Relationship X-Ray Reading

Not your standard ‘romantic compatibility’ reading, Relationship X-Ray is Mystic’s extraordinarily useful (as in actionable insights) take on your Composite Chart. Ie; the merged birth chart of you plus the other person you select. It reveals the core focus of the relationship, the most significant times for your connection and the fate-lines that run between you.

These are done by Mystic individually – they’re not computerized and cannot be ‘churned’ out.* Once you’ve ordered, we will send a link to a form where you can securely specify not only birth details but whether the other person is a current partner, former partner or potential partner.

Note: An exact birthtime is helpful for a composite chart reading like this but not essential – if it’s unclear for either person, it simply means that the Ascendant and Moon component of the reading will receive less emphasis than slower moving factors such as the Sun, Moon’s Nodes, Venus etc.

Turnaround: PDF emailed in Three to Six weeks – You will be sent a secure form link within 48 hours of ordering.

*For a fast take, please see the instantly downloadable Cosmic Compatibility

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