Sun conjunct Jupiter

The New Aquarius Birthrock

Shungite is the new Aquarius birthstone. But I prefer the term birthrock. And anyone with an Aquarius/Uranian, zeitgeist-trippy tone to their natal energies will vibe with it. Saturn in Aquarius is imminent. December features a fantastic Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius, the first in centuries. It needs newness. Fuq it. We need newness. Shungite is the new crystal. Here are its credentials. It’s two billion years old, absorbs electrical + radiofrequency …

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An Example Of Lucky Jupiter Vibe

This is a really beautiful example of lucky Jupiter vibe. Remember the Sun was aligned with Jupiter (lucky, expansive, etc) and in sync to Shamanic Neptune? Well, this happened. As my Triple Taurus Ex-Editor Horse Lady – the one who bought us the Mega Mystic rescued racehorse Pluto – tells it: We had an extraordinary event happen at SAHA last week.  A mare that was rescued from the knackery, who …

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Scorpios On Diet Weed

Some of the most intelligent and accomplished women i know watch Real Housewives Of Anywhere with a nigh religious devotion. I know, i know – it’s supposedly vacuous and self-absorbed, they’re all privileged, the world is going to hell in a handbasket and we’re watching a bunch of chicks with expensive hair and full make-up bicker of bird bath sized glasses of pinot grigio. Andy Warhol’s dental gas hallucination.  But …

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Mickey Rourke Is Sun Conjunct Jupiter, Explaining A Lot

Mickey Rourke’s Sun conjunct Jupiter in Virgo is a protective and lucky influence.  He will always bounce back, no matter what weirdness his Uranian Venus pulls or how much his Moon in Aquarius tries to detach from success. You also see it in his excesses. He goes over the top with everything he gets near: method acting, relationships, cosmetic surgery, the media. “I lost the house, the wife, the credibility, …

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Elizabeth Wurtzel Is Mars Conjunct Neptune

The writer Elizabeth Wurtzel (Prozac Nation) is a Leo with Mars conjunct Neptune square her Leo Sun. It shows in her genius and the ego tripping. I’ve never actually taken Prozac, but i loved Elizabeth Wurtzel’s Prozac Nation – it was iconic in its day, of course. And then i even tried to read her later book Bitch – In Praise Of Difficult Women. I wanted to like it! But …

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