One Month Mega Mystic Access

Get yourself a month of extra strength and inspo via Mystic’s unique take on Astrology, Tarot & Contemporary Metaphysics. Your Mega Mystic membership lets you straight into the Mega Mystic members zone: Four different Horoscopes, Instant Tarot reads, the freakishly accurate Oracle, Daily Mystic email, member discounts, and premium articles.


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46 reviews for One Month Mega Mystic Access

  1. Dea (verified owner)

    I love this Mystic offering, and I love her unique expression and word play!

  2. recycleme (verified owner)

    You are so prompt with help when I mess up a payment!!
    and of course yourastrological wisdom and writing ability is amazing~

  3. Happy cappy (verified owner)

    I am enjoying the daily horoscopes and tarot readings. Very nice to have some inspiration right now

  4. Wish Upon a Star (verified owner)

    Covid lockdown giving you the blues?
    Don’t reach for the chocolate. Feed your mind and treat yourself to a month subscription. There is a wealth of information to be unwrapped.
    No side affects. but…..WARNING : This product may cause sudden and ongoing self evolution. 🙂

  5. Aqualeo (verified owner)

    I wouldn’t be without my membership now. It’s a daily ritual for me as I’ve always been an astrophile but Mystic’s take on it is so refreshing and often hilarious. She is a very insightful astrologer as well as a brilliant writer and she finds the most wonderful, interesting info to write about. Just love it all.

  6. Pia (verified owner)

    So good, I just signed up for a 6 month membership. The One Month Mega Mystic Access IS the gateway drug and I’m officially addicted.

  7. screengems (verified owner)

    Epic knowledge and insights. A great tool for life

  8. kimiann (verified owner)

    Mystic is part of my every day knowledge/info gathering! I’ve learned a lot! I read and then observe- it’s a Virgo thing🧐- I never take anyone’s word for truth- I have to find clarification to incorporate the info into my belief system (as everyone should!) Mystic’s site is not only interesting, it’s great info! Thank you Mystic!

  9. tdq (verified owner)

    well the last one i gave was super appreciated and i suspect this one will be too…. lurve turning people on to Mystic….

  10. jicky (verified owner)

    Like a life coach that I can access any time. Updating me on the state of play in the world from different lenses, comparing it to other times in history. Deep in facts and esoterica – it’s all covered. Offers support and guidance, often just to keep cool under pressure or go for gold. Love it.

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