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Dressing To Phoenix

Dear Libra Dress Historian, Thanks to Pluto and I presume, Uranus, I have been the involuntary Phoenix this last two years. I have changed name, country, job and friends. Everything but the clothes I wear and I now LOATHE them. Current style: high end hippie, expensive ethnic looking shit. Desired style: sleek like the Gucci or Calvin Klein look but with a third of that price tag please. I am …

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Japanese girl backless dress red moon

Can Clothes Be Haunted?

Dear Libra Dress Historian, My Virgo aunt was the Queen of op-shopping. She dressed entirely in designer clothes and shoes from Op Shops. She had accessories in every colour. Before she left this earthly realm late in 2009 she gave me a full-length Chanel overcoat, which she discovered in the local Vinnies. I could not get a piece of clothing to fit me more perfectly than this royal blue overcoat …

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Jupiter In Leo Fashion Tips From The Libran Dress Historian

JUPITER IN LEO:DRESSING FOR LUCK Jupiter in Leo is all about the bigger picture and that applies to fashion as well. As Mystic says, Jupiter loves to be in sunny Leo, and there are big rewards for those who have a vision and go all the way. But before you reach for the bronzer and hair spray (a la Venus in Leo), know that Jupiter energy is much more holistic. …

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Sewing Machines Are Standing By

Dear Mystic, After a life time of transformation, Pluto on Jupiter, I am once again faced with a career transition for so many reasons. I should have understood this a lifetime ago, but there are so many things to know and so with the assistance from the light in my dad’s ire it is now obvious that I must start my own business. I have had a strong interest in …

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Aries Streetwear

Describe the vision behind Aries? What is that name all about? Sofia Prantera: It was Fergus’s job to come up with a strong name for the brand. Ferg is amazing with words and slogans. He’s an Aries, that’s why (I am a Taurus on the cusp of Aries, so I’m not too slouchy in that regard either). Fergus Purcell: The qualities of the star sign – of coming first, being …

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W Magazine

The Libra Dress Historian On Uranian Fashion Generations

Dear Libran Dress Historian, What an interesting field! Have wondered about the relationship between Uranus and the style of generations eg 1930’s Uranus in Virgo = Vionnet’s bias cut and the most stylish designs of all time and 1920’s Uranus in Leo = Glamorous sparkling beadwork and Chanel, diamonds as a girls best friend? Also dressing for your North Node? How to tap into your future? Thanks Year of the …

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