Elon Musk’s Venus In Gemini

Entrepreneur Elon Musk, currently the richest person in the world, is super-Uranian so naturally, his reputation fluctuates quite radically. It swings between “rockets, Tesla, genius, loaded, Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man was based on him” and “unhinged, exploitative lithium miner, not actually profitable, etc.”

Regardless of whether or not you’re a fan, Musk is undisputably a role model for success without traditional education and a brilliant case study of a Uranian. His Uranus in Libra squares his Cancerian Sun + Mercury, opposes his Midheaven, and trines his Mars + Node in Aquarius.  He’s Gemini Rising so Mercury is his ruler btw, emphasizing the strength of the Uranian aspect.

Uranian People Are Genuinely Unpredictable

He has two of the core Uranus trait indicators: he is consistently a Grudge Flashpoint to at least one significant body of people and he is genuinely unpredictable – with just one exception. His love life.

Musk has Venus in gamine Gemini in the 12th house, the subliminal sector. If Venus signs and houses were love potions, this formula would be written in plasma-rendered Akkadian cuneiform – one part paranormal pin-up, one part neurodivergent nymph, and one part It Girl of the moment.

Space Tourism Fuqs Your Telomeres

The latter would not seem to fit with the privacy-craving 12th house Venusian Vibe but it actually does: He likes games, mystery and decoding things and his Mars in Aquarius is hot for distance.

Being officially together but they’re elsewhere is an aphrodisiac for his airy Mars-Venus trine. Sitting up late at night coding with one of the screens showing your It-Girly love interest arriving at a premiere IS Uranian intimacy. It’s also a very fresh billionaire power play to one-up your peers: luxury bunkers in Fiordland are so 2015 and space tourism fuqs your telomeres.

As you will see below, Elon’s partners to date have all been brilliant examples of the Venus in Gemini/the 12th house vibe.

Aside from their erotic currency/official sex appeal, they’ve been witty, mercurial, eccentric and controversial. They become incrementally younger as he ages – his first wife was born in 1972, a year after him and his most recent girlfriend is a 1990s model. The penchant for younger partners is very Venus in Gemini: even if age is immaterial, some would secretly prefer to indefinitely adopt a teenage ‘let’s just hang out’ style of dating.

Elon Musk Was Raised By An It-Girl

It is also classically patriarchal. See Leonardo DiCaprio, Mick Jagger and several hundred thousand other examples. Of course,  when a female celebrity stays single or dates a guy even a couple of years younger, the situation is widely deemed dysfunctional or he is a ‘toy boy.’ When men do the same, it is, biological. Or if you’re in a pompous mood/typing with one hand: the biological imperative.

Having said all that, Elon Musk’s mother – the fascinating Maye Musk – is a Venus in Gemini woman – Venus conjunct Uranus. At 72, she is “euphorically single” and doesn’t like dating because it involves “having to listen to men drone on and on about themselves for hours.” So being raised by an individuated, ahead-of-trend single mother/model would give you a residual affinity with It Girls.

Anyway, Musk’s first wife Justine – his college girlfriend, the mother of most of his children and a Virgo – did not leave the marriage as a massive fan. She said he was part-playboy/part space-cowboy. AKA an 8th house Mars in Aquarius guy.

The author of paranormal thriller-romance novels for young adults, she also wrote a scorcher of a marriage expose called I Was A Starter Wife. Yes, he referred to her as that. Six weeks after they separated, Musk texted to say he was engaged to Talulah Riley, then best known for playing wayward schoolgirl Annabelle in the comedy St Trinians. She went on to more avant-garde roles in Westworld and Inception.

“I Was A Starter Wife”

A Libra, her Sun is conjunct Mercury and Musk’s Uranus: they got married twice. At the launch of her 2016 novel Acts of Love – a work of fiction about a beautiful Englishwoman who has a difficult relationship with a Silicon Valley entrepreneur – Riley said that she would not rule out a third attempt at being Mrs. Musk: “Marriage is a social construct but I believe in it.”

But unbeknown to her at the time, Musk was leveraging up in the It-Girl stakes. He was hooking up with Amber Heard – Hollywood-hot, a triple Taurus (Sun, Venus + Lilith), and Aquaman‘s Atlantean Queen. Dating a Marvel star would thrill anyone’s inner comic-book nerd, right?

But most appealingly to a Uranian guy – Amber had a high-drama storm of notoriety and legit controversy swirling around her. She was breaking up with Johnny Depp in what became one of the most lurid and acrimonious celebrity divorces on record and facing ‘animal smuggling’ charges in Australia over her pet dogs.

Amber Heard Outweirded Him

Another ex – Taurean photographer and artist Tasya Van Ree, stepped up to explain Amber’s arrest for domestic violence against her (homophobia, she said) and it transpired her and Amber had been secretly married. Despite a separation agreement and a judge finding that the bulk of Heard’s domestic violence allegations against Depp were proven, he sued her for defamation, and incidentally, that is still not settled – it’s back in court this April.

Elon Musk and Amber Heard broke up because of their “conflicting schedules” although there were tabloid allegations that Heard thought Musk was too controlling and that he’d bugged the Tesla he gave her. She has Uranus in Saggo trine her North Node and quincunx her Venus-Lilith. She may have outweirded him.

He said his heart was broken, she said they would always be close and then along came the musician/artist Grimes, an extremely Neptunian Piscean. Read on for more on that particular weirding.

Grimes has Neptune trine her Midheaven/Venus as well as the late millennial generation’s astro-signature: Saturn, Neptune and Uranus in Capricorn. With her ethereal (Scorpio Rising) appearance, pronounced creative process and penchant for surreal costuming, she embodies Musk’s 12th house Gemini Venus.

They met online, evidently connecting on Twitter over an arcane pun and building a rapport from there. He said he admired her  “wild fae artistic creativity and hyper intense work ethic.” She was also his first foray into life with a woman who was not only significantly successful before him but had major artistic and commercial cred.

Interestingly, Grimes – known as ‘c’, the symbol for the speed of light, since 2018 – has zero Air and barely any Fire in her birth chart. She is all Earth and Water, mountain and ocean. She occupies a unique niche within the arts/celebrity sphere: partnering with tycoon like Musk was a swerve or, according to many of her fans, a terrifying lapse in judgment/fall from grace/satanic marriage, whatever.

“Wild, fae artistic creativity”

Nonetheless, they had a child together – her first – Musk’s seventh, a boy named X Ae A12. “Pregnancy,” she announced to a magazine in a refreshing departure from standard press protocol, “involves sacrificing your body and your freedom.”

The name, immediately pronounced illegal by Californian authorities, is a composite of X – the unknown quantity, the Elvish spelling of A.I. and the A-12 aircraft.  He was born in early May 2020, with the major money signature of Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, the same Aquarius Mars as his father and the Sun conjunct Mercury plus Uranus. His first finger painting will probably be a NFT or a hologram.

Grimes and Musk separated in late 2021 – schedules, still close etc – with little explanation but there were weird little Uranian smoke signals in the previous months: Grimes mother, a Crown court prosecutor, apparently spoke out vociferously against Musk’s men’s right Twitter tirade right after her daughter had given birth. Additionally, Grimes was hospitalized for a panic attack after Musk’s debut appearance on Saturday Night Live.

“Possessions are an attack vector”

He also publicly argued with her over the pronounciation of X Ae A12’s name, gave away all his stuff, saying he felt possessions were “kind of an attack vector” and was in more or less constant trouble with various authorities which, billionaire dad or not, would be stressful for a new mother trying to establish herself.

Her song – Player of Games – is apparently about him: “I’m in love with the greatest gamer, but he’ll always love the game more than me.” And later…”Sail away to the cold expanse of space, even love couldn’t keep you in your place.

Her edgy creativity and ingenuity is more than a match for his but to a person with zero Air in their chart, his Aquarius Mars, Gemini Venus + Ascendant and Libra Uranus would be like a glacial gale. Yes, the lyrics are a play on Musk’s space enterprises but the ‘cold expanse of space’ would also be him, freezing over when he’s won the ‘game.’

The Elvish Spelling Of A.I.

Most recently, Musk has apparently taken up with an Australian actor called Natasha Bassett, best known for playing Britney Spears in Britney Ever After, an unauthorised biopic. Her next role is playing Elvis Presley’s high school girlfriend in the upcoming Baz Luhrmann Elvis biopic. She is a 1992/1994 Libra or a 1997 Capricorn – unbelievably, there are already different birth dates floating about the internet for her. Perhaps she or her representation have figured out that if you’re going to fudge your chronology, it’s best to begin early.

Referring to their “unbelievable chemistry,” Hollywood Life magazine explain that “shortly after his split from Grimes, Natasha started accompanying Elon on his jet while he was taking back and forth work trips to Austin, Texas.”

She may be weirdness in waiting or an epic enigma to tantalize the most jaded Gemini Venusian or perhaps Musk is on a different frequency this year: he has Saturn trine his Venus until 2023. Grimes was his Neptune-Venus square transit btw.


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Interestingly in tune with the morphogentic field that MuskGrimes represents, this article preceded the current news of Musk’s activities in supporting the Ukraine and that Grimes and Musk seem to be in an open relationship and want to have 4 children. Now they have another X, I mean child named X, a girl. Grimes said no one will understand their attachment. But it’s about what I expect from someone whose shoots are basically satan worshipping illuminati glam. It’s not really that edgy, most of Hollywood Cabal is doing it. Cruz Beckham’s recent photo wasn’t cool at all. Thing about the… Read more »


Is there no one else super Uranian we can talk about? I know Musk is very influential here on Earth so why keep talking about another white dude rich kid built off wealth of stolen labour and then being involved in a coup – like this dude is colonialist and I wish we could talk about someone less shit. Self-made my ass.


Okay I am not a fan of the guy personally mostly because I am like not onboard with abandoning the planet to colonize space and thinks it’s soooo utopian and not realistic (Taurus moon reality check: humans evolved in THIS SPECIFIC gravity environment and it’s fundamental to our well-being and development on all levels). I loathe the attitude of some of the materialist broiest brogrammers I’ve worked with who worship him. And I found Justine Musk’s essay as well as his indifference to how he seems to have treated the other partners when decides he is done with them chilling.… Read more »


He’s in court for EPIC racial discrimination in his factories… to be expected, but to me that’s the biggest current news story with him.


The Uranian person exists somewhere in the future, basically giving any relationship a use-by-date as soon as they meet. Unless your propensity for evolution can match theirs. I can’t imagine all that genius energy which is forever propelling you toward innovation and change is anything but a natural enemy to relationship longevity lol.
I do love the bro-mance between Elon & Ye and their special connection.
Would love to be privy to one of their private conversations one day….. (this is a public manifestation lol)


Woah. Wow! I had a good chuckle upon reading “if you’re typing with one hand”. 😂 It’s interesting how there is a similar vibe to these women. I can’t help but feel sorry for Grimes. He gave away all of their child’s stuff? I know what that feels like. Looks like he was a real a-hole. For someone with a purely water and earth chart, I can imagine how especially painful that would be. It’s all very interesting.


It’s funny how Elon does vaguely interesting things while being crushingly boring! I think that is a Uranian quality? Or maybe I am underestimating him behind the billions of dollars, not so classy illuminati chic gals, and Zuckerberg/Gates vibe of fronting some dark state agenda. Like, I dunno, funding an extra terrestrial break away civilisation with black op funding/your taxes. I mean he did study “I like rockets” Physics and “I wanna be a billionaire” Economics which seems so obvious as a career path I can’t believe others didn’t stumble their way into a similar line of work! Moon in… Read more »


“It’s funny how Elon does vaguely interesting things while being crushingly boring!” HA! I also sort of feel this way… I also strongly feel this way about Twitter creator Jack Dorsey. He’s the successful tech founder I share some interests with and in an abstract sort of way of lining up some things we are interested in or opinions we hold it feels he should be interesting. But he’s not! Like, at all! Every time I’ve listened to an interview with him I’m like holy shit how is this guy so boring. I think in the last couple of years… Read more »


My Sun in Taurus’ house 2 makes me really vibe on your idea of living! Though my Mars in Virgo isn’t averse to asceticism intellectually at least. My friend wants me to do a month fast and drink only coconut water, but it’s big no from me. If I had that kind of money I would be buying forests and creating communities to live in off grid green houses. Space might be good for mining asteroids and protecting earth from more cataclysms but I don’t get that urge to stray far from her protective shield.


Musk has always reminded me of Richard Branson – a 70s version of him. Branson is also a self made zillionaire business magnate, an air travel innovator who’s big time into space travel, & currently launching space tourism. In fact the two are great friends, and spookily they’re both Crabs, have Virgo Moons & Venus in Gemini. While Musk has had an array of ever younger partners, Branson has only been married to two women. But Venus in Gemini has other ways of manifesting & the indicator here is that his first wife left him for a fellow with whom… Read more »


Oh yes the unbelievable chemistry of being romanced by the richest man on the planet and or shagging a 25 yr old when you’re 50. okay *worlds biggest eyeroll*

Also 12h gem Venus explains pisces Venus/ Gemini moon men tastes quite well too hmm. Cancerian sun he’s probably hideous when the break up starts.

Last edited 9 months ago by Sam

I was also completely oblivious to this much of what was written, but I did notice the predictable and typical behavior of older men/younger and younger women. I was a 21 year old bride to an old man once and endured two unhappy marriages with controlling men. I can’t imagine going through that again, and fortunately, my age gives me this freedom to choose, but I seem to attract these types of men like a magnet. It worries me that his appalling behavior would be associated with a Gemini Venus. Mine is conjunct Mercury in my 4th house, both trine… Read more »


Ha Ha Ha..Mother of Musk is star and on the ball..Elon seems to have a few A.I.chips embedded or is he just extra special.!!!

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Thankyou for acknowledging the patriarchal bs of men lauded when they constantly date younger women, while women are derided for dating younger. I LOVE the term “euphorically single” from Maye Musk…

When I heard about him wanting to launch 1,000s of satellites and f-up the night sky and crash a rocket into the moon (leaving a 64 ft crater)….Dating sexy space nymphs is one thing, but he clearly thinks they are replaceable objects. I hope these women got substantial payouts. Take the creep to the cleaners ladies!


Interesting and entertaining read and that’s cred to the writing not the protagonist. I was blissfully unaware until now…

What stands out most is the predictability of his program. It looks like it runs despite him and all he has done is set up circumstances to look like it runs because of him.

I’ve been with Mars Aqua and even with a lot of fire it was superficial passion and better at orating intimacy.


i just said to my son ‘whoever calls their daughter x a e etc’
and he said ‘its x ash actually mum’
hes an aqua…


I don’t think saturn trine venus will change his frequency – in air signs, my take is that it will amp the intellectual/rational factor in his love life, for example maybe valueing the content of dialogue even more (as opposed to the dialogue/fun/newness per se – gemini). ok, he’s a cancer, but with all that air I don’t think this transit will make him settle down or anything. he will forever need a sense of freshness, or a partner who’s even more uranian than him – maybe a uranus-in-aquarius-generation girl in the near future.


LOL! But OMG, what a thought, he’ll be like 125 before he can legally consummate their… love. Totally plausible though, especially if his dietician mum keeps feeding him those “mitochondria revitalising” anti-ageing pills she’s plugging.


well, uranus entered aqua for the first time in 1996, so it’s not such a far our possibility…


I’ve met guys who just idolize this one. It’s frightening how his tweets and comments can make our markets fluctuate and either elicit panic or glee from others (depending on what he says). That’s way too much power for a single person, nevertheless someone who’s extremely mercurial. IMHO, he’s poster boy for low expressions of Gemini and Uranus. It’s thrilling for some, but I’ll just catch the biopic about how wonderful and brilliant he was much later down the road and hope his rants don’t pull down anything I need to rely on. Sorry, I’m obviously not a fan.

Last edited 9 months ago by GalaxyHiker
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