Yearly Recurring Mega Mystic

Enjoy the convenience of a yearly Mega Mystic subscription for a fantastic $49 AUD* ($33 USD) per year. Your membership includes immediate access to –

Immediate Access to Mystic’s Daily, Weekly and Monthly Horoscopes, the Daily Mystic Updates + Archives, the Oracle and Moon      Calendar.

The recently revamped 12-Card Tarot read, reliably magic Alchemy Single Card reading and – soon – the Earthstar (botanical magic!) Tarot.

Fifty-percent discounted from the Astro-Reports and Astro-Raves (Rogue Pisces is next), completely ad-free browsing – always – have you noticed how they are becoming more obtrusive?

Note: The price is plus sales tax of 10% if you’re located in Australia and if you like this deal but are not a fan of recurring subscriptions, you can switch off the ‘renew’!

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