Virgo September Horoscope

The Virgo mind is a matrix, its vast complexity perceptible to a select few. You’re also a Mutable sign – ie: adept at warping and weaving through multi-streamed thought flow/conversation.

Anyone annoyed at you for ‘changing the subject’ or who tries to guilt you because they don’t see the connection between two factors is out of their depth.

This is the Mercury Retrograde that you realize you’re a quantum thinker, incompatible with mechanical mentalities. Every glitch is an invitation to ingenuity and the adrenal funk of Mars in Virgo (mid-July to late-August) took you further ahead than you realize.

September 6 to 9 is sensational for streamlining plans and archiving non-resonant data or desires. Relevancy is back and guess who the arbiter of it is? You, obviously.

Ghosters, begrudging lovers and/or evasive deals rematerialize with Mercury Direct on September 15/16 but by then you’ll be way ahead.

The Virgo Sun + New Moon align with futuristic Uranus from September 14 to 17, setting the trajectory  towards your expansive and auspicious April 2024.

Add the fierce hustle of Lilith in Virgo for nine months from early October for the full picture – lucrative enterprises, reinvention and quantum relationships.

(This is an extract from the September Monthly Horoscopes – part of the Mega Mystic membership.)