The Alchemy Tarot


A real-life version of the much-loved Alchemy Tarot onsite, this 64 card deck comes in a robust, high quality box with Mystic’s card delineations and an alchemical rave/introduction in a cute guide book.

The cards are premium card stock, gilt-edged and round cornered. Digital Tarot is wonderful but there is something extra-magical about being able to pull a quick card without needing to look at a screen. Or, Mystic’s fave – to sleep with a card under the pillow for extra insights. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

Orders for the Alchemy Tarot close on April 8* with print runs set for mid-July and direct dispatch on publication. The cost includes postage + packing to anywhere on the planet but as a guide, these are being printed in the USA and Australia, to facilitate ease of delivery.


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5 reviews for The Alchemy Tarot

  1. shawnd

    So lovely and magical, so worth the wait. The power within this deck of cards was instantly apparent to me. I have always been a fan of the online version but the cards feel connected to spirit in a much more potent way. Mystic,Thank you so very much

  2. cynthia

    Eagerly awaiting the arrival of the alchemy tarot deck, I was not disappointed. High quality classy black and gold cards, alchemising a huge range of deliciously gorgeous background colours. I have been drawing one card each day to internalise the symbol into my psyche. Needless to say, this is not an intellectual exercise but one of magical soul dimensions. Thank you so much, Mystic. ❤️🌺❤️🌺

  3. Serendipitous Synchronicity

    My Alchemy Tarot deck is beautiful. Opening the deck box felt magical. Seeing all the card colours, with the gold, together was stunning, and then feeling them while shuffling. I still remember my first spread. Very happy with my new tarot deck. And fab delivery service!

  4. Alchem

    I have never bought a tarot deck ..I never wanted to become obsessed and analyze every last detail symbol and picture( goes with the territory ) I have bought my first and last Alchemy Tarot Deck..Stunning,Simple and oh so Special..Thankyou MM.ox.

  5. JLC

    I loved using the online alchemy tarot for years, and I had always wished for a physical set. These are exactly what I was hoping they would be. They look and feel great in the hand. I have only had them for two or three days but each morning I have been pulling one card for the day and the results are already eerie! I have a small collection of various oracle decks, I just think they are neat, and if you feel the same way I really do recommend getting this deck!

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