Daily Mystic For Monday 5 December

The weekend’s Neptunian haze* fades as the Moon settles into Taurus. And good thing too – we need to stay sharp for the Full Moon fracas.

Take the Taurean Moon as home turf for consolidating physical you – eating, stretching, hydrating and not hyping your nerves unnecessarily.

It’s a cliche but this is the ultimate Moon to take up yoga again, make something from scratch or plant something. If you are feeling agitated (Earth is super-close to Mars this week), try a solution straight from the Tao of Taurus: Make a continency plan and then don’t think about it.

It’s also an auspicious Moon for moving money around, counting coins and and chic-simplifying your financial admin.


*Venus square Neptune AND Neptune turning Direct – nebulosity, mental meanderings, escapism and slow cognition but the potential for psychic genius. Bonus points for yearnings, mirage budgeting and re-activating a love zombie paradigm!

Image: Strega Tarot – 1967

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