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Andej Pejic astrology

Astro Andej Pejic

Nationality Bosnian Birth Date August 28, 1991 Status Rising star Known for Androgynous look, Hair, Style Agencies DNA, Storm Friends Lea T Interests Reading Karl Marx, Politics Andej Pejic is a 19 yro Serbo-Australian model who has become renowned for his (a) beauty and (b) major androgyny. See his Chadwicks model card for an idea of just how diverse his look. Okay, some thoughts re the astro. He’s insanely Uranian. …

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Neanderthal look modern jewellery

Which Sign Would Wear The Mammoth Talon Cuff?

Pamela Love Jewellery Made from the tusks of 30,000 year old Siberian Woolly Mammoths, the Mammoth Talon Cuff  sort of clutches onto your wrist in a style that might freak some people (me) out.  The Mammoth Talon Cuff incorporates six black diamonds and it’s price-on-application. So wow, which sign would wear this? I mean one immediately thinks of the peeps doing the Neanderthin diets as it’s tres caveperson chic & …

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Karl Lagerfeld in his library

Are All Virgoans Book Addicts?

Wow, how i LOVE Karl Lagerfeld’s library! Do you know, i have never ever met a Virgo who was not a voracious reader and super-erudite. I am not saying that other signs are not but Virgos specialize in it. Not-The-Typical-Virgo is always sadly stunned when she is reminded that i have not read that year’s Booker Prize winner. She reads them all, because one must. One of her other friends …

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Kate Moss in black bikini with multiple strings of pearls


Capricorns – see Kate Moss/Michelle Obama – are always drawn to pearls because of their patrician elegance, simplicity, class and purity. The symbol of a rough little grain  of sand slowly,  over time, becoming a polished and valuable gem is tres Capricorn and mega-Saturn. However, there is a very old astro-myth that it is unlucky for anyone but a Gemini woman to wear pearls. Where does this come from? I …

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The Emotion Lab Moonwatch worn by redhead

The Emotion Lab’s Moonwatch

“…Moonwatch has been designed to establish a relationship between the moon cycle and a person’s emotional states. It’s a new concept of time based on nature which invites people to reflect upon and gain a closer understanding of their mood and daily life on earth…. The Emotion Lab This watch is like my vision of bliss. Go click through the all the pics and tell me you don’t swoon. It’s …

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metal predator claw ring

Scorping Up

The Predator Ring would be an excellent silent cue to the office sociopath.  Perhaps this ‘get ahead’ tip is why i don’t actually work in an office. Hmmm. Still, imagine the constant visual reminder of one’s willingness to strike if required. Even if you don’t have a Predator Ring to put on for today, get your claws out. No I am not advocating bitcherel but you know it’s the Bitch …

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