with your comments on trading (really gambling) and derivatives. Also plan to never take pharmaceuticals!

      1. Excellent – you can be the Minister of Culture in my new dictatorship.

        You know, i believe that there is a place for pharma for sure BUT not as the first course of action.

        I think diet first (eg; is there an issue with wheat dairy etc) and then body structure/stress/exercise AND then therapy and THEN look at a pharma solution

        1. Yep, couldn’t agree more. I try to eat as close to the source as possible so as to avoid unnecessary processes and fortunately don’t have any dietary issues. Am a yoga/walking/tapping type (Taurus/Leo rising/Aqua moon) and think pharma/medicos great for intense pain relief/emergencies and thanks for the M of C role – perfect!!! x

          1. Same here, Susan! Leo Rising, aqua moon, taurus sun. Yoga, walking every day. i’ve just been trying theta healing and not much of a shift there. I definitely felt lighter, initially, but not so much now. I’d be interested to see how adaptive integration works. It does concern me, though, that you needed so many sessions to get longer term benefit. Alternative therapies can be very expensive. Very interesting to read of your success with this, though.

            1. I had felt the benefit when I initially went along and with what was happening in my life and how I was feeling I decided to give it a concentrated effort and it definitely had the result I was hoping for and cleared so much. The whole premise really resonates with me and I trust these guys and just went with it. I highly recommend watching the videos on their website, explains it very well. Remember you can claim on Medicare and even a few sessions will give results.

      2. RedlipstickVirgo

        I have had amazing release with this – adopted and I released all the primal birth trauma loss abandonment – it was incredible and I have a session about once a quarter. Just so aligning and freeing!

    2. It was brutal astro. Crying jag. Burrito of gynormous proportions. In bed at 8:30 and happy to have the day ending. It really couldn’t have been much more emo of a day.

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