Weekly Horoscopes from August 13 2022


You’re always a trophy or grudge flashpoint for Aries people but this month they’re hyper-reactive to you. The syndrome peaks from Aug 17 to 19, when Venus in Leo trines Jupiter in Aries. If you want something from an Aries or a Mars-type person – brusque, competent, athletic, pushy etc – ask then. If you’ve been grappling with a mundane situation, Sunday/Monday sparks strange lucky breakthroughs.


You haven’t lost the plot – you’re just bored with your storyline. So get ready for some thrilling character development. Mars in Gemini for 31 weeks is about to turn your personal saga into more of a Choose Your Own Adventure saga. Innovative opportunities last seen buzzing around in late April are back and pushing for commitment. Ideally, get signatures, granular analytics or haggling done before Aug 24.


You may not have a romantic philosophy, as such, but Librans usually like to run their relationships on some sort of hypothesis. Currently, however, you’re dealing with people who operate on instinct and bombast, hurling themselves into whims that they then try to ‘prove.’ Whether this is love, business or both, take advantage of this week’s potent Venus-Mars alignments to carefully recultivate the dynamic.


Scorpios are deep by nature, a trait that enhances your perceptive powers and mystique. Even so, there are times when you long to frolic in the shallows. If so, the Venus-Jupiter alignment from Weds to Friday can help. You attract sunny nonchalant characters or opportunities and relationships develop without drama. August 13 to 15 is more of an intricate mind-warp, as you monetize the weirding in play all year.


Mars syncs with Pluto till mid-week and you switch to game mode. Your amped alacrity and willingness to push practically every limit reminds relevant stakeholders just how formidable you can be. Work, biz and fitness audacity is more effective than even big-thinking you can envision. The downside? You’re short on time for shamanic reverie or freestyle Saggo dreaming. This is granular, calibrated progress.


Enjoy this week’s Earth Mars emphasis as Mars in Taurus trines Pluto in your sign. It’s good in itself, representing an admirer or creative collaborator with sufficient nous to wow even you; it’s also the last blast of Mars in an Earth sign for nearly a year! It’s at maximum oomph from Saturday till Weds and then, shortly afterward, you zoom into Mars-in-Gemini-land for months. Think: ingenious but scattered.


Aquarians are secretly hooked on vindication; it’s because you’re too far ahead for real-time validation. This week you’re proved correct on multiple factors, ranging from micro to macro, mildly odd to ultra- weird. Yet you’ll have barely any bandwidth to gloat or consolidate gains as Mercury in league with Uranus reboots your maverick inventor self. And…solo-Aquarians may even re-enter the mating matrix!


Full Moon after-zaps mean you’re acutely aware of misalignments between your psyche and worldly obligations. Casually thwarting expectations is a Piscean specialty but this consciousness shift feels urgent. The cognitive dissonance of the broader Uranian backdrop and asteroid Pandora entering your career sector seal the deal: you’re getting ready for your most rad reinvention initiatives in years.


A month of mind-warping pressures segues into an entirely new groove. How best to maximize this week’s super-supportive alignments? (1) Devote scant time to a person or relationship dynamic that is – admit it – outside your sphere of influence. (2) Immerse yourself in deep work focus from Aug 13 to 16, as Mars + Pluto regenerate $$ and ambition. (3) Be receptive to mid-week serendipity in art or romance!


It’s the kind of week where you can’t so much as blink without bringing about a more profound change. Messenger Mercury and Warrior Mars deliver certain elements of the Future ahead of schedule. The benefits are rapidly realized and obvious to all but the most obdurate Taurus. They’re also conditional: You must relinquish over-reliance on one particular factor and/or a well-disguised procrastination.


All the good astro is concentrated in Earth elements this week. Therefore, for success in any venture, no matter how airy, begin with baseline practicalities. Eg: you’re on location – book portaloos before the publicist. Count your pentacles, balance the books and clean house. If you have tools, polish them. Aug 17 to 19 is epic for relationships if you enjoy business-lust mergers and dramatic entrance strategies.


It’s been weird going: how are you supposed to navigate a path when maps are being redrawn as you go? You could always go into cartography. Seriously, setting your own reference points is easier than seeking the familiar ones in vain. This week also sees the arrival or return of potent allies and simpatico people. Don’t react too fast to $$ tensions this weekend: they morph into an official lucky break.