Jupiter-Uranus Mini-Consult

Find out exactly how April’s* rare, reinventive and auspicious Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus will influence your personal astrology. This mini-consult includes Mystic’s take on the house/life zone this alignment will be exact on in your birth chart, the aspects it makes with your other astro-points, key dates and how Lilith in Virgo + Mercury Retro in Aries will play into the config.

Upbeat and pragmatically magic as always, this mini-consult will give you a head-start on the main astro-story of April.

Delivery: Via Emailed PDF. Turnaround: Three days. As this is a one-off phenom, the report is not hard-coded into the site but will be emailed to email address on your order.

*The first Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus since 1941, this alignment is ultra-potent from April 15 to 27 but resonates and connects to dates before and after as well. Uranus will also be trine to Lilith till April 30.

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