Projections & Inner Flame


She lived in a tower in the woods, writing worldly-wise works on Jungian psychotherapy. Marie-Louise Von Franz was a fab example of Mercury in 3rd House genius. Her Sun, Mars, and Mercury were in the sector of communication and hermetic [ Read more…]

Now What The Fuqery?

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Now what the fuqery…?  Mercury Retrograde is one thing – we all know the drill. But really? On MARS? And both square Neptune. This is like our designer air bridge suddenly sinking in the middle and detouring through a treacherous [ Read more…]

Philosophy For Pluto in Capricorn


Anti-Fragile, written by Plutonic Capricorn Nassim Nicholas Taleb, is the best primer for Pluto in Capricorn philosophy. It’s a very now book.  Anti-Fragile talks of a state beyond resilience. Of being not just able to withstand change but to brazenly thrive [ Read more…]

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Astro-Fuqery Alert

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It’s not just Mercury about to go Retrograde in Pisces…The next Full Moon is in Virgo (cue details mania or control dramatics) which is ruled bythe Retro-bats Mercury AND Mercury will be on Mars at the time of the Full [ Read more…]