Do Ultrasonic Diffusers Attract Ghosts?

Do ultrasonic essential diffusers attract ghosts? It sounds nuts but no! Ghosts are just one of several problematic factors.

As you’ll know if you’ve been around here for a while, I have the classic Libran Moon semi-obsession with fragrance. I am an avid advocate for aromatherapeutic atmospheres and the transformative power of various essential oils permeating the air. 

Since approximately the end of last decade, so-called ultrasonic diffusers have come to dominate the market: they’re hyped as being far superior to the older style essential oil burners where you use a tealight candle to heat oil with water in a little bowl.

They’re popular to the point that it’s practically impossible to find anything but these things. It’s easy to see why – they’re incredibly cheap to mass-manufacture offshore and yet you can put a premium on them for the supposed technical premium.

I got one, loathed it and initially thought it was a nuanced hippie aversion: the old-fashioned ones are elementally better for magic and aesthetic as they combine Fire (the flame), Earth (the rounded container and bowl), Water (in the bowl) and Air – the steam containing the fragrance as alchemized through the other three elements.

An ultrasonic diffuser has an elemental interplay but it’s plastic, electricity and sound. I guess you could argue that plastic – made from petroleum – is a perversion of Earth and Water, Electricity is captured and directed Fire, while the sound effect is mechanically manipulated Air.

There is still an alchemical process but it may not be desirable.

Then I decided that from a Steiner-esque, quantum-molecule kind of perspective the “ultrasonic vibration” that is supposed to disperse the fragrance was actually fuqing with it. I could tell that the diffuser was doing something but the scent seemed denatured, almost disturbed.

I asked the woman at the shop where I purchased the machine what she thought about it and she said it they were better than the old style ones which should be banned because of the risk of fire. Fair enough.

However, many people don’t realize – I didn’t – that the frequency emissions mean they’re legally required to be certified by the FCC or a similar body in your country. They’re classified as “unintentional radiators” and some have already been pulled from market.

Ultrasound can be as damaging as the notorious infrasound. Both are officially inaudible – that is, your brain does not consciously register it as noise but your ears sure do and they’re not happy. Animals as well as some humans do hear it and it makes them uneasy as fuq.

Infrasound is emitted by whales, alligators, bats and elephants. It’s used by scientists to detect earthquakes, meteors, certain types of artillery, imminent volcanic eruptions and nuclear detonations. It’s the factor that makes many people ill around wind farms and as it is anything below 20 Hz, it includes the Ghost Frequency aka 18.9 hz.

Ultrasonic is many Hz higher than this but it’s also linked to various weirding. It’s used to break up kidney stones, detect motion or distance and for cleaning – teeth, jewellery etc. Paranormal researchers also use it to pick up electronic voice phenomena.

Admittedly, I am sonically-sensitive – eg: I am one of the alleged seven percent of people who can hear the ripple signal that many power companies send several times a day – but I had my ultrasonic diffuser on for one night and had one of the most legit vile paranormal experiences of my life.

What’s more, I knew it was not connected to the house or me as such – it was perturbing. Briefly, it began with a sleep paralysis (also linked to infrasound), a distinct unpleasant odor and something clutching hard at my arm as if it were trying to pull me elsewhere.

I managed to come round and shake it off but when I awoke properly I was standing up holding the unplugged diffuser. I threw it away and yes, I usually recycle or donate items but this felt so wrong. I opened all the windows and fell fitfully back to sleep.

By the next morning, I’d managed to tell myself it was just a nightmare caused by some rando food coloring or too much computer time etc. But by the afternoon a large, unpleasant looking blue-black bruise had formed on my upper arm.

No I can’t provably put all this down to the diffuser and I apologize if you love yours or I’m demeaning your ultrasonics business but there is something to this. Unless every company is extraordinarily careful with their frequency testing, any device could be putting out – infra and ultra sound.


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  1. Any aroma/odor emitted by these things makes me physically ill and there is a large furniture store brand that has the damned things going non-stop. I’m practically heaving by the time I get past the blasted ‘perfume’ and heading with relief into the computer and appliance area. Other shops that blast them constantly are newsagents and gift shops that sell them. They are vile!!!!!!!!!!!! And I didn’t even know all those small things you have pointed out to us Mystic. Another lesson learned courtesy of you 🙂

  2. Just on ghosts while we’re about it. I have an opportunity, which I have accepted, to look after a beautiful old country home in NSW for a month. I can work from there remotely and I know the house. HOWEVER I and others have experienced ghostly activity and I am a bit scared to sleep alone there (OMG). What is the protocol for making the entity stay away while I sleep? The house has quite a history and has burned down before. Excited but nervous…

    1. Do you have a dog you can take with you, or even borrow one? A dog will alert you in case of presence, & of course great for moral support & physical protection.
      If you feel the need, you can salt around bed, across bedroom door threshold, fireplace, windows, etc.

      1. Thank you Skarab. I will stock up on salt and hope for the best. I will also request the ghost not to make it’s presence felt to me and hope that works. Unfortunately the only dog I could borrow is a nervous wreck so it would be counter productive. Fingers crossed.

    2. A cat would also work 🙂 Maybe a bit more invested since you’d need a box, but cats will teach you fearlessness when it comes to the dead. You could also burn sage/palo santo, and fill the space with as much positive vibes and energy as you can muster (be upbeat, play happy music, and watch content that keeps you smiling) because to experience negativity you have to be an energetic match to it, so just shine so bright the darkness can’t approach 👌😌

      1. Thank you Fae! Sage advice I am sure. I am feeling less nervous about it the closer it gets actually and am attracting small creature from everywhere. I have a cricket that keeps wanting to sleep with me but it’s so loud and perching on my hand all night is creepy. Lizards are wandering through the house too – I found a skink taking a ride on my shoulder recently. Spiders and cockroaches wander across my hands while I am working. It’s really weird. Something is up, but what?

    3. Penelope Darling

      You could contact a shaman who works nearby or remotely to help the presence move on properly. Otherwise I would also suggest that the ghost lives there too, maybe an offering and an acknoledgement of their precedence in that place. You could offer a deal, you will keep an altar going for them IF they let you have a peaceful stay. I find most ghosties are stuck / scared / lonely and a dialogue really helps.

      1. Thank you PD. I will make a little shrine. That’s a great idea. And there are beautiful flowers in the garden to place there. I have certainly decided to ask politely that it leaves me be. The place burnt down back in the early last century bc a servant girl left her night candle burning. But I feel it’s a man myself. Big burly dude. Fingers crossed

  3. Holy crap, what a ghastly experience, Mystic! … & the bruising!! … It might be interesting to know the esoteric properties of the essential oil(s) you were diffusing too for some extra nuance? … And so glad you chucked the gizmo! 

    These plastic mould machines are a menace to humans & beasts alike if not cleaned out properly & regularly – which a lot of people don’t know, don’t care, or won’t bother with. So eventually you are going to be inhaling microscopic mould spores (even black mould spores if you’re really lucky) with your essential oil vapour droplets, as i have smelled in some shops that deploy them continually. The staff being completely oblivious, because they’ve become nose blind from overdoing the oils.

    Plus, plastic is nasty, and as a rule, essential oils should be kept away from it as they can break it down – while the leakage destroys the oil. That’s why it is super important to have it thoroughly cleaned regularly.

      1. Yes, the ifficulty of keeping them clean is the reason I’ve never stuck with using them–before even getting to the ghosts! It’s very scary, and suitably New Age, ghost story.

  4. I’m an analogue girl. If there’s a version of anything that doesn’t need to be connected to a power supply to charge/ function, I’ll use that. Also I second Pegasus’s use of a few drops of oils in a water spray bottle. Also #2, there is a brand that makes an aerosol lavender oil now, which along with a vase of fresh flowers / gum leaves is a handy (recyclable) go-to for nice air

    1. I’m going to google ripple signal though. 7% is a lot! Also the fast dark bruise must have been v disturbing.

      There’s a movie about a guy who investigates unusual sound frequencies, like a noise detective. Got it! the sound of silence. With Peter Sarsgaard ⁠♡

    2. Lastly I think the translation of the elements into modern substances or processes is interesting. It reminds me of interpreting the i ching. You really have to think like a cosmic intelligence that is using a 3000-year old phrase book (and an array of interpreters): which combination of symbols would best describe this situation? It’s almost AI-ish sometimes, in the objectively logical – and sometimes surprisingly sympathetic or gentle (non-AI) – responses, the algorithm and the heuristic, that we have to find our own relationship with, for our circumstance in real time.

  5. I’ve had many episodes of sleep paralysis and also unexplained bruising and what I thought were nightmares of being held down in my later years. Now I wonder where to get help with this. Is this a “ghost infestation”?

    I believe these started when I began learning to read Tarot cards and increased when I relied too much on the opinion of “Spirit Guides”, which were not spirut guides at all.

    The problem increased when I moved into the city. I feel that there are significant increases in ultrasound noise at night, disturbing my sleep. There’s, no doubt, a lower presence at locations that are further from major streets.

    The highest recordings of ultrasound noise occurs during the night and the lowest during midday.

    Ultrasonic devices are used in the beauty industry, too. Who knows what this does to your aura? Maybe holes or tears?

    Ultrasonic sound is used in motion sensors, so the light bulbs that come on when you approach use it too, I would guess.

    I bought blue sage, white safe, cedar, sacred leaf, juniper, rosemary, holy wood, and lignum vitae to cleanse my apartment and have used essential oils for many years too, often forgetting I have these for awhile, and then use them intensely. I’ve been inconsistent but now that words have been put on the problem, I’m going to work much harder on a solution.

    I use AI, sit long hours in front of a computer, live in an urban environment with high ultrasonic noise emissions and have a cell phone on all the time. I guess I’m surrounded by ultrasonic noise emissions as the nonintentional result of the operation of many machines and systems… The nontechnological sources of ultrasonic noise.

    I read that ultrasonic waves are used to activate Siri on your phone, have it make calls, take images or read the contents of a text to a stranger. Ultrasonic waves pose a real threat, and go through metal, glass and wood. These are called “surfing attacks”. Put your phone on a tablecloth or some other soft, woven fabric to stop it.

    Moving is not an option at this time. Any suggestions?

    1. Like Earthstar suggests, try TCM. I’ve sent clients of mine who were helped a lot by acupuncture. If you are unfamiliar with TCM terminology it may sound bizarre, for instance when they talk of Heart Phlegm-Fire or Liver Fire, it’s describing the energetics of these organs, rather than the organs themselves being on fire, if you get my meaning. Look up “ancient ghosts and ghost points in TCM“. It is fascinating. Useful for sleep paralysis, childhood traumas, PTSD, addictions, night terrors & more. I’ll link a basic site, but it takes a while for it to clear.

        1. Thank you so much for the link! I find this to be very helpful, even “satisfying” in a strange way, like a confirmation of something I barely wanted to acknowledge.

          I’m not in the States right now (although from the Westcoast), so going to that/those practitioners won’t work but also confirmed something that I “knew” that I should allow myself.

          After reading your first reply, I searched and read about TCM. I also found information on how to combine acupressure on the TCM points with homeopathy.

          One site that I found while waiting for the link, which amazingly is the SAME SITE YOU RECOMMENDED, gave explicit instructions on how to apply pressure on five points with illustrations. YINTANG (the reset point), PC 7, REN 24, LU 11, DU 26.

          I believe I need to focus on the Shen and will practice acupressure on myself until I can get the help of a real practitioner in my area (or travel to one). I used to practice “Tapping” and will look into that again, too.

          The study of flower essences was an interest years ago and two in particular might help me: Walnut and White Yarrow. In homeopathy, there are homeopathic clairvoyant remedies, since I take on other people’s thoughts and feelings. Phosphorus was recommended, as well as Ladesis and “China”.

          I started so early in life on one path and abandoned it, perhaps losing my way…

          Anyway, thank you!

          1. You’re very welcome. Glad you liked the link & hope you find yourself a good acupuncturist – i really don’t know how i would have made it through life without TCM.

          2. I’m going to look in to the ghost points too. And though it’s always incredible to see a skilled acupuncture practitioner, doing self-acupressure can be really wonderful and healing too. I recommend The Way of the Five Elements, a beautiful book and guide to the practice by John Kirkwood. The acupressure points are grouped by elements and he’s very eloquent on their psycho-spiritual/emotional correlates too.

            Sending all warmth and solidarity for the journey<3

      1. Interesting, re: childhood trauma and “ancient Ghosts”, I’ve had my fair share of it with extensive physical scarring, but also nightmarish memories that I repress. All this still “haunts” me today, but I am certain that my undisciplined approach to the “occult” has a large part in this, too.

        About acupuncture. I did use acupuncture and acupressure and several healers and healing techniques during one period (several years) of my life. It brought on major changes in me and my life, not all good (maybe because it released stuff that I couldn’t handle) although that was many years ago. If I do something now, I’ll approach it with the proper reverence and respect.

        Will search on that phrase.

        My immediate impulse after reading and writing this response was to burn juniper and add drops and drops of cedarwood (Juniperus virginia) and grapefruit (Citrus paradis). It was like a cracking fire. I thought of the other posts where they talked about furry friends, and saw them sleeping in front of the fire. I turned off everything and went back to sleep because I wake up at 1.30, 2 or 3 every single night and can’t fall back to sleep. I wrote my response at about 5 am after being awake for a few hours.

        I’m “wearing” these oils now. It feels comforting, but I have no idea what the deeper meaning might be. (I have a drawer full of essential oils that I can “dip” into and pick, intuitively, and “wear”.)

        Thank you.

    2. The Lion & The Centaur

      OMG! I have these motion detectors in my house! And the space closest to the detector is shifty – if I see any peripheral visions I see them in this place. One morning I even woke up and saw a tall shadow thingy standing there. There might be something to this!

  6. Essential oils in a water spray & used every few hours. Love water for it’s properties of clearing-changing negative types of energy acquired or inherent. Also moisture into the air.
    That sleep paralysis is horrific. Experienced it once, some entity held my hand through the sheet. When i could finally move got out of bed turned on each light & none would turn on. Scary stuff that sleep science has MOSTLY explained.’Spiritual’ practitioners will say differently, that there are actual entities most unfriendly.
    Glad you shook it off Mystic.

    1. Yeah the sleep paralysis is so scary. I have had a few experiences, none pleasant. One where I was being strangled in Singapore after falling asleep next to an ancient medicine box I had bought and left open next to the lounge. Awful. One in London where I saw an apparition and then water started pouring out of the light fitting above me. Sweet Jesus I nearly died of fright.

      1. Hear you, girls!!
        Had sleep paralysis once or twice a year since childhood. Only stopped when I started getting weekly acupuncture/cupping. Thought they were related to my “migraines with aura” (which also reduced with TCM, and have brain blood-vessel flow origin), or even over-heating, but not sure. Have heard of the sheer terror of the hallucinations – mine are breath and body based. I feel like I cannot breathe (during the paralysis), and while I learnt to control the air hunger/paralysis panic in latter years (i keep trying to wriggle legs/breathe), the mortal fear is very real. I think a hallucination on top would legit give me cardiac arrest !!😄 Anyway. I once heard a speaker (Anthony Peake, who gets intense deja vu during migraines) say that a neuroscientist he consulted had identified a common neuro-transmitter involved in a lot of brain activity – hallucinations, deja-vu, epilepsy, even near death experiences – that of glutamine! Perhaps this is a “portal chemical” to “other consciousness” then? (Bring the sage !!☺) x

        1. I feel for you Earthstar. I am unable to move any part of my body except my eyelids but the rest is dead. Being unable to breathe would be terrifying! Let’s look at the glutamine aspect. Something must be done.

          1. An ancient medicine box, and apparition accessorising a leaky light fitting would definitely have me afraid of sleep – forever, lol! Is it always (occurring) while you are travelling..?
            Be sure to research/consult with professionals, in getting any answers – for me personally, I avoid glutamine because I have * super * weird dietary triggers to my migraines – and have no idea if it is too little or too much that is implicated (in weird consciousness experiences). But I hope that lots more research into this sort of thing starts happening, soon – I **love how science can put a man on the moon, but we still know so little about endometriosis/menopause/brain functions…? xx
            **”Love” is to be read while imagining a hollow laugh accompanying.. 🙂

            1. Just want to be sure I’m understanding this correctly, glutamine or glutimate? I thought glutamine was a helpful supplement that was used to repair the gut lining and prevent leaky gut.

              1. hi Alex! yes, I first tried glutamine supplement to help with gut repair (am coeliac), and (for me personally) it triggered a migraine. But Anthony Peake was referring to glutamate (so sorry! think i said glutamine up above) when discussing Dr Art Funkhouser’s research into dream states and deja vu.
                Have a chat with your herbalist/GP/preferred health professional about what to supplement, but in my own personal reading (for myself) it appears there is a strong link implicated between high glutamate levels and migraines, so I avoid it. And I just read a 2020 PubMed article where researchers found that glutamine is converted to glutamate in digestion – but again, am no expert!

        2. Very good book by Oliver Sachs about migraines with colour depictions of what the auric visuals look like.
          Have ‘auric’ migraines sometimes set off my certain light, no pain just vivid colourful electrical wiggles that last 5-10 mins.
          It has been said that they can indicate visits from ET’s…lol

        3. Wish Upon a Star

          Hey Earthstar and folks. It might be worthwhile getting a sleep study done. I just had one and discovered I am not getting enough oxygen. This causes nightmares as your brain is trying to wake you up. And yes it can happen in twilight sleep. I am getting a splint next week to push my jaw forward to make more room for air.

          I am not saying this is the only reason for nightmares but for me it is. In Australia you can have the sleep study for free . You just fill out a questionnaire about your sleep.

          And after reading the book Breath recommended by Pegusus I also found out mouth breathing during sleep is bad.

          1. Ooh that’s really interesting Wish. Thanks for sharing. Our brains are clever aren’t they. How our bodies communicate to us. Hope the nightmares go away now x

      2. Aqualeo, ‘nearly died of fright’…me too!
        The rest of the story is that after the lights wouldn’t turn on, got in car & drove to 2 different friends places & knocked on their doors because i was so terrified. No answer from either & next day neither said they heard any one.

  7. Having Venus in Libra in the 4th I also studied aromatherapy. It’s interesting I bought an ultrasonic diffuser a few years ago because of a young child, furry critters getting into everything and a forgetful mind but I find I’ve barely used it. I also find I have to put much more oil to get the same effect or enough scent in comparison to the old tea light lamp. Time to pull out the old ceramic diffuser and put it in a high spot!

  8. I didn’t think of an candle oil burner as a spiritual alchemical tool/ornament but your right they are, they can change and charge the atmosphere of the space, thank you mystic x

  9. Funny I have moved and threw mine to the tip so glad I did after reading your article Mystic. I never liked it much.

  10. I’m ultra sensitive to tastes,sounds, lights, smells & pick up on vibes quickly. I had an electrically wired himalayan salt lamp that I had to eliminate from my house b/c it had a strange effect. I replaced it with a salt lamp with a recess for a tea candle, which has a totally different effect that is beneficial for me. I’ve had similar paranormal experiences that have convinced me to carefully consider anything “extra” electronically within my home.

  11. Mystic your level of sensitivity sounds paralyzing and hellish! I. Scared.
    You know I literally just unboxed a new diffuser yesterday but this won’t be in my bedroom, my workspace. My Libra moon also has to have most rooms/clothes scented via mood, conditions and some form of Astro-herbal-diagnosis lol….
    There’s something about the scent of incense that’s just not for me, but now the timing of this post has me second guessing myself lol….

  12. I’ve been researching “fragrance” I am transitioning into chucking a vast array of scents out, not passing it down bc it may actually be a form of poison. I was given a Xmas soy candle as a gift and despite the expense it is vile. Gift beater said these are strong, you can just leave the lid off to get the nice odour. Mmmm nope vile. I do miss using my ultra sonic gadget (to clean the energy in a shared classroom/workspace) but again only the purest lemon myrtle was tolerable. Can’t image what’s in the cheap “jasmine rose and vanilla” from the reject shop. I did buy some clean essential oils and often get a whiff of the green goddess one makes me feel protected. Damned if you do but gosh they’re nice.

  13. Love this article and website. Real elements all the way. Obvs am denying the magic inherent in typing this on a laptop powered by electricity, and – tangentially – I do think you can “charge/send” good energies through any medium – but natural elements safer.

    Sometimes I think we come into quotidian knowledge/skills/abilities we aren’t meant to have yet as a collective conscience (such as personal ultrasonic devices). For myself, I have definitely come to treat some knowledge as a consumptive good (like food, wine, cheese – lol!) which has to be respected (dosage, place of origin, processing). For this reason I am distinctly uncomfortable with certain (not all) tech (AI, automated vehicles, anything else where you can delegate your own conscience/decision-making). But of course, it is all about context – am obvs comfortable with a (human) surgeon overseeing robotic tech in life-saving medical procedures. Super interesting questions as always, MM! x

  14. I have never used the diffusers either preferring the old burners any day. It isn’t proper without a fire. But the bruise Mystic! That is kind of terrifying and I relate to it. When I was studying aromatherapy years ago I had to massage someone in our clinic and she had a rather large boil (eww) on her hip which I carefully avoided. We had to give each other an aromatherapy massage and when it came to her turn to do me I felt completely drained of energy. It was all I could do to drive home and collapse. When I woke up I had developed a huge lump in the same place as this woman’s cyst. So aromatherapy does facilitate these phenomena with sensitive people. I usually say a little thank you when I burn.

  15. Wish Upon a Star

    Oh my Goddess. I have used them in the past but instinctively preferred tea lite candles.

    They are packed away somewhere. I just thought that the oils smelt better with fire. But thought when I find them I would use them in the summer as candles add to the heat especially in the bedroom.

    But not now after reading this. Folks if you have dogs or cats do they react to these diffusers?

    Yes I do like the ritual of earth, water and fire.

    No to yukky plastic.


    1. I read an article that suggested some oils were highly toxic to cats and/or dogs. Interesting oils like pennyroyal but I think Nirvana informed us of that

      1. Yes we learnt that using oils consistently can build up in animals organs and be toxic in my Aromatherapy diploma. Moderation and checking which oils are the worst offenders for the furry friends

        1. I use MCT coconut oil as a carrier as I don’t like grapeseed’s consistency and odour. Check it out. Has worked well for me, for massages, as a carrier for tealight diffuser and to make my own fragrance.

          – Virgo Rising who can’t tolerate artificial odours.

        2. Wish Upon a Star

          I was referring to the actual ultrasonic diffuser. But I’m glad you told me this information as I had no idea about this.

          I don’t have pets but will in the future.

        3. Totally, Agstar. There’s been an increase in pet deaths by intoxication since this gizmo has become available – but also with the nebuliser – as they actually spray out microscopic essential oil particles, unlike the heat/candle diffusers which evaporate into the air. People don’t realise that around animals these gadgets should be deployed sparingly & carefully esp in a confined space/small appartments. Not to mention there’s a long list of essential oils that are toxic to dogs & particularly cats as they lack certain liver enzymes that break down & help eliminate toxins like phenols for instance, which are in many of the essential oils. 

        1. It’s an herb peeps used to drink to induce uterine contractions that would cause a “spontaneous” miscarriage. Or, at least, that’s what it would look like to the doctor. My BFF used it successfully a number of times very early on but once at 4 mos.

          This knowledge was very useful in places where abortions were illegal, or you didn’t have the money, etc. I got pregnant once in Northern Irelands in the 90s (where they are STILL illegal) and drank so much pennyroyal I made myself sick and attributed it to the pregnancy. (I ended up having to take the Underground Abortion Railroad to London, which is another story altogether).

          I’m sure Kurt Cobain found all this out from Courtney — as all of us 80s counterculture kids used it, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. One time, my dad found, like, a half a pound of it in a bag of mine when he was looking for something I’d said was in that bag, and he thought that it was pot. So while he was driving me to the guy’s house (who was why I had a half a pound of pennyroyal — and that herbalist who sold it to us knew exactly WTF we wanted it, and didn’t bother to pretend otherwise, instead, dispensing use advice), he gave me this little speech about how “You know what’s in that bag?” And I was totally clueless. And he was like, “You know, the herb? I don’t want that stuff coming into the house again.” LMAO! I was like OMG you think I’m like, dealing pot on a federal level? It’s a TEA dad, for my breathing problems.” (pretending it was Mullen) I made him smell it (he smoked his fair share in college), and he was like, immediately like, “Oh, yah, that’s not pot.” It has a strong mint smell. But it *will* make you sick (tired, tummy aches, headaches) if you take too much, but it’s got a high-enough successful rate that it’s been used as an abortifacient for centuries right up to today. This is important wisdom passed down from those who survived the Burning Times — look what’s going on in the States re: women being forced to carry pregnancies to term. We have to keep this knowledge alive.

          I took one look at those diffusers and was like, “Oh yeah, right. Does it come with strawberry bubblegum scented oil?” I don’t understand why people don’t see anything wrong with plugging the huge crystal into an electric outlet? Whomever above mentioned that there are ones that have spaces for tea lights in them, thank you! I can’t wait to find one. I am finding the quality of essential oils going down. Usually, you could rely on lavender to prevent blistering from an accidental burn and my latest vial doesn’t do dick.

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