Daily Mystic For Wednesday 14 September

The best Taurean Moon insights arise from stillness and well-fed or well-rested mindsets. Fine. Contradicting this, we have the kinetic Venus-Mars square spluttering into action: it’s an on-the-move, quick-thinking, sparky and impulsive energy.

Challenge: go with the one you’re most deficient in. Eg; if you’re over-clocked and adrenal but mentally agile, find some space for contemplation. If you’re serene and balanced but possibly prone to procrastination, speed something up.

Venus-Mars is fab for wit, writers and writing, snazzing up relationship rapport and cool encounters at office supplies stores, your neighborhood, newsagency etc. And, it’s in play till Sunday Universal Time.

It is a square aspect so it can accentuate existing tensions but both the planetary players are in Mercury-ruled signs: ingenuity and articulate conversation can shift up the vibe ultra-fast.


Image: Gervasio Gallardo