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Zodiac Fashion

Zodiac Fashion For Uranus In Taurus

  Zodiac Fashion Alert: Uranus in Taurus Style is going to feel fresh. The God of the Future gets to Taurus – for the first time in 84 years – in mid-May. It is the planet of the Zeitgeist in tactile Taurus, the constellation of Venus, the ultimate Muse. We discussed the potential for haute hippie renegade beauty moves here already. But as we get closer to Uranus in Taurus, the …

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Hair By Pluto

Astrological Beauty Tips Up for a Volcanic Ash Hair Detox? I am calling it Hair By Pluto. It is revolutionary. Experimenting with the chemical-free beauty-care scene invariably leads one to ‘no shampoo’ and as part of that, i did a bentonite hair detox mask. You mix some of this powder with Apple Cider Vinegar and maybe some water steeped in rosemary. Or just water. Or even just the clay. This …

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Uranus in Taurus predictions

Renegade Bare Nails Uranus Chic

Uranus in Taurus Predictions I have plenty of thoughts on Uranus in Taurus. But one of my Uranus in Taurus predictions is that people are going to be backing out of the beauty-industrial complex at warp-speed, the chemicals, insecurity sells and all. I recently got brilliant results from a cream called Magnificent Skin Lover. Its ingredients were black seed oil and hemp I think. It was literally edible. Recently, mid-pedicure, …

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Metaphysical hair sign for psychic hairdresser

Metaphysical Hair Is A Happening Thing

There is an actual hair salon called Metaphysical Hair. It makes sense if you think of the hair as a visible display of the crown chakra energy. Metaphysical Hair seems like THE concept to help channel the intensity of this Eclipse Zone…i literally walked past this the other day, on the phone, dealing with Eclipse-style situations. Then i thought that it is a week of SUCH over the top and …

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Hair And Beauty Moons

Old Witches Tales and lunar mavens have long known the best time to cut hair if you want it to grow but that is not the only Moon & Astrology “rule.” Hi Mystic, I have well memorized that Leo Moons are great for hair and Taurus for a massage but I’d love it if you can do a post on all things beauty by the Moon (or refer me to …

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Moon in Leo Renegade Hair Tips

As the Moon crosses Asteroid Hecate and the Moon’s North Node in Leo, one’s thoughts turn to…Hair. Amid other matters of course. But hair can be an existential issue as well as a prime mammalian tribal signal. Your colored dreadlocks, five-hues-of-ash-blonde foiled banker lady bob, candy colored hair after Chiron Return, defiant gray, Imperator Furiousa Marines crop  or real housewife hair extensions are a statement, whether you want it/them to …

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