Weekly Horoscopes from October 1 2022


Mercury turns Direct on Sunday: expect less nonsense around keys, passwords and scheduling. For in-depth findings, a big reveal moment or definitive trend indicator wait till October 6-8. Mercury conjunct Pluto – AKA ‘the muckraker’ – represents a cogent outcome from investigations or covert negotiations in play since August. Shun assumptions – airy impartiality has more tensegrity.


With Saturn is back in an edgy alliance with Uranus, the atmospheric tension is oppressive. Yet there are only a few more weeks of Scorp-noir to endure and this week it’s alleviated by the Lunar Apogee. Anticipate an offbeat, liberating love development or a divergent creative strategy. If you’re feeling stifled by a particular stance, you’ll love the second (or third) opinion about to float in.


Asteroid Ubasti AKA Cat Goddess Bast is in Saggo for the month, a subtle but useful influence. You may rediscover the joys of feline detachment or of putting pleasure before duty. It’s a counterpoint to the potentially garish Venus-Jupiter opposition that occurs over Oct 1 to 3. If you’re suddenly seized with the desire to make a costly grand gesture or sink everything into a gigantic gamble, no.


Reduction is a core Capricorn coping strategy and it’s usually a brilliant one. If under pressure, you don’t flail around adding on or soliciting a thousand fresh inputs. You reduce the presenting problem to its essence and then assess. Stay with this policy now: Mercury turns Direct and opposes nebulous Neptune till the 4th. Let liars ensnare themselves or facts evolve until Oct 6-8 clarifies.


The next New Moon (Oct 25) is a Solar Eclipse in your career sector – every move between now and then is super-significant. This isn’t supposed to evoke performance anxiety, it’s more that you’ll beneficially experience multiple dimensions of work and business decisions. Psychic you and your vocational persona are (more) merged. It’s spectacular start-up or start-over vibe.


This week sees you creatively and metaphysically switched on but in ‘sleep mode’ financially: Delay big-deal money moves until mid-Oct if possible. And don’t pull a Saint Pisces stunt by taking on responsibility for someone else’s burden. You know that urge only ever comes on out of insecurity. Besides, the Lilith-Uranus sync (potent until Oct 5) favors wily renegades and witches.


Advance Notice: the Full Moon on October 9/10 is in Aries and it leads straight into a tricky Mars-Neptune spinner. You’re you so naturally you can play anything to your advantage but vow now not to be irritated or spooked into a gamble. Or the pursuit of a discarded former pleasure. The biggest risk is not so much the irritants themselves but what the dynamic could stir within.


You emerge from Mercury Retro into an indigo disco mist – yes, Mercury turns Direct on a tangent with Neptune. Scenarios seem clearer and they’re certainly moving again but where? Before committing your heart, $$$ or signature let the final Mercury-Pluto alignment clarify nebulous motives or details. Until then it’s all lilac wine, although an unconventional admirer is genuinely awed.


Lilith sextile Uranus raises your revenue mojo and ability to psych out cash or energy drains. Other uses for your newly fantastic financial instincts: Spying market niches before others do and monetizing weird ideas. Mercury Direct is also helpful although, as it opposes Neptune till the 5th, retain freakish control over communications elements. Haphazard love dialogues stabilize by the 8th.


Asteroid Eros joins Psyche, Venus and the Sun in your solar domestic sector: it is a undeniably harmonious influence that aids close-to-home romance and a more abundance-attracting decor aesthetic. Go with any instincts to eject a particular item or create more symmetry. Mercury Direct on Sunday brings yet another cryptic mystery memo from the past but it’s solved by as early as Fri.


Relationships and their various permutations have more gravity this month; you can barely crack a cheeky big cat smirk at someone without plodding self-consciousness or over-thinking the whole deal. But this is transient, a mere by-product of Saturn agitating for more order whilst Uranus seeks anarchy. You don’t suit turbulence or ponderous dialogue but this phase eases from the 6th.


October 2: Mercury Direct in Virgo is a yes to new tech purchases and daring pitches but Mercury will also oppose Neptune in your relationship sector for most of the week. It can nebulize romantic clarity or re-conjure crazy ancient love history and it also echoes your mindset around the March Equinox. If a decision is pivotal, wait until the new intel that arrives between Oct 6 & 8.