High Speed House Witching

The monthly Dark Moon, marked on the Moon Calendar, is the ultimate zone for high-speed house witching. It’s when even the most micro clear or unclutter job can effectively shift stale energy and attract abundance.

The word clutter has its root in ‘clot’ as in coagulate. There is a very real thrill in de-cluttering and removing things. It stimulates energy and ideas. It is also meditative, to the extent that the sorting and assessing take up a particular part of our brain, like chanting a mantra does. It always evokes fantastic ideas or realizations, elevating your mood.

But if you’re not a natural Dark Mooner space-clear-cadet or have gotten out of the rhythm, it can be daunting. In that case, follow these six easy steps to fly through it.

(1) Aim to do this at Warp Speed – zero distractions. There is room for a leisurely decluttering and sorting process, but if you’ve been avoiding it, full focus velocity is the only way. Turn off your phone. Set a timer for 144 minutes or 22 minutes or another length of time that is as numerologically satisfying. Twelve minutes is ultra-magic as it’s 72° – a quintile – or one-fifth of the 360° compass, evoking a pentagram.

(2) Do this in silence or to the soundscape of something with pace, no lyrics. My Focus and Space Clearing Music is genius for this but whatever you do, avoid drippy spa music.

(3) Put every item of dirty clothing, dishes, and utensils in the wash, using the heavy-duty cycles and with a prayer of gratitude for not having to rinse them in a river. Get a couple of industrial-strength rubbish bags – the sort that you could probably put bricks in – and strut around your domain, putting everything that is rubbish, never worn/used, or energetically sub-optimal into a bag for the trash or charity.

The latter has to be donated by the New Moon. Be ruthless – fewer things come in handy than you might think, and if you’re worried about what you paid for something, you can’t recover the costs by keeping it on a shelf, so do something. If you think something could be sold, realistically assess the amount of time spent posting the item and dealing with inquiries versus the money you would make.

(4) Throw sea salt around the place like a dervish. Visualize it attracting and neutralizing grubby little remnants of low-vibe entities, ghost gunk, leftover thought forms, and general detritus. High dust, wipe any obvious surfaces with a wet cloth and some energizing essential oil like rosemary, and vacuum. Empty it straight after and remove the bag.

(5) Put all stray documents – physical ones, not digital – into one pile and roar through them with incredible gusto. Remove duplicates, scan the ones you need, action them on the spot if possible or schedule the payment/response and then shred the rest.

(6) Etherically clear with some Tibetan bells, an essential oil spray, incense, or smudging, and enjoy the uplift. Set a New Moon intention if one comes to mind but otherwise anticipate the arrival or news of something beneficial that you have made room for!

Image: Antonio Nunziante – The House By The Sea

105 thoughts on “High Speed House Witching”

  1. I wasn’t able to force my sleepy body to clean after the osteopath last night (see above) but I downloaded a Schumann Resonance app on my phone and just lay there listening to it on my headphones for about 2 hours. My whole body felt like it was vibrating! I am going to incorporate this into my daily routine, it surprised me how powerful it felt. Also going to try and play this in the float tank (they let you play your own music if you want, usually I just have complete silence).

    1. I often find that the last couple of days before the New Moon are about deep rest too – hope your Dark Moon protocol has given you what you need!

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Yes the last few days are definitely about deep rest too. So I was born on a balsamic new moon in Taurus. And it was an eclipse moon.

        Thanks for reminding me.

  2. Lilith Virgo 0 degrees in 6th making grand earth trine to moon, Saturn. Venus in 4th

    Gosh I could hear about house witchery all day, every day.

  3. I didn’t bother with house witchery but I did have a long chat with Libran Virgo boss about my job and particularly money as the moon went new. He is a master negotiator (4 planets in Libra, hello, plus the lint-filter memory of a triple Virgo) and while I’m told by the former office Scorpio that he might have a crush on me* (gawd), he’s not so stupid as to compromise the bottom line on account of the office Pisces, if he can help it.
    However, negotiators are successful when they know what you want in a broader capacity, which they use to work out a deal that is big on mutual gain. While I am a bit concerned that the scope slid out of my capacity to handle it properly (he made some offers and suggestions based on me outlining my closely-held cappy moon long-view personal plans), I’m trying to figure out if this convo was actually the start of something bigger and a way to actuallly help me along. It’s a thought process that I’d rather side with than wondering if I was being gypped, which is a disempowered mindset and makes for a shite vibe in the counter offer. Tarot approx says know your worth, get off the emo wagon, conversation is work / heavy hitter, cut-thru is required

    1. Everything that was in cap was in my 7th house (sun moon Venus on my moon), there’s compromise like a 7th house stellium of 6 planets … In cap… haha.
      maybe having lived as a free agent for so long has made me wary of deals and mutuality, commitment, even to a job. Maybe I just need to get over myself and soak it all up like a sponge, give it 18 months and learn like a..mercury ruled person. Yes. Give it a chance?

      1. My instinct is to say yes to giving it a chance. Us mercurials tend to bounce around a lot and I’ve learned to fully embrace that with no internal judgment. But I’ve learned lots of lessons from staying still at a workplace for 3 years even in a boring practical job

        1. But I think you could be hesitant also bc it’s not everything you want – the job itself or monetary compensation. If so do not compromise. Nn in Leo we self actualize

        2. Yes, I think it covers both of these things dark star – I think I realised I can just let my guard down a bit at this place, and get on with things , it doesn’t have to be a struggle

      2. This is obvs my Cap moon talking but there are many good reasons to stay somewhere that isn’t perfect but where you are supported by your boss and can put money in the bank as an investment towards your larger goals. Money = freedom and choices. Or, stay for now and look around. Mutable means always being able to change your mind at the eleventh hour.

        (Also, “the office Scorpio” as a concept. LOL.) xx

        1. Yeah. I mentioned the kind of timeframe I had in mind and my desire to not remain forever in this city.

          The office Scorpio is one of my favourite people, bless her plutonic socks

  4. I’ve been having such a foul time at the cube farm I had no energy for cleaning/housewitching last night. I half-arsedly (can that be an adverb??) ran my dishwasher, took out the rubbish and moved laundry from one location to another before sitting down to some ill-advised e-stalkery. Tonight I’m carb loading and heading off for an early night and Netflix. I did make a wish at new moon, it was in my 5th. I am so in need of a Saturn plan.

    1. Honey, this has been my working life two-years. I HAAAAAATE the half-arsed stuff. I’m smiling and head-tilting while middle eyebrow raising in empathy.

      Because the fqn plan is right in your head, but the energy levels get so low when there’s fqery about.

      My new plan is get home, glass of water and 10 mins yoga with whatevr music i feel like, if not quick plugs for silence, i can hear my own breathing, it’s amazing). It’s probably more like 20 mins but i’m not holding myself down to a time, it just ends up real sweet. Even if i just lay the heck down and lift my arms and legs, it’s good.

      After that,

      yeah whatever you do after that is just a blend of self care and getting the other bullshit done but, at least some of it gets done, or you just get a deep rest. Bit of both is good: don’t let your Fire (Leo) stuff compete with the astro and “fail”. They’re just stars, and they can pull you in in your time 🙂

      1. Yoga when I get home is an excellent idea. I need a way to get myself through the crushing low that regularly hits me on my afternoon commute.

    2. In my fifth, too. Got totally wiped out by Saturn in Sag the last few years (five planets, God help me). I’m embracing the spreadsheet and trying to do the best I can.

      1. Oh my goodness…I hope you came out of it ultimately better off. Five planets. Ouch. Well done for embracing the spreadsheets…you’re probably doing better than you think you are xx

        My multi-Leo Sagg rising bestie had a horrible time but had a late run in the last three months of Saturn in Sagg. The former trainwreck party girl has drastically reduced her drinking, started eating healthily, lost 10kg, started yoga, quit Chaos Addict secret boyfriend, started hiking, and has now also quit social media and online dating. She also quit a dysfunctional job and found work with a much better organisation. 2.8 years of the transit was a punish for her but it’s like she suddenly woke up one morning and said, ‘Fuq this I need to change’ and did it all in the last two months.

            1. Haha!! She was on FIRE!!! – (Pun intended)

              Can’t imagine an earth sign having changed even half of all that in such a short time.

  5. Lol k there is something to the Schumann. I decluttered/ heavy cleaned last Virgo moon Wkend but I realized I needed a dark moon warp 7 clean before work…20 mind later dishes were done(my feng shui apt qi is annoyingly right over my sink so I can tell you how dirty dishes feel), clothes sorted, objects placed, sage candle burnt. It’s not defcon Virgo Mars clean, but will suffice for pre Scorpio returning home from night job on new moon fresh vibes.

  6. This dark moon is killing me, I suddenly hit a wall today and a speed clean is out of the question at the moment! I have been hitting my new years resolutions and goals hard since January 1st so allowing myself a little break. Hopefully I will pep back up after the new moon…trine my 27 degree Taurus asc.

  7. Just did a speedy, weird, random, not totally comprehensive, yet deep cleaning and clear out.
    I’ve had the Schumann resonances playing all day.
    Did the salt across main door threshold, cleaned stairs coming into the apartment and floors — sweep, vacuum, and wash.
    Took a few things, items of clothing, books, to the second hand shop as a donation.
    Got rid of an old notebook of my thoughts from 2009-2011.
    Randomly thought of, hunted down in all my junk, and threw away some cocoa butter massage bars that I had often used with ex-lover guy, thinking his ‘cells’ and vibe are still on them………wouldn’t have even remembered I had those things if it weren’t for this post and everyone’s responses……thanks for jogging my memory, everyone! 🙂

    I’m feeling lighter and more optimistic and energized since I got up today! Still an hour and a half to go before the new moon, too! Gonna take a shower now…..

  8. I’m going to do a quick cleaning and clear out today before the moon is new at 6pm. I need something to roust me from my lethargy and lack of motivation since the new year. I feel like crap, I’m on my cycle, and I have been indulging in sugary foods…. I feel like a slug…. I hope I feel better soon because I need to get a new housemate and, as usual, I need to get more work, I’m perpetually under-employed, or flat out unemployed. It feels like my life is going absolutely nowhere.

    That transiting Cap stellium pile-up is in my 7th house. I feel nothing 7th-housey going on right now, though. I feel SO out of step with everything! UGH!!!

    On a brighter note, thanks for the Schumann resonance idea, MM! I listened to it last night and found another one on ‘Youthing’ and listened to that one too……well needed!

    1. Hey i just wanted to pass on a book that helped with my sugar/carb binges called “The Salt Fix”. I was all skeppi when i read it, but after trying it i think they are onto something. I was accidentally low sodium in my diet because i ate no commercially prepped food. I havent put a piece of cake in my mouth since oct my bday month and i dont miss it. :/ weird times! The book may be avail in your library to save extra dough!

      1. Thanks, marsbar! I don’t usually do so much sugar, so it’s not an overall problem for me. Just seems to be this new moon and a little holdover from xmas. So this will pass… I’m not concerned about weight or anything like that, I’m skinny as a rail, it just affects my moods.

        I find that if I eat enough protein, I never want sugar, so that’s what works for me. Salt and sugar are the extreme ends of a polarity so I don’t want to swing between one and the other. Salt can bring its own problems…

        1. Oh my bad! I didnt mean to imply you needed to lose weight at all. I have no idea what you look like. You just seem to be into ‘healthy’ stuff so i wanted to share. A lot of the salt myths today have been perpetrated by people have an interest in making others ill just like the people who demonized fat and caused the fat free craze of the 90’s.

          Word! Too much salt, sugar, protein, carbs, whatever can indeed be bad. Life needs balance. Sounds like you got it handled!

          1. No worries, marsbar! 🙂 I didn’t take what you said that way at all. Not offended in the least.
            I was just saying that there can be a swing from sugar to salt and back, and there are some salty foods that are not so good for us, too, like potato chips, etc.. though I do enjoy those! 😉
            I think it’s everything in moderation, too.
            Today I had some lightly salted almonds as a snack, because the fats in nuts seem to tide me over between meals and they are not overly salty. Sometimes I eat raw almonds, too, with no salt.

  9. Just had to add a ‘me too’ here as my lease is up at the end of the month and so had it with my neighbors.
    Mean nasty old man who keeps cutting down my trees at the back fence, has destroyed the canopy on 2 on the pretext that they are hanging over his fence, caught him on Sunday morning and it was on for young and old for about 10 minutes….. 5 time he done this in the past 12 months….. so would love to send a karma his way.
    Then those next to me drink to excess among other things and then have domestics, last Thursdays was to the point of him physically hurting her, and then her brother stepping – more hurt.
    Solution – lets start drinking again Friday afternoon…..
    So have been decluttering and packing since new year.
    Just need to find the right place at a price i can afford.

      1. That does sound terrible! Cleaning and packing are my life right now.We’re dealing with awful neighbors and are tired of HOA rules/issues & rising fees, so we’re currently searching for something within our price range. Good luck in your search!

  10. I’m away so can’t house-witch. And I’m feeling this dark moon. But it does remind me, early in 2017 I had a strong urge to purge, starting with old journals. I also properly cleaned the attic for the first time. Something shifted: the months after were the most memorable in ages. Before Christmas I did a mini version and, again, stuff happened. Now I think about it, it’s quite an incentive.

  11. I literally spent yesterday and today moving, though my few pieces of big furniture have to wait until I find some help. There are two things too big to move by myself with my teeny car and one that takes ages to break down and. Put back together, so I’m going to just move that with help, too.

    I’ve been purging the whole last year of living in my old place (a year ago I moved out of my ex’s house and into a tiny apartment), more so I’m the last month since I’m out of school and my job doesn’t start yet, and even more leading up to this move (equally small space, my choice – why have more space than I can easily clean? Plus want to save $).

    I’m moving from an upstairs apartment in a busy part of the city with neighbors on all sides to a daylight basement under a (noisy) family with a kid the same age as mine, looking out on a backyard filled with nature and right next to a nature park. Suddenly it feels like I don’t need half my sacred objects anymore. We’ll see what happens as I settle into the space, but it feels like a lot of them were for protection and grounding and I just won’t need as much here. I may not get rid of all of them, as I likely won’t stay here much past my year lease (though I just intuit it – if something wants to go, I let it), but at the very least it feels like most of them won’t be up. Weird.

  12. Jesus, I get house envy when I see these posts
    People have their own space?
    Sigh 🙁
    I live with someone who has taurus moon and therefore the house is full of that dark brown antique furniture that needs 3 strapping men to even budge and it was built in a time when maids were de rigeur I.e. maintaining the waxed surfaces was a JOB
    Honestly, the furniture I love is that which I can put in my car and move on my own. I’ve moved so many times I have a phobia about Giant Household Objects. I just can’t trust that I’ll stay in one place long enough to not make moving a hideous labour intensive marathon

    Don’t know where all this came from .. triggered I guess, hahaha

    1. I feel you Pi. I used to share space, if you can call it that, with a Toro stellium Gem who had just too much shit in the house and 3 couches. Who needs 3? But yeah my Toro moon friend also has a lot of big heavy furniture.

      1. The neptunian Toro ex was the same. On fact I suspect a Virgo house mate I had once who built his bed by hand using freakin tallowwood (think heaviest timber in the universe) probably had some Toro, or maybe a second house stellium haha haha

    2. Ugh, sounds terrible. I’m with you on things that are easy to move. And easy to clean, as it is in fact not my job to wipe things down – no one pays me one cent for that. 🙂

    3. I still can’t believe i bought a large and very heavy “entertainment unit” (remember those? LOL) pre Uranus Pluto zap zone, after which i downsized drastically. Got sick of all my stuff.
      The most depressing part is seeing it in the back of the truck and calculating the hours and money it costs to move. UGH.

      Got rid of my sound system, vinyl, CD’s etc. Had milk crates of the stuff. I don’t even own a dining table or chairs anymore. I eat dinner from my sofa and coffee table.

      5 years is about my average in one place. Yikes!! that’s this year. Uranus will be transiting my 4th house where Jupiter in Toro resides.

      **googles Uranus/Jupiter transit**

          1. you talking about being stubborn or fixed?
            My chart is half fixed / half mutable. And I have Venus in Libra – can see both sides. + Gem NN.

        1. If you’re making that art-form, then nothing beats the true art of the form you are making. Not what you made before, not what you’ll make after. There’s no comparison. It’s all Form, Beauty, Striving for the Divine Expression of our resonance and position in the cosmos.

          If you’re appreciating the art-form, then music is awesome, but so is visual art and physical art and wordcraft. To name a few.

          Sometimes, in the wheel of our life, there comes Silence. Weird, when you’ve always been an eclectic and avid music and sound fan and=or artist, but also an Absolute Art. Among which, of course, there are no absolutes. Not in Art.

      1. So I’ve been looking at Uranus conjunct Jupiter in taurus in 4th and I did get an inkling that it might be career related and not just home related.

        “This period of time will stimulate your desire for expansion and growth in your career and you may experience very sudden opportunities that seem lucky and often come out of the blue”

        I really like that interpretation. And can see that happening with things I’ve set in motion regarding art.

        I also like the “sudden change in fortune” one too. LOL. Especially since my natal Jupiter trines pluto in 8th.

        I’ll make sure to play lotto around the time of the transit 😀

        1. I know. It was really hard!! But living in a 34sqm space there’s no room for it and the easel.
          It was a bloody good amplifier too. Valves!!! And the best speakers. 🙁

          1. If it’s any consolation, i got smaller speakers and am at least grateful that i can still do my shutters closed nude or half-nude dancing without unduly disturbing my aprtment neighbours. You can turn it up without being a Neighbourhood Threat 🙂

            …except when you realise a curtain is ajar or a blind is not quite shut somewhere…

          2. Valves OMG!! I wish I’d bought it 🙂
            I love reading about your place, Scorpy. At that small size have you thought about submitting it to Apartment Therapy as a house tour? Could be a great promo for your art also.

              1. HAHA!!!! So true!!!! Can’t say I’ve ever had a Vogue Living type of home – partly due to lack of funds but mainly ’cause i can’t decide on the style. It changes all the time. And with Saggo moon square uranus i get bored and have to move on.

                Who cares about having a beautiful home anyway. I’m not interested in impressing anyone with my stuff. It’s knowledge and experiences that I value (Venus in 9th).

                Wherever I lay my hat is my home. 😀

            1. My acutely plutonic libran 4th house ideal dream home / space is actually superbeautiful. In some of my places I’ve been able to live this to some extent, for a few blissful months.

            2. ..a house tour. HAHA!! No way. My place looks like more like a storage unit than a home.
              It’s functional more than aesthetic. It contains a bed, sofa, coffee table, book shelf, desk with computer, work bench containing art materials and easel. Not much room for anything else. When art took over I gave up on making the place look nice. I have canvases propped up everywhere except the bathroom. LOL. Paints in shoe boxes scattered across the floor. And often i eat dinner off the coffee table with the large paint palette shoved to one side.

              There’s so much one could do with this space if an artist didn’t live here. Haha. It looks amazing when it’s empty. Lately I’ve been fantasising about winning lotto and buying another apartment as a home around the corner and having this space just as a studio. The parquetry floors are gorgeous and I have a balcony (couldn’t live in such a small space without one) with 180º views of the city.

    4. Omg yes pi. Deeply get this heavy furniture allergy. I am blessed with a tauromom who outfitted me with a couch bed dresser and bookshelf divider thing. The bed is my obsession, a queen after a lifetime of shared rooms with old decaying twin beds. But i literally don’t know what to do with my stuff while I travel???? Thinking maybe a temp subletter.

    5. The multi-Cap Father Time ex-hub loved all that old stuff. When I left I took virtually nothing because I had come to loathe it. We met during Neptune in Cap – I had imagined myself as some tweedy, antique-buying. loafer-wearing Sloane, establishment type. Turns out I’m more of a surfie bogan boho tree-hugging do-gooder 🙂 My home now is small, airy and sparsely furnished only with what I love – books, vinyl, lots of white and a bit of cane/macrame for texture, lol.

      1. “Turns out I’m more of a surfie bogan boho tree-hugging do-gooder”

        LOL!!!! me too. Loved the wood / antique stores in the 80s / early 90s.

      2. Much prefer surfie bogan boho do gooder. Far fewer pretensions, although the more educated tweedy types do seem to be more self aware and good conversation.

  13. I’ve been in purge mode for weeks as we are getting ready to put our condo on the market. Said goodbye to a lot of old era stuff…

  14. I don’t have a lot of stuff I didn’t throw out when Uranus went direct, and I totally cleansed the place at that time. But! I can definitely ORGANIZE and do a quick clean. I even have Cypress AND Lemon oils. I’ll get a jar and add those oils to the sea salt I’ll use for scatter/vacuum. Wish I could do it today, but will have to be tomorrow.

    Maybe even wash down the front door with some ginger/cypress/lemon/sea salt mixture. Ginger AMPS any witching, so I throw it in any cleansing solutions.

  15. Hey @Mystic I need your suggestion here:
    I Konmari-ed the house on Sept/Oct 2016 and, since then, there hasn’t been a single “past life” object in my life.
    And by nothing I mean I threw my wedding gown, got rid of all of my ex jewels, donate all (ALL) the clothes, cuttlery and pans and every object that could be helpful to others.
    There’s honestly nothing that is past – time and since then I have been buy a lot less stuff and my house is functional and I know where everything is.
    Last year vision board and all that crap went out of the window right before new year eve (I don’t have a board for this year neither I want one).

    Also while Sat was on 29° Saggo (squaring my BC Pluto) I entered a 4 sessions counseling to clean up some really tough stuff that had been sitting in my psyche for ages (40 years, to be precise).

    So what should you do? The house is not perfectly clean (far from it, actually) but there’s no way in hell I’ll clean since I pay someone who is coming on Thursday.

    And yet I feel this New Moon is too powerful to do nothing and it’s at 26° Cap in my 5th and on my NN in Cap at the exact degree.
    Please any suggestions?

    1. I am in love with you!

      Okay so just do the Schummann resonance bit AND what about your digital stuff ? Old bookmarks, projects, lists…old work?

      1. Well while doing the Kondo thing I got a new phone and erased the Muggles / Love zombie exes numbers.
        Also I cleaned up my “friends” list on FB during the xmas holidays.
        I have a bit of a messy Newsletters list though I had done some serious purging during Marie Kondo sessions.
        I am sure there are some that I could get rid of, but that would be more Mercury Retro stuff, not past life stuff.

        (Yes Virgo rising here with Pluto in the fist house: when I clean up and get rid of the past, I REALLY clean up 🙂 and I intentionally did the Konmari during the massive MR in Virgo in autumn 2016 because I knew it would have been “don’t stop till you get all done”)

        BUT there are some hard disks where I have past time projects that I won’t be using anymore.
        I am sure of where they are (thank you Marie Kondo) but not sure of what is inside those hard disks. GOD FORBID there could be pictures of exes!!

        So I could check those out! It’s possibly the only thing I did not check thoroughly during the Kondo things. Great idea!!! Thanks @Mystic!

        1. This is bizarre. I’m a cancer sun stellium but I’ve a craving to dump everything and I mean everything. Clothes watches jewels etc. I mean that’s so totally not me. But I feel like I just want the ultimate freedom. Also need rid of the house. Sent cv off to a globe trot occupation. No home apart from a boat. I’m still all things crossed.

          1. @emg is not unsual.
            You are experiencing Saturn opposed your Katata stellium plus Pluto already being opposing it since 2008.

            Just try to focus a bit more: dumping everything is like not doing it at all.
            It’s not about dumping, it’s about choosing what to keep and what to let go of.

  16. I’m packing up to move house so yeah ditching all broken things, items I own that I feel bad/ sad looking at. Not being overly sentimental and only keeping things( like from my mum who has passed) that have happy memories. Feels so great to downsize too only keeping possessions I like and that will be useful in my new place.
    Digging the dark moon waning but I think I just had a lunar attack and bought x 2 creamy pastry treats from the bakery. New moon ( healthy ) wishes bring it on!

      1. Sorry that sounds like I’m bragging but id literally just pressed “”pay” and I’m slightly in shock just wanted to tell someone!(anyone!)

          1. um, whats a Lunar/Pluto portal? sorry for the ignorance but if it’s to do with Pluto are we talking transformation?

      2. Do you know which one of your planet lines run through Egypt? This will be a really good test of them. Email me if you like and i take a quick look…

        1. Nooo…I’m not sure what they are actually. 🙂 Will email birth deets if that helps? If they turn out to be a “thing” can you tell us about them? Ta!

          (This must be something connected to Neptune lol)

          1. So, the word from mystic on planetary lines…
            “WOW! So I am attaching the planet lines-for you- that run through Egypt. Those are all the love ones.. love and personal growth… And you have booked this trip with Jupiter (ruler of travel and with the Jupiter line running through Alexandria, Luxor etc) about to be in your house of love. Feel free to put this in the comments if you want but I feel like you are being prompted towards a powerful encounter of some sort.”.

            So I assume the planet lines are a location where that planet’s energy is accessible to you or stronger?
            I wonder if the Pluto lunar portal SheRat mentioned had some influence too – I had no hesitation in paying on the spot where as usually i will go back and forward for days on even the tiniest purchase (I blame Toro rising conj saturn and cappy Venus for my reticence in spending!).

            Does anyone else know anything about planet lines? Maybe we could have a post Mystic? Thanks!!

  17. i’ve moved countries in the last year so i’ve Been in this super energy draining cycle of a weird tax swamp and i’ve JUST finished it (the tax) after lugging around reciepts everywhere I go now for nearly two years!

    Can not wait to get rid of all those papers and history and mehhhh.

  18. Oooh good to know with the crystals cuz I’ve been crystal crazy recently!! I feel high vibes just from reading this.

    1. Same on a major crystal bender for a few months…oh sweet moldavite. Also have been spring cleaning for weeks, old clothes from the whole household. But just got a bag of boys hand me down clothes…never ending cycle.

  19. Been cleansing the last week or so and voila! An offer of new digs much more aligned with my overhauled chez /career outlook.

  20. Last week I found a fanpage on Facebook that does barter with clothes and accesories. It has to be good stuff, something that you will like to receive.

    I’m taking out things I wore just once, but did not like it on me or now just reminds me of other people.

    Good synchronicity! Ha?

    But now, I’m thinking about the energies that come with the stuff I’m going to pick. Other people’s used stuff. Besides washing them, what would be the appropriate thing to do for energetic cleansing?

    1. I smudge stuff that is suspect. But honestly let your feels be the guide. If u dont wear something very much there could be an energetic reason. Perhaps ditch it?

      But also:
      — i wear other people’s clothes sometimes to cloak my own energy to go “invisible” if i need to. The trick is to not absorb whatever energy is in the clothing. Like wearing a sheepskin for camo.

      –what if the person who shed the clothing had good luck? Like they won a million bux so they ditching their old clothes? You’d be absorbing that!

  21. TruthIsStrangerThanFiction

    Been deep cleansing since Thursday. After 6 years the owners FINALLY okayed all the repairs. Feels great to purge and have problems rectified.

    Not only that, the abusive elderly neighbors whom like to swear at me and bully my Autistic son calling him “stupid” and an “idiot” got their first warning after 6 years of abuse. Their response? Instead of owning their behavior, they concocted a false accusation that two men knocked on their door and threatened to kill them if they came near me and my son. These two mythical men than allegedly walked into my apartment than allegedly knocked on their door again but they were “too frightened to answer”. Not only did this NEVER happen – the day they claimned it did was the day the repairman was in my home working and is a witness that this shizz NEVER happened, lol.

    The spirit of 2018 is seriously looking out for me ‘ graci 🙂

  22. I’ve been in this mode over the last week. Stuff all of a sudden just needing to gtfo. (The largest being a lovely funky retro lounge swivel chair. Had it 8 years and it’s obvious my cat used it more than me.) The open space in my living room now makes yoga an unclaustraphobic dream.

    Donated what few remaining unworn clothes that were still hanging out in the closest, buuuut also took myself out shopping. Not a typical thing for me and it’s been awhile. Managed to basically get an entirely new, casual, easy, comfy, flattering wardrobe with a 150 bucks. Got home to an already cleaned house, had a luxurious bath and a delicious homemeal.

    The party in capricorn is in my first house and I feel like my best host and attendant.

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