Weekly Horoscopes From October 29


Should Mars Retro on Sunday set off hypothetical alarm bells for Scorps? If you’re mid-dispute, yes. Simmer down into a semblance of zen and seek a diplomatic, expedient solution. Otherwise, this nearly 11 week long astro-phenom is more of a scheduling alert: Cancel overt ‘could-be-deemed-hostile’ moves and calender in some potentially profitable forensic financial analysis.


Mercury arrives in your soulful 12th house this weekend: you’ll know it’s begun when you remember something transcendental that occurred when you were 10 but forget your keys/password. While this trippy three week transit can evoke liminal insights or pleasantly under-the-radar attractions, be careful. It’s Eclipse Season + Mars is Retro – concealed enmity or skeeviness may emerge.


Venus crosses the South Node from November 1 to 2, stirring long-abandoned aspirations and perhaps even fate-lines. Notice who or what from your past materializes in your messages. Even your haziest yearnings or half-recalled dream-like memories are important: Why? Well, the Sun and Mercury cross the same point on Nov 5 to 8, with an art and love linked Lunar Eclipse.


Neptune is in league with Lilith until mid-November, lending extra cosmic cred to your more fervent innovation concepts. If you haven’t felt ultra-inspired yet almost as equally crushed by mundanity for the last 18 months, check your birth-data. But that influence is waning and this Neptunian influence merges money (in not out) with your everyday ingenuity.


As a Pisces, you’re Mutable: change-adept, creative, quick-on-the-uptake and – downside alert – prone to the occasional weaponized whim. With Warrior Mars Retrograde in super-mutable Gemini from this weekend until mid-Jan, you’re more receptive to the siren call of surreal impulsivity. Beware long-shots and infatuations with chance or, for that matter, mercurial men/their ideas.


When Mars turns Retro, what becomes of the Mars-attuned Aries? You flip into stealth mode. You did it in 2020, when Mars was Retrograde in Aries from over September to November. You may not have felt it at the time but you made fantastic skills and inner strength gains. This Mars Retro is in Gemini, aka a revolutionary morph of your transmission style, voice and fave media.


Mercury joins the Sun and Venus in your solar relationship sector, setting the scene for an important dialogue or encounter before November 17. As it’s also Eclipse Season, anticipate some dramatic developments – most likely around people from your past – and/or definitive dialogue. Something that has been in the works for ages is nearly ready to launch and whatever it is, it’s substantial.


A Lilith-Neptune alignment helps to enhance your wider reputation, not in a way that brings irritating attention or digital clutter; this could be profitable. For the next two weeks, style upgrades to your image, C.V. or product pay extra dividends and they’ll be super-apparent between Nov 10 and 12. Mars Retro in your sign from this Sunday till Jan is only a pain if you’re on the warpath.


Do you have any mysteries or weirdly unresolved discussions left over from the last two years? Whatever their nature, the next two weeks will shed new light on them. It’s an Eclipse phenom so don’t anticipate a methodical process – just riff off the synchronicity and symbolism. With Mars in your supernatural 12th house till March 2023, your metaphysical reads are increasingly brilliant.


Eros and Psyche are conjunct in your communications sector until November 9, helping to put the ‘soul’ back into your dating and mating dialogues. This config favors high-end intimacy – as opposed to trawling for ‘feedback’ – and genuine affinity. Yes, business demands a firm grip and money behaves more like a newly identified subatomic particle but love of all types re-enchants.


Mars turns Retrograde in your solar career sector on Sunday, initiating a ten and a half week phase of high-velocity retrospective genius. Whatever your work or business structure, it benefits from your analytical gaze. In fact, if you feel like you can’t advance or are blocked, there may be a specific factor that you can uncover and fix. Vital: Minimize snark until January. Peace out if poss.


Mercury moves into your money sector on the 29th, ensuring that even minor $$$ sleuthing and financial tweaks have outsize results. In fact, going micro on macro dilemmas will yield useful intel. Don’t let Venus near the South Node (Nov 2 to 4) take you into materialist nostalgia or a guilt trip re past spending. It’s better for deftly weaving around weird, complex long-time attractions.